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Posted on September 14, 1998


When Angelo Furlan created the Bruiser for Anthem Comics, he placed the character in a world which would ultimately expand to include a number of superheroes, some of whom would not get their powers from tainted toothpaste.

A few years later, Sinnamon was created for Catfish Comics, and Angelo decided she would live in the same world as Bruiser. The following is an attempt to pull together various events presented in published issues of BRUISER (Anthem, Mythic, and upcoming Catfish publications), SINNAMON, and INFAMA. Published events have been augmented by whatever dabs of information Angelo deems safe to reveal from his notes (geez, guess this means he's not making it all up as he goes along).

Keep in mind the comic book chronologies are not exact science. For example, the first issue of BRUISER was written in 1993, while SINNAMON #1 saw print in 1995. Is there a two year gap between the the issues? No. Time is "fudged" in the Catfish Universe, just like it is in most comics. One of the better examples might be that Stan Lee referred to the World War 2 experiences of Ben Grimm and Reed Richards in the early issues of Fantastic Four. I'm sure the folks at Marvel didn't worry about aging Mr. Fantastic and the Thing as the comic continued publishing through the 1970's and beyond. In fact, the last "modern" hero to show any visible signs of aging was Hal Jordan, when DC let his hair go gray. And we all know what happened to poor Hal, don't we?

This list will be updated as more issues see print, or Angelo sees fit to release more notes.

The Chronology

Early 1950’s: America's "Man of Action", Celestion goes into action, battling commies, criminals, and other assorted threats to the American Way.

1952: Celestion and his lovely sidekick Celestial Girl (Gail Sanders) battle Terror-Dawn (SINNAMON #11).

It's Celestion and Celestial Girl, from SINNAMON #11

1954: Celestial Girl vanishes from the public eye.

1964: Marlena Mysiah Crenzy emigrates to the U.S.

1968: Celestion questions U.S. involvement in Viet Nam during a TV interview.

1971: Marlena Mysiah divorces her husband, Droge Crenzy

1979: First airing of TV docudrama, “Celestial Girl: Hero or Harpy?”, a purported “inside story” of Celestial Girl’s ill-fated career as a sidekick.

1988: Mysiah’s first book, The Happiness Myth, is published. Olympic hopeful, Alessandra Roccia, suffers a severe hamstring tear which ends her athletic career. Beamsville (Ontario) native Jeff Able and some pals cross the border and make the 3 hour drive south to Halcyon to check out a popular nightclub. Jeff meets a woman there and exchanges mailing addresses.

1989: Sally Rogers graduates and joins the FBI. Jeff Able gets married to Lee Sauvage. Alessandra Roccia joins the Golden Valley Police Force.

1990: Mysiah’s The Power Within is published and quickly becomes a national bestseller. Sally Rogers undergoes the experiment which gives her powers, and joins the Last Line, using the code name Aerobica.

Early 1990’s:

The tainted Shine Toothpaste goes on sale. This “empowers” characters such as Bruiser, Nasty Stuff, Pyre-Anna, Dandelion, King Solomon, and others.

The Sisterhood is formed.

The Last Line is closed down due to budget cuts. Soon afterwards, Aerobica joins the Sisterhood.

Bruiser fights King Solomon for the first time. (BRUISER #1- Anthem edition; to be summarized in BRUISER #1 - Catfish edition)

Nasty Stuff and Dandelion battle Bruiser (BRUISER #2 - Anthem edition; to be summarized in BRUISER #1 - Catfish edition)

Bruiser meets up with Nasty Stuff for the first time. Yes, Anthem actually published the book in color. No wonder the company is out of business.

Bruiser’s second battle with King Solomon takes place at a Police Picnic (BRUISER #1 - Mythic edition). Around this time, Golden Valley residents learn that their city’s mysterious masked vigilante is actually a lovely young woman (BRUISER #2 - Catfish edition only and yet to be published)

Sinnamon fights her first superpowered foe, Infama. (SINNAMON #1)

Sinnamon and Bruiser meet for the first time. The story behind Bruiser's change of costume will be explained in a future Bruiser comic. (SINNAMON #6)

Sinnamon and Bruiser share a tender moment together in SINNAMON #6

Infama quits the Sisterhood (SINNAMON #9)

Infama goes to Toronto and battles Bertha Butz (INFAMA #1)

Two panels from INFAMA #1

Sinnamon fights Nasty Stuff (SINNAMON #10)

That's it for now. Hopefully, there'll be many updates to come.

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