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South Korea -
The independence of Korea was recognized by China in 1895, but it was annexed by Japan in 1910. American and Soviet troops forced the surrender of Japan in 1945 and formed two countries, North and South. The republic of Korea was declared in 1948.

Postage stamps have been issued since 1884 until 1903 and again beginning in 1946.

Seoul Central Post Office
Korean Philatelic Center
CPO Box 5122
Seoul, 100-011, South Korea

and from Linn's: Agency:

Kent Research
Box 86
Hewlett, NY 11557

Korea, South / Taehan-min'guk - via the CIA:
Location: Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea
note: the South Koreans generally use the term "Hanguk" to refer to their country
abbreviation: ROK

Independence: 15 August 1945; note: date of liberation from Japanese colonial rule

South Korea ; Rep. of Korea - FIP DATA

Philatelic Federation of Korea
Central P.O. Box 6006
Seoul 100-660
Rep. of Korea
Phone: 0082 2 779 0666

Ministry of Information and Communication Republic of Korea ; English page with Link to Post Office
Post office section (English) has issues from 1/1/94 on display...
links list ('Related...') lists a 'Ministry of Unification' ...

sometimes 'no DNS' ...

Korea Stamp Society - APS Affiliate # 113
William M. Collyer
P.O. Drawer 4158
Saticoy, CA. 93007

Korea Stamp Society Inc.-USA; Site#2.

Mr. Penn's Korea Stamp Page
He includes an extract of Linn's Stamps News features and great contacts...

Mr. Penn's guide to the KPC site for the English speaker

Korean Philatelic Co., Ltd. - Home Page (Korean only)

KPC's test pages; some English
their e-mail: [email protected]

THE FACTS OF KOREAN CLASSIC STAMPS - book review and offer
Written by Jae-Seung Kim
Published by Inje University Press
Kimhae, Korea
Tel: (+82) 525-21-4036
Printed May 31, 1998 (1st Edition)
ISBN No. : 89-87054-09-8 03000
Price : US$ 65. - UK Pound 40.- J. Yen 8,000.- (Including airmail charge)

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