The Cast And Crew

This is the cast list as shown on the box liner of the MGM Home Entertainment Region 2 PAL DVD release of this film.

Blondie   Clint Eastwood
Tuco   Eli Wallach
Angel Eyes   Lee Van Cleef
Northern Officer   Aldo Giuffre
Sgt. Wallace   Mario Brega
Father Ramirez   Luigi Pistilli
One-Armed Gunman   Al McCulloch
Maria (Prostitute)   Marianne Koch
Monk   Angelo Novi
Baker   Livio Lorenzon

The film itself credits the following actors but except for Eli Wallach, none of their roles are identified:

The DVD cover credits these people as members of the film crew:

Screenplay   Age-Scarpelli, Luciano Vincenzoni & Sergio Leone
Music   Ennico Morricone
Producer   Alberto Grimaldi
Director   Sergio Leone

In the opening sequence of the film, the following credits are seen:

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