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my Peavey Renown 400 amp is missing it's footswitch. with this amp, if you don't have a footswitch, both channels are on all of the time. i could have bought one, but i didn't. the switch input on the amp is a 5 pin DIN. i found out which pins did what simply by connect them to see what happened. it came down to 1 pin as sort of a "master" pin. there were two other pins that when individually connected to that master pin, changed between the amp's channels. knowing that only 3 pins were actually needed, i made a cable with a 5 pin DIN on one end, and a 3 pin XLR on the other. i slapped an XLR jack in the box. i used a cool LED display to switch between "C" for the clean channel and "G" for the gain channel. it works very well in the dark.

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