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Filatelia em Portugal: Artigo, (in Portuguese and English - at bottom- Teaching Children about stamps - Jean L. Balinki (in Amer. Phil. Feb.'98)
The Author, Jean L. Balinky, a psychologist and school consultant, collects, together with her husband, France, Austria, Liechtenstein, and the Benelux countries. She retired last year as director of the Psychological Clinic Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University.
Don Black Stamps - Philatelic Phunnies - Trying to make Stamp Collecting fun for all on the internet!

Books for sale A Glance: A First Stamp Album for Beginners - Reading level: Baby-Preschool
. A Glance: Baby Animals Stamp Book - Ages 4-8
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. A Glance: Stamp Collecting (First Guide) - Reading level: Ages 9-12

"Our purpose is to enrich your philatelic experience on the Internet.
This means quality content, which we are always persuing. We don't want to be a search....we want to be a find."
from their 'add a site' page. aj
Teaching With Stamps
Site created by Patricia Stohr-Hunt
Assistant Professor of Education,
University of Richmond
Stamps for pleasure - an INTRODUCTION TO STAMP COLLECTING (Cronaca Filatelica)
Jaggie's Penny Black - The First Stamp Ever !
The jewel of my collection is my British Penny Black, Great Britian Scott # 1. This is a very nice example with a light red cancle. I am very proud to have one of the first regular adhesive postage stamps issued in the world.
The Making Of A Stamp
Stamp Collector Stories
sometimes unreachable...
. A Glance: Stamp Collecting for Beginner's
Our Price: $5.60
. A Glance: VHS Video Guide to Stamp Collecting
Investing In Stamps - from magazine
SCV Stamps: Beginner's Corner
Ten low cost ways to start stamp collecting - Jr. Philatelists Club
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Table of Contents for rec.collecting.stamps FAQ - appeard to be the same as "Stamps FAQ"
1 Introduction 2 Catalogues 3 World catalogues 4 Country Catalogues 5 Specialised catalogues 6 CAP --- Computer Aided Philately 7 Albums & Displaying stamps 8 Soaking & pressing 9 Restoring and cleaning damaged stamps 10 Topical collections 11 Philatelic terms & abbreviations 12 Stamps-related Organizations 13 Stamps issuing Organizations 14 Philatelic societies 15 National Philatelic Bureaus 16 Worldwide Stamp Shops Guide 17 Magazines 18 Foreign Exchange Rates 19 Books 20 The Post 21 Kids & Stamps 22 Special subjects 23 Selling a collection 24 Paraphernalia 25 Technical info about stamps 26 The decline of stamp collecting? 27 Identifying Stamps 28 New Issues 29 Philatelic Correspondence Appendix 1 FAQ Contributors Please send all bug reports, additions etc. to the Editor, Tracy Barber. Make certain to reference " RCSFAQ"
- email at: [email protected]
Table of Contents of 'Stamps FAQ' -
Stamp Collecting - Home Page - The Minning Co.
Links from - good stuff
Words & Terms
Stamp Clubs
Guide to Stamp Grading
Watermark Directory - The First and Only directory Online
Philatelic Software
Philatelic Periodicals
Philatelic Organizations
Philatelic Museums
IPL (Internet Public Library) Ready Reference Collection: Stamp Collecting
Jim's Tip 001 - Hinging and How to Determine It
And from: "Mint stamps sometimes have hinge remnants on them. They can be easily removed. Some early hinges are very stubborn and can't be removed, but the majority of hinges can. First you will need a nice quality artist's brush. Turn the stamp over, gum side up. With a small amount of saliva, wet the brush and keep "painting" over and over the hinge on the back of the stamp. Do not over wet the hinge, be patient. You use saliva over water because you can control the amount of saliva and not the amount of water. Eventually, you will see the hinge start to buckle in some places. Carefully using tongs start pulling up the hinge from the stamp. If the hinge sticks, stop pulling with the tongs at once and apply more brush strokes to the hinge where the tongs stuck. Wait a few more seconds and slowly remove the hinge. Take a piece of clear pliable plastic and place to the side. After the hinge is removed, grasp it with your tongs and hold it in front of your mouth. Breath on the stamp with your hot breath. Say the word Hah! the same way you would if you were about to clean your eyeglasses. Take the plastic and cover the spot where the hinge was. Take the back of your tongs near the top and rub it back and forth over the area where the hinge was, but covered by the plastic. Wiggle the plastic back and forth until it comes easily away from the stamp. If you notice the gum will have a lightly hinged appearance instead of an unsightly hinge remnant.
Unfortunately we collectors sometimes find someone has made a notation on the gum side of an unused stamp. When you take a conventional pink eraser and attempt to remove the pencil marking, you take some of the gum away leaving a small area of disturbed gum on the stamp. There is a way to alleviate this.
Buy a vinyl eraser in an art supply store. They are white in color and cost about a dollar. With the white eraser, you can safely remove pencil marks from the stamp without disturbing the gum. First lay the stamp face down. Take a piece of clear pliable plastic and hold down with your finger the plastic over he area you are not working on. This will hold the stamp in place. Gently erase with the eraser the pencil mark. It is very important that you erase in one direction only. Erase toward the perfs of the stamp and away from you. Eventually, the pencil mark will disappear unless it is a deep ground in pencil mark. It is very important you erase in one direction only or you will have two pieces of one stamp!
Tips for Collectors -
And from: "You have a nice sheet of stamps or a plate block and you notice some of the perfs are separating. How can you keep them together without having to affix unsightly hinges on the gum?
For this job, you will need a tube of Duco cement. It comes in a green tube and is available at hardware stores. With the plate block face up, hold the perfs together with one hand. Put a small amount of the cement on the tip of your index finger and smear it down across the separated perfs while at the same time blowing on the cement to instantly dry it. If you look at the perfs under magnification, you will see that the perfs are separated, but with the naked eye they look together. Try this on stamps you would only use for postage first to get the hang of it.
3 Tips for Stamp Collectors from Oceania Philatelic Galleries
Soaking Stamps, Choosing an Album, and Using Tongs.
Seaside Book & Stamp -Collecting Manual Table of Contents - some good tips
Please select one of the following sections of this manual. Each section has buttons for advancing to the next or prior section. 1.Why Collect Stamps? 2.Finding Stamps 3.Soaking 4.Unsticking Mint 5.Handling 6.Storage and Display
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Junior Philatelists Stamp Club
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