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Since the 1980's individual family members and the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia(GOCSA), have been researching the history of George & Lydia North (Tramountanas).

In January 2006, after the family reunion, with some guidance from John Lesses AM JP, of the GOCSA, some interested descendants and supporters started thinking as a group and formed the Tramountanas-North Steering Committee, whose purpose was to meet & discuss options for a pilgrimage to Elliston, discuss the pros & cons of forming an association and represent descendants when liasing with other organisations.

The initial reasons for forming a registered association were simple, to
1) gain protection under the Act, for committee members, against lawsuits should someone be injured or property lost/stolen at an event arranged by the committee.
2) apply for Government grants to offset the costs of organising and managing events.
3) approach companies/organisations for sponsorship in exchange for free advertising in our newsletter, website and word of mouth support.

At the reunion/General Meeting, held at the Thebarton Greek Community Centre on the 27th July 2008, the Steering Committee recommended that the descendants of George & Lydia North, form an association, accept the amended constitution and apply for registration under the Act. A resolution was unanimously passed, that we form the Tramountanas-North Association Inc. and accept the constitution and apply for registration under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985.

We have grown from a few individuals, to a group who are now registered as an Association and have an accepted constitution with a set of objectives as follows;

3. Objects

The objects of the association shall include to:-

3.1 Honour the occasion of the first Greek settler, George Thomas Tramountanas, arrival to South Australia in 1842.

3.2 Recognise the historical achievements of George and Lydia Tramountanas-North.

3.3 Benefit a designated project within the purview of the District Council of Elliston.

3.4 Acknowledge and promote the pursuit of excellence of any Tramountanas-North family member.

3.5 Support recreational and social activities for Tramountanas-North family members such as sport, picnics, reunion and social gatherings, concerts and lecture activities.

3.6 Furnish material assistance to Tramountanas-North family members concerning the identification and acquisition of historical family artefacts including the maintenance for posterity of noteworthy heritage objects.

3.7 Celebrate the contemporary Australian-Hellenic culture within the context of Australia 's multicultural diversity.

3.8 Contribute to an awareness of and support for a worthy Australian community issue.

And we will continue to grow, a seed has been planted.


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