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i used my layout here for this Crackle Box, or Kraakdoos.

I started with a book, and solidified the pages by painting on a couple layers of a water/Elmer's glue mixture on the outside of the pages (with the book closed). I then used an Exacto knife to route it out. I also tried a Dremel with a cutting disc. This worked well, but got too hot on the fast setting, almost catching the paper on fire. The slower setting would rip the pages if it caught them just right. If you want to do this, an Exacto knife is the way to go, but it is more work than you think. Mine turned out sloppy as hell. I took the idea from this, which explains the process much better than I can. I drilled two holes to fit threaded standoffs in the two corners opposite the book's binding. Two screws go through the book's cover and screw into these to secure the enclosure. Epoxy was used for these, the speaker cover (taken from a cheap toy), and the speaker itself.

I strongly recommend building this if you like noisy toys. The touch-pad interface is fun, and a nice change from the more traditional knob or key methods. As far as musicality goes, it's not great. However, it is capable of some very interesting ambient textures such as white and pink noise. It even has some Theremin-like capabilities (see the video for me waving my hand over the pads). It's pretty unpredictable, but if you can find the 709 chip, this is a great box to experiment with.

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