The Terragen button brings you to my gallery of Terragen images. Terragen is a landscape renderer, capable of very high quality output. Its easy to use, and free for non-commercial use. With Terragen, you can create nearly any kind of environment that you want.
Terragen -

The MojoWorld button brings you to the gallery of images that were generated by Pandromeda's MojoWorld Transporter. It is a landscape renderer of sorts, but with less emphasis on rendering and more on seeing, as such. The idea is to explore the world, and find what interests you. The Transporter is free to download.
Pandromeda -

The fractal button leads to my gallery of fractals. I've generated fractals using several programs, including Fractint, Manpwin, and Tierazon.
Fractint -
Manpwin -
Tierazon -

The 'misc 3D' section will hold traditional computer renders. Traditional meaning things like buildings, people, machinery, etc, not landscapes. However, I haven't really developed much art in this category, so don't expect to find much. I have Blender, OpenFX, and Anim8or, but have only ever really used Anim8or at that. All three of those programs are free.
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