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Water tanks for the Olive Grove


At a meeting of the Managing Committe, on the 9th November 2008, it was agreed that we would source a water tank for the Olive Grove at Colton. This was after discussions with Kerry Williams at Colton, about the state of the olive trees, the lack of rainfall on the Eyre Peninsula and the rusty condition of the first tank.

The Managing Committee went to work, first contacting Luke Rowe at Cartridge World, who agreed to donate 2 x 700 Litre Pallet Tanks for the project. We then contacted Mr Les Elliott, at Les Elliott Transport Pty Ltd, who donated the transportation of the tanks to Mr. Anthony North (a 5th generation descendant) at Pt. Pirie. Anthony then transported the tanks to his mother's house in Pt. Lincoln, where Kerry Williams (also a 5th generation descendant) collected the tanks for installation at Colton. These would have to be the most travelled tanks in South Australia. Once installed, they will be filled once every 2 months or so, with the tanks then left to feed the olive trees via a dripper system.

Update April '09

The Adelaide Cup long weekend '09 - Elliston/Colton trip was a great success for the Olive Grove. We had a working bee where we cleaned up the weeds and undergrowth around each tree, installed the water tanks and a new dripper system (the old one had perished) and filled the tanks with water and so the trees had their first decent drink in 6 years.

A sincere thank-you to the following family members, who took part in the working bee, Daryl & Barbara Edmonds; Dianne & Mario Jaspers and son Simon; Pauline Warne; Kerry & Les Williams; Paul & Ann Willis and Karyn Young (pictured below)

Simon Jaspers & Les Williams, filling the water tanks.

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