ElfQuest and Beyond

Welcome, friend, to the world of ElfQuest and Beyond! I haven't been to my own page in months, and looking over everything in my file manager I'm getting a little confused and over loaded! Lots has changed in the world of Elfquest since I was last on and my page needs some major updating, so it 's going to have some major renovations coming up! Watch out, things may be disapearing, with links leading to nowhere for a while etc. Anyway, back to the stuff you care about... Elfquest!

It's time to change the sterio types of Elves being short and fat and cute, time to see what can be done with them when they are not in Santa's Workshop!!! What can be done is much, from sending one tribe fleeing from their burning home to battling humans for the remenants of their greatest monument!

What exactly IS ElfQuest you newcomers say? It is a comic book about elves(on a quest!) that you will never find an equal too in super hero comics. It began in Wendy Pini's mind when she was younger, and stuck around until finally, in 1978, it became reality, when she and her husband Richard started WARP graphics (Wendy And Richard Pini)and began publishing their comic alone, with Richard editing and publishing and helping with the storyline, and Wendy drawing and doing the other half of the storyline!

In the very beginning of the Original Quest, the Wolfriders, led by Cutter, were forced to flee their forest home when the humans set fire to it, and ended up in the desert, where they met with another group of elves who called themselves the Sun Folk. That sparked Cutters interest to look for more elves, and it goes on from there. It's been going for twenty years, and I really REALLY hope it will be going for atLEAST another twenty!

Whoa, stop right there!!!! Wolfmill has acquired the rights to the Elfquest animated movie! Ayooooooooooooooaaaaaah!!!!!!!

Where would you like to wander today, hmmm? You could come and discover what new wonders have appeared here since last you visited!!! Or check out the creators of ElfQuest, Wendy and Richard Pini. But then you still must take a peak in my gallery at some of my favorite pictures from ElfQuest! Then find out whats going on with the upcoming ElfQuest movie? And don't forget to look at ElfQuest touching peoples dreams! But then you wonder who'll be the next Wendy or Richard so you must look at ElfQuest fan art and fic! And you simply MUST sign The Scroll of Colors, and be recorded in ElfGuest history for all time! And now that you've signed it you want to view The Scroll of Colors, and be filled with the ancient legends of who have been here! But now, it's time for something completely different! Careful, this is not for those easily fightened!!! And last but most certainly not least, don't forget that TRIBE is here, and it's better than ever!

people have had the Wolfriders
and other elves from the World of Two Moons
invade their minds and take up residency there!

The ElfRing, formerly an ElfQuest/Fantasy Ring owned by me, is no more. Between social life, school, this page, and everything else, I had no time for it! Sorry!

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