JAI ALAI EQUIPMENT:   You  will  need  these  for  amateur  play .


Jai Alai cesta
Cesta- If you are starting out, buy the cheapest one you can find ($15-30) until you decide you will go on playing the sport and set your preference on the court, since backcourter cestas are substantially longer than frontcourt cestas. They range in price from a good used one ($70-120) to a new one ($150-200), and you can find them in the amateur court or even in e-bay. All cestas are hand made and thus different, some are faster (less curve on the frame) others are slower, and my recommendation is that unless you are new to the sport, you try a cesta before you buy. If you are new  it doesn’t really matter, because you need to learn before you decide which type of cesta is good for your particular style.
jai alai helmetjai alai hockey helmet
Helmets are needed if you plan on playing plastic or hardball, not on the rubber ball court. Most recommended are the hockey helmets, which cost from $30-60, but baseball helmets should be OK as well as the old type jai-alai helmets, if you can find one. My recommendation is to wait till you learn in the rubber ball court, then get a helmet if you decide to move on.
Ball  is  usually  provided  by  the  fronton,  and  must  be  returned  at  end  of  play. You  do  not  need  to  buy  the  balls.
Clothing/ Shoes
Shorts and T-shirts are just fine, shoes are really important though, because smooth cement floors are more slippery than tennis or raquetball courts; good tennis shoes is definitely a must. Once you learn and are playing competitively you will probably want to buy some elbow pads, when the heat is on and your adrenalyn pumping, you’ll want to do those floor dives and scoop those rebotes off the floor, and your elbows bang on the floor rather furiously.

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