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United States of America

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  • History of the U.S. Postal Service
    - USPS

  • Carriers & Locals Society

  • US 5c Beacon Airmail Stamp
    - Mark Morrison

  • Article: Modern U.S. Postal History - Roland Austin (author)
    Member & Chairman: 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee (USSS)
    ".. modern U.S. postal history produced since the introduction of the first, true, modern postal issue of stamps-- the 1954 Liberty Series."
    Site features member ads and other articles

  • US Precancel Information Page
    - Michael Hynes

  • Confederate Stamp Alliance Authentication Service .us-DE
  • Patricia (Trish) A. Kaufmann (consultant, Recording Sec.: CSA) .us-DE

  • Conrad L. Bush [E-mail "Connie"], (Confederate States, consultant) .us-FL 32548
    Author: Straightline, Fancy & Unusual Cancels & Handstamps on Confederate General Issue Stamps

  • Confederate Stamps and Postal History - John Kimbrough .us-TX
  • Hosts a 'Confederate Message Board' and:
    Article: Confederate States of America Postal History: Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries
    Article: CSA - Fakes, Counterfeits, Reprints and Fantasies

  • From USPS' History.. noted above:
  • Article (section): Confederate Postal Service  

  • Pynchon Postage Puzzles Experts, ... NY dectective Cati Laporte [@] unveiled an 'often written off' set of stamps she discovered amoung a client's auction lot ... "These stamps are irrefutable proof that the underground Post Office described in Thomas Pynchon's novel (Lot 49) did indeed exist" said Dr. Franklin B. Isreal, Professor of criminology at George Washington University. ..." - V. Bugath, New Orleas Bayou Tribune, Aug. 8, 1996
  • via: Pyrodise Distributers - First Issue Reserved Edition (F.I.R.E.) '404' c.2009
    See Also:
    Specialized Philatelic Indexs : By Country : United States

    US States Philately

    USA - The National Postal Museum's State Postal History Registry

    Americana Unit ATA-11 (f. 1951)
    quarterly journal: Americana Philatelic News
    Contact: Dennis Dengel, E-mail: [email protected]
    17 Peckham Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-2018
    Covering : History, culture, and industry of the USA worldwide.
    AK - Alaska Statehood Postmarks - Dirk van Gelderen, .nl
    old: (forwards c.201104)
    CA - San Francisco Cog Wheel Cancels Display
    Rick Mingee, Paperless Stamps, CO 80162

    GA -
    Georgia, USA - Carl Vinson Institute
    U.S. postal stationery and postage & revenue stamps with ties to Georgia.
    old: (forwards c.201104)
    to: (forwards c.201104)

    HI - Stamps From The Kingdom of Hawaii
    Rodney Moura, Hawaii '404' c.201104

    HI - Post Office In Paradise: Mail & Postage Stamps of 19th Century Hawaii this is supposed to be a 'check mark!' site
    (Scott # 31); and extensive site c.2011

    MA - Massachusetts Postal History - Cambridge and Somerville
    By Matthew Liebson - Philatelist (US p/h), .us-OH 44067
    feature: Postcard Primer for Philatelists
    feature: Stamp and Postmark Primer
    cf "Ohio": (OH) below
    old: '404'

    MA - Worcester, Massachusetts Postal History - An Overview - Bob Track
    old: '404' c.2009
    MS - Mississippi Postal History
    - Pat & Matt Dakin : [email protected]
    NY - Broome County, New York Postal History
    "An Ever Evolving Endeavor Of David E. Williams" : @-Mail
    (forwards c.2011)

    OH - Ohio Postal History
    By Matthew Liebson - Philatelist (US p/h), .us-OH 44067
    Featuring: (cf MA above)
    The Ohio Stampless Cover Gallery
    Licking County (Ohio) Postal History
    Ohio Stampless Covers and Markings (image intensive!)
    Ohio and Ohioans on Stamps
    My "Buckeye Philately" Exhibit - and more!
    PA - Betsy & Chuck's Christmas Seals & Stamps for Collectors
    (interests: seals, Japan & Pennsylvania), @-Mail c.2011)
    3606 S Atherton St, State College, PA 16801 USA
    Tel.: 814-466-3469
    note: current site (c.2011) features free websites!

    US Possessions ... past and present

  • Fellowship of Samoa Specialists - Janet (Tonga Jan) Klug.
    and her ' Tonga Jan Flips for Philately (South Pacific, Tin Can Mail)
  • Article: Postal History of Canal Zone
  • CZBrats - Panama Canal Review -- May 1964  
  • Canal Zone Study Group (x)
  • c/o David Zemer, CZSG President - E-mail
    P.O. Box 654 , Skoyen NO-0214, Oslo, Norway (c.2008)

  • Encyclopedia of Ryukyu Philately - K. Tachikawa
  • '404' c.2011

  • Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society, Ltd (x) APS-05
  • Publication: From the Dragon's Den
    Sec.: Laura Edmonds, [email protected]
    PO Box 240177, Charlotte, NC 28224-0177, USA (c.2008, 2012)
    Established July 15, 1969, RPSS was incorporated March 31, 1970 and is a "A Nonprofit Hawaii Corporation".
  • Michael McMorrow's: Michael - Vermont (p/h, postcards sales & exhibits, eBay) .us-VT 05759
  • features: WWII POW Postal History (& photos of Vermont) '404' c.2011

  • The Viet Nam War Museum: Philatelic Collection
  • '404' c.201104

  • Stamps And Silk Stockings by Kirk S. Ramsey
  • ..."The shooting stopped as quickly as it had begun.
    ... we examined the bodies ...Two of them even carried postage stamps.
    ...North Vietnamese stamps in different denominations.
    ...patriotic designs on them, such as Lenin,
       eyes firmly planted forward to the future, with heroic soldiers below. '404' c.2010

    Issued & Answered
  • The Curtis Collection (census of U.S. Revenue multiples, issue 1-3)
  • Daniel B Curtis (An update to The Turner Census.)

    the below seem all '404' c.2010  
  • 25c Paul Revere coil (Scott # 1059Ab) '404' c.2010
  • - Unreported Plate Number Found!
    Roland Austin, 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee  
  • A Third Liberty Coil Perforation Hole Size? '404' c.2010
  • Lawrence Secchiaroli, 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee  
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) '404' c.2010
  • ... Liberty Frankings
    Ken Lawrence, 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee  
  • Earliest Dates to Press for Liberty Series Dry-Printed Stamps '404' c.2010
  • Ken Lawrence , 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee  
  • US Newspaper Stamps - Doc M. Pepper '404' c.2010  

  • See Also:
  • National Postal Forum
    "..a not-for-profit educational corporation, was established in 1968 by a group of major postal customers/mailers who were committed to an ongoing partnership with the United States Postal Service."
  • U.S. Consumer Postal Council
  • "The Consumer Postal Council aims at being the voice of those users, consumers and others who believe that without a final date for liberalizing the USPS monopoly, there will be no improvement of postal services in terms of quality, choice and price." affiliated with the Free and Fair Post Initiative (which advocates: "Liberalisation of postal services and fair competition in the postal sector."; from Rue du Luxembourg 22-24, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium)
  • U.S. Postal Rate Commission
  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service
  • The Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (USA), .us-DC
  • advises on who and what gets on a stamp.. (more...)  
  • United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • though it no longer prints stamps...

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