DIY Music Equipment Atari Punk Console layout

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VERIFIED! (thanks to $uperpuma)
this is a neat little noisemaker from kaustic machines. a sample and the schematic can be found here. a vero layout by andrew carrel is here. an altered "theremin" version is coming soon. i used DIY Layout Creator, The Gimp, and mspaint to edit the layout.

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$uperpuma used this layout and his APC turned out badass:

here's mine. and this is the page.

squelchbox used the layout for help when he designed his "Theratari". very cool.

this one is on eBay for $78. here is his page.

here is Mongo BigMuff's dual version. there's two cool videos here and here.

here is one from the guy at agga mini show. italian APC!

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