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InterTran Translation
Stamp Identifiers
encyclopedias etc... - worldwide; general updated; incorporated into 0312.htm

Linn's: Reference: Stamp Issuing Entities - best I've found on the net.

Linn's: Reference: Stamp Collecting Terms

Country Index lists more than 600 stamp-issuing entities along with the years in which they issued stamps. (500k+)
Thanks Jim! Also lists prior name and next name if known. I've used this as my initial guide - aj.

Biographies of People of the World on Stamps- used on site 1/00
This is cross linked with Jim's individual country pages. Your comments, suggestions and additions are requested e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Biographies of People of the World on Stamps by Paul G. Partington and Dr. Udo Skladny - appears to be a 'working' copy
The following index allows you to find various sections of an alphabetical listing of identified individuals on postage stamps. Most well-known nationals are normally honored by their own countries, but they are unknown elsewhere, so this listing will include individuals not listed in many reference sources. Paul G. Partington of Whitter, California collected much of this biographical information over many years. Dr. Udo Skladny is a German Protestant theologian, now retired, who lives in Berlin, Germany. For many years he also has compiled information on important people on postage stamps. He has refined many of our listings and continues to contribute much of the research information.
There are many individuals listed where we are unable to locate biographical information. If you know about additional information, please submit it by mail to [email protected] com or [email protected]

Dictionaries -- Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia

Filahome's Stamp Collecting Encyclopaedia - a good dictionary

Identificação de selos (Portugese)
O Nascimento da Filatelia
Como Coleccionar ?
Filatelia Temática
Classes Filatélicas Reconh.
Exemplos de Peças Filatélicas
Identificação de selos
Morfologia do Selo
Utensilios Filatélicos
Glossário de Termos Filatélicos
Federação Internacional Filatelia
Código de Ética do Filatelista
Filatelia de Competição
Conselhos Úteis
Administrações Postais (Lista)

filigrana do fabricante - 6 languages translating philatelic terms incld: PT, EN, IT, FR, ES, DE

Multilingual Philatelic Vocabulary of Terms - RU - via Unicode UTF-8), EN, FR, IT, PT, DE, ES all ascii) by Vadim Lapin

Translation of the Various Designations of Colors by Vadim Lapin

Philatelic words & phrases in 6 languages from

Unidentified Philatelic Objects

Here You Can Identify Your Weird Stamps And At The Same Time Help Other People Out

Philatelic Mysteries - "Help a fellow collector..." and/or post your mystery stamp.
Your unidentified philatelic items can be displayed here. Make two scans, one in low resolution, about 100 lines/inch or less, and one in higher resolution 200 to 400 lines/per inch depending on the size of the item. Limit file sizes to not more than 2Ok and 100k respectively. Save images in gif or jpeg format. Provide any relevent information that will complement the image such as paper type, gum type, perf size, image size..
Send to [email protected]
a service of the Thames Stamp Club, CT - aj.

ISWSC Worldwide Stamp Identifier... tmf

ISWSC Worldwide Bogus Stamp Identifier... tmf

ISWSC Worldwide Cryillic Greek Stamp Identifier... tmf

Stampguyz's directory of all watermarks found on stamps

USPS's Collector's Corner - Stamp terms

Love Indonesia Philatelic Dictionary

Stamp Glossary from Stamps!
philately: the term which was coined in the 19th century by M.G. Herpin, a French collector, to describe stamp collecting. It is a combination of the Greek words philos--lover, or fond of--and atelia--free of payment or tax.
"Among these are pages for grading stamps, an in-depth stamp glossary, and a page of stamp abbreviations and a Feature Article of the Month.

AskPhil -- Glossary of Stamp Collecting Terms

AskPhil -- Inscriptions / Overprints on Stamps

Mapquest Interactive Atlas
For USA, Canada, major international cities and airports. Also offers mapping for telephone area codes in the US!, postal codes in Great Britain. (Coming soon: Street-level-mapping for Great Britain!) 1/00 - ! aj.


Stamp Dictionary of Terms and Slang - dead