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Georgios Tramountanas was born in Athens , Greece . Anecdotes suggest that he was from a family of shipbuilders/seamen .




Georgios arrives in Pt. Adelaide South Australia, with brother Theodoros. There do not seem to be any records of their arrival.



1842 to The name Tramountanas means north wind from the mountains, so Georgios Tramountanas changes his name to George North.


George manufactures wines and brandy for the late Mr. John Peake at Clarendon (source: Obituary The Observer 11/2/1911 p41 col A)


It is now known as the Old Clarendon Winery (source: The Advertiser 18/5/1990 p8)




1st October - Lydia Vosper arrives at Port Adelaide on the Caucasian with her sister Cecilia. Another sister Amelia, had preceded them.


(source: The Observer 10/1855)




19 th July - George was discharged from the Admella, where he was a crew member. Source: South Australian Archives. SS Admella registered at Portland Vic, built in Glasgow began the coastal trade run between Melbourne and Adelaide. She was steam powered and sail rigged.


George converted from the Greek Orthodox to Roman Catholic. It is likely that George and Lydia (from Church of England) converted together before their marriage. Lydia appears to have stayed in the Port Adelaide area from arrival until her marriage.




15 th August - The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Dale St Port Adelaide was consecrated.


  It is commonly known as St Mary's.




26 th September - George and Lydia were married. His father is cited as Thomas North, his age is given as 27 years and he signed with an X. (source: marriage certificate) Lydia was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Vosper (nee Gowman) of Exeter England.




6 th August - SS Admella sank off Cape Northumberland , near Nelson, Victoria . Adam Lindsay Gordon wrote a poem of the ill fated ships final days.     




13 th July - Birth of first son George Henry at Greenpatch near Pt Lincoln. George's occupation is given as shepherd. (source: Birth certificate)




15 th September - Birth of second son, Hero (Erro) Clare, also Greenpatch. (source: Birth Certificate)


George went to work on the farm of Mr. WA Hall at Streaky Bay .


George & Lydia drove a team of bullocks from Pt. Lincoln to Streaky Bay over unchartered, roadless territory, almost 160 miles


(source: Obituary Observer)



1878 8th April - George North became Naturalized as witnessed by George Agars J.P
  Source: Naturalization certificate. as held on file at the National Archives of Australia


North, George - farmer of Tungatta Ward


(source: SA Directory)




4 th November - George Henry North, marries Eliza Elizabeth Valkema daughter of Bernhardt and Elizabeth Valkema (nee O'Brien)


(source: Marriage Certificate)




18 th May - Hero Clair North, marries Rosina Ann Boylan, daughter of Michael & Margaret Boylan nee Maguire


Source: Marriage Certificate



West Coast Pastoralists - photo. The pastoralists came together to meet with the Government, to air thier grievance about leases.


(source: The Chronicle)




North George - sheep farmer of Bramfield .


North George junior sheep farmer of Bramfield


North Hero sheep farmer of Bramfield


(source: SA Directory)                                      




North Geo farmer of   Mt. Cooper


North HC sheep farmer of Colton


(source: SA Directory)




29 th January - Death of George North. Buried at Colton Cemetery


11 th February - Obituary in The Chronicle p41 col A


Obituary in The Observer p43 col E




21 st November - Death of Lydia North nee Vosper.


29 th November - Lydia 's obituary in The Chronicle p 43 col A




North HC - farmer of Colton


(source: SA Directory)




A display of Early Greek Settlers in Australia was shown at the S.A Migration Museum . George North was included.


20th June - The Greek Community of S.A recognizes George as the first Greek in S.A and erected a plaque in his memory at the chapel of the Ridleyton Greek Home for the Aged.




10 th April - The Greek Community of S.A, after erecting a headstone on his grave held a memorial service at Colton .



The Greek Orthodox Community of S.A held a Panagiri festival at Elliston, to raise funds for the Olive Grove at the Colton Cemetery . The event was well attended by members of the Greek community, family descendants and residents of Eyre Peninsula .




11th April - The Kelly family, as descendants of George & Lydia North, laid a commemorative paver in the Settlement Square of the Migration Museum in Adelaide .


Mario & Dianne Jaspers (nee Kelly) make contact with John Lesses AM JP, of the GOCSA, which starts a mutually beneficial union between GOCSA and the descendants of George & Lydia North




July - With the assistance of John Lesses AM JP, of the GOCSA, the descendants of George & Lydia North, form a Steering Committee, with a view to forming the Tramountanas -North Association.




27 th July At a General Meeting of descendants and supporters of George & Lydia North, at the recommendation of the Steering Committee, with advice and assistance from John Lesses AM JP, a unanimous decision was made, to form the Tramountanas-North Association, to accept the amended constitution and to apply for registration under the Association Incorporation Act 1985.

  2nd December - Tramountans-North Association is registered as an Incorporated association. Incorporation Certificate No: A40115


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