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How to help ease violence in Apple & Booksour schools

By James Kraemer

The increasing list of problems in our public schools are not likely to be solved by our politicians, our public school system and most certainly not by the politically correct crowd. One common sense look at how the bureaucracy has done with taking over parental management of violence in our schools thus far is sufficient to defend this statement.

We can also look at the fact that TV wasn't here when Billy The Kid and a long list of other kid outlaws committed their murders. And if we go way back and according to Jewish/Christian documentation there was no violence on this planet when Cain allegedly killed Abel. There was no TV and it is alleged there was no abuse and no global society to set bad examples for Cain to follow.

Kids and adults have every right to a safe and stable school environment. A truly safe and stable school environment begins with the adults involved, not with the kids. If violence in our schools is solved it will be solved by the adults involved taking account of themselves and making the decision to honor each others responsibilities.

Here are some incredibly simple yet effective beginnings adults can do to honor one another: Teachers communicating to parents each week the progress of their child, the good and the bad, honors mom and dad. Mom and dad (and sometimes grandma and grandpa) committing to help out at their school (as little as one hour per week) honors their school.

Don't expect a call. Some schools have long forgotten how to honor parents and how to ask for help. Show up, at the same time every week and offer your hour (or so), and keep showing up.

Something as simple to do as these adult to adult commitments and honor can help clue kids in on the other three R's ... Respect, Responsibility and Restitution. The solution begins with the adults involved. And it begins with adults honoring adults.

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