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Magyar Posta Részvénytársaság Anyag
és Értékcikkhivatala Filatéliai
Központ 1570

email: [email protected]

(from Fabio's '47 emails...)

Hungary -
The Kingdom of Hungary was formed under Saint Stephen I in the 11th century. It was conquered by the Turks in 1526 and became part of the Hapsburg Empire in the 17th century. Austria and Hungary were constituted as a dual monachy in 1867 and a republic in 1918.

Postage stamps have been issued since 1871.

Philatelia Hungarica Ltd.
Box 600
Budapest 1373, Hungary

Hungary - via the CIA:
Location: Central Europe, northwest of Romania
Independence: 1001 (unification by King Stephen I)

National holiday: St. Stephen's Day (National Day), 20 August (commemorates the coronation of King Stephen in 1000 AD)

Hungary - FIP DATA

National Federation of Hungarian Philatelists
P.O. Box 4
H-1387 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: 00361 332 8359
Fax: 00361 269 0620

Society for Hungarian Philately (APS Affilate #34)

P.O. Box 1162
Fairfield CT 06430-1162, USA

latest address noted (6/00):
Society for Hungarian Philately
2201 Roscomare Road
Los Angeles CA 90077-2222, USA

Ambro Hungarian Stamps
- A Gallery of Beautiful Images of Stamps [English, Hungarian]
Welcome to the largest Internet stamp-website of Hungary. Here you can inspect the most beutiful Hungarian stamps and souvenir sheets.
- Jr. Atilla Ambrozai
(and thanks for the link Atilla - aj)

e-mail: [email protected]

I note he has another at:
The Hungarian Stamp Collection Of Attila Ambrozai. - A Tripod site [in English]
But visit his Hungarian site where he has other things on his mind as well... - aj

Nook of (PapoMan): Lajos Toldy's private home pages in a lot of theme. (Hungarian; incl. stamps)

Welcome To The Hungaria Stamp Exchange
specializing in:
Hungary, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia.

Local Stamps, First Day Covers, Seals, Postal History, Stamps, Revenues

Phone: (508) 682-0242 or Fax: (508) 794-2567
E-mail Us [email protected]

Established in 1945 (and) that makes us a second generation dealership...long-term members of APS, ASDA, and IFSDA.

interesting images in a Japanese collection.

Revenue Stamp Collectors of Hungary
Revenue Stamp Collector's Department of The Hungarian Philatelist's Association MABEOSZ
Honorary chairman: Surányi László (1991-1997)
Chairman: Szép Endre
Secretary: Gulyás László
Snail-mail address:
1378 Hungary
Budapest, Pf. 4
Quarterly news: "OKMÁNYBÉLYEG" from 1991, mail address of the editorial office : Szép Endre
3950 Hungary
Sárospatak, Batsányi u. 7
website features a "Free online catalog of old Austro-Hungarian Revenues" with images..

Philatelic Museums & Libraries data - Hungary

Hungary - Linn's : Banat, Bacska (1919)
A district of south central Europe, formerly under Hungarian rule. In 1919, postal authorities at Temesvar overprinted Hungarian stamps, which were used largely to pay the salaries of postal workers. The area is now divided between Yugoslavia and Romania.

Linn's: Hungary : ARAD (1919)
A district of pre-World War I Hungary, occupied by France in 1919, at which time overprinted Hungarian stamps were issued. The district is now a part of Romania.

Magyar Posta Részvénytársaság - Hungary's Postal Authority
Információkérés, tartalmi észrevételek: [email protected]

I think this is their contact data - if you read Hungarian let me know - aj.

Amennyiben nem Interneten keresztül kíván rendelni, az alábbi , módozatok közül választhat:
Magyar Posta Rt.
Posta Click-Pakk, Budapest, 1003
telefaxon (1) 236-45-45
(erre a telefaxszámra küldje el a megrendelôlapot)
telefonon 06-80-56-56-56
ügyfélszolgálati irodánk ingyenesen hívható
e-mail-ben [email protected]

ebben az esetben a megrendelôlapon kért adatokat küldje el nekünk

Hungry (from postal authority 'Magya" ) 1996-current - english page

Hungry postal (authority) Tariffs, address designs

Hungarian postal rates (in Hungarian from Eotvos Lorand University)

PostEurop - Hungary / HONGRIE - has url - "EUROPA Stamps"
La Poste Hongroise, S.A.
Direction Générale
Krisztina krt 6-8
1540 Budapest
Republic of Hungary
Dr László Oláh
Directeur de la Poste, Chef du Département
des Affaires Postales Internationales
Tel: +36.1.3744206, Fax: +36.1.3744208
Membership of TF:
EU Contact
UPU Structure
Development of the Letters Market
Electronic Information
Best Practice
EUROPA Stamps <---------------*
Leader of TF:
Best Practice Chairmanship: Dr László Oláh
Secretariat: Ms Anna Varga Bótos
Represented in MB by: Dr László Oláh
Language of correspondence: French
Web Site:
email: [email protected] - 2/99

Heuréka - Hungarian search engine

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