Need we say more?

Okay ... a few things more: the above scan is from page 233 of the JUNE Diamond Previews. It's no longer available, but what about reorders?

Thing Two: On September 30/98, copies of INFAMA #1 were shipped to Catfish HQ. This means copies were also shipped to distributors. If you can't wait to visit the comicshops, here's a quick peek at the cover of INFAMA #1 (clicking on the image will produce a larger image).

Thing Three: Once you get INFAMA #1, you'll hopefully be dying to see what happens next. In which case, we're asking YOU to help us decide INFAMA'S fate. We've set up a poll which you can access by Clicking Here!

INFAMA is published by CATFISH COMICS. To visit their Home Page, click on Chic The Catfish (above).

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Updated October 2, 1998!
Click on INTRODUCTION TO INFAMA to read an "interview" with Infama!

Sorry, but the only "News" we have at the moment has been revealed above (ie., the cover scan and the poll).

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