Why Is Career Planning Essential For High School Students?


Most of the students after landing in their eighth grade start thinking about what their future may hold. Many start exploring different career options they wish to land in and there are students who need guidance as they are unsure of the path.  Career planning enables students to identify their strengths, skills, and interests that help them to determine the best career path for their future. 

In every grade, high schoolers are asked what they wish to do when you grow up. It is one of the common questions every student comes across in the early days. Most of the students answer based on what they have learned (about a career) from their teachers or parents or elders.  On the other hand, there are students who make up answers or are totally unaware of what they want to achieve. 

There are different surveys around the stats 52% of the students find the right career option only after joining graduation or at the end of the graduation. But in reality, high school is the best time to make the right career plan so that depending on the plan one can join the right course get the right training, and build the right skills that can help them  to land in the desired industry.


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