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On this page we will highlight books written & published by descendants of George & Lydia North. We will also highlight books, with content about George & Lydia North & their descendants and written by historians & people who uphold the Objectives & Ideals of the Tramountanas-North Association Inc.



Book Title & description Author & year published
"The Australian People" an encyclopedia of the nation, it's people and their origins James Jupp (1988)
"The Story of a Community" A short pictorial history of the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia Dr. Michael Tsounis (1990)
"A Greek Pioneer in Australia" a short historical account of the life of George North, the first Greek to settle in South Australia, as researched and told by his great grand-daughter. Mrs. Ellen Purcell (1994)
"In The Wake Of Odysseus - Portraits of Greek Settlers in Australia" Historical events surrounding early Greek Settlers in Australia George Kanarakis (1997)
"Getting By - A South Australian Story" A family history, from pioneering ancestors to the present day. Evelyn Nelson (2000)
"Migrant Workers & Ethnic Communities" Their struggles for social justice and cultural rights. The role of Greek - Australians George Zangalis (2009)



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