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Big aerial view of Toulon: from right Strasbourg, Colbert, Algerie, Marseillaise  Nov 1942
High view of Mers-el-Kèbir' s harbor: from left Dunkerque, Strasbourg and Gloire  new.gif (111 bytes)

Bearn Class

Bearn - Bearn in navigation during the 30s

Dixmude Class

Dixmude - Dixmude anchored at war 's end  1945

Commandant Teste Class

Commandant Teste - Seaplane carrier Teste in navigation

Courbet Class

Courbet - Courbet at anchor before war
Paris - Paris in navigation before war  1935

Bretagne Class

Bretagne - Bretagne in navigation during the 30s  new.gif (111 bytes)
Provence, Lorraine - (from left) Provence and Lorraine at anchor before war
Lorraine - Lorraine anchored prior to the war

Dunkerque Class

Strasbourg - Strasbourg exiting from base before war
Strasbourg - Strasbourg at Toulon after war' s end
Strasbourg - Strasbourg proceding @ slow motion in Toulon' s bay May 1942
Dunkerque - Dunkerque at Mers-el-Kebir after english bombardment   7/7/1940
Dunkerque - Front view of Dunkerque in oceanic navigation
Dunkerque - Big view of the ship' s main guns  new.gif (111 bytes)

Richelieu Class

Richelieu - Richelieu in oceanic navigation
Richelieu - Richelieu after repairs at New York sailing for the pacific
Jean Bart - Jean Bart anchored at Casablanca  1940
Jean Bart- The battleship shows her damage after being hit by Massachussets  8/11/1942
Clemanceau - Clemanceau still incomplete after war 's end  1945

Duquesne Class

Duquesne - Duquesne at war 's end after refits  Dec 1945
Tourville - Tourville anchored in the 20s

Suffren Class

Suffren - Suffren leaving Alexandria  23/6/1943
Foch - Foch in navigation prior to the war
Foch - Front view of Foch scuttled at Toulon  1943
Colbert - Colbert at slow motion just before war
Dupleix - Dupleix navigating during war  16/10/1940

Algerie Class

Algerie - Algerie in navigation after aircraft 's change  Aug 1941
Algerie - Algerie sunk at Toulon  Dec 1942

Duguay-Trouin Class

Duguay-Trouin - Duguay-Trouin navigating through Suez Canal  Jul 1943
Lamotte-Piquet - Lamotte-Piquet at anchor  1928

Jeanne d 'Arc Class

Jeanne d 'Arc - Jeanne d 'Arc at anchor during war

Emile Bertin Class

Emile Bertin - Emile Bertin after refits in the USA  Oct 1945

Pluton Class

Pluton - Pluton leaving base  Nov 1938
La Galissonnière Class
Gloire - Gloire after refits in the USA at war 's end  Apr 1945
Georges Leygues - Leygues in wartime navigation  Jul 1941
Marseillaise - Marseillaise in wartime navigation  Jul 1941
Simoun Class
Simoun - Simoun after war 's end  1946
Alcyon Class
Basque - Basque in navigation at war 's end  1945
Guepard Class
Tigre - Tigre soon after commissioning before war
Aigle Class
Vauban - Vauban in navigation prior to the war  1938
Volta Class
Mogador - Mogador leaving base  1939
Fantasque Class
Le Malin - Le Malin leaving base for a wartime mission
Jaguar Class
Chacal - Chacal in navigation during the 30s
L' Audaceux
Indomptable - The destroyer going out for pre-war exercitations
Requin Class
Requin - Requin in navigation before war
Type "600 tonnes"  Class
Calypso - Calypso at sea before war  1935

Type "1500 tonnes"  Class

Casabianca - Casabianca in navigation prior to the war

Surcouf  Class

Surcouf - Surcouf navigating before war

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