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(U.K.'s Channel Islands)
Incl.: Guernsey-Sark / Guernsey-Alderney

Guernsey Philatelic Bureau (cf.)
Postal Headquarters , Guelles Road
St. Peter Port
Guernsey , Channel Islands, GY1 1AB

Tel : 01481 726241, Fax : 01481 712082
email: [email protected] (from Fabio's '47 emails...')

and from:
Guernsey's Postal Museum: (

Post Office HQ
Smith Street, St. Peter Port
Display of local postal history and proofs inside the philatelic bureau.

Guernsey - (had) a list of all issues to 1991
Guernsey Philatelic Bureau (cf.)
Postal Headquarters
Saint Peter Port
Guernsey GY1 1AB, Channel Islands, UK

Agency: Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corp. (see below)

Guernsey, Baliwick of - via the CIA:
(British crown dependency)
Location: Western Europe, islands in the English Channel, northwest of France

Guernsey - Channel Islands Societies: FGCI-CISS - English, German
Covering: Guernsey, Jersy, Isle of Man .. (URL updated c.201501)

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Guernsey, Alderney, GB, Jersey & Isle of Man "Stamp Master" software (CD-ROM & diskett) by Philatelic Software Ltd. - StampMaster
GB (endorsed both by Royal Mail and the National Postal Museum) may be ordered through the British Philatelic Bureau. Channel Islands & Isle of Man through the Jersey Philatelic Bureau or here. (other dealers listed too)

Philatelic Software Ltd. (ref.)
Valley View, Colemans Lane
Nazeing, Essex, EN9 2EA , England

  • e-mail to: [email protected]
    tel.: +44 1992 89 3086, Fax: +44 1992 89 2729

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    BFDC Ltd,
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    Inter Governmental Philatelic Agency Online - for over 55 countries
    460 West 34th Street
    New York, NY 10001, U.S.A.
    Telephone: (212) 629-7979, Fax: (212) 629-3350
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    also with offices in London, Paris, Israel, Africa, Hong Kong.
    Email: <CityName>

    Guernsey-Sark OnLine Stamps Catalogue - by Anders Backman with images!
    This is a commercial catalog with prices but it sure seem complete - great images!

    "With the Commodore Shipping Company issuing stamps for both Guernsey - Sark and Guernsey - Alderney we saw a significant rise in the prices of Guernsey - Alderney stamps as the first independent Alderney postage stamps were issued in 1983. With the Sark stamps being much cheaper than the Alderney stamps this meant that the Sark stamps went into collections much faster than the Alderney stamps, and we see a trend of the Sark stamps getting more expensive. With the small printings that are documented in this catalogue it is not surprising that much material is getting increasingly difficult to find." - from the "introduction" link.

    and from the catalog list, "The 1968 Definitives was the last issue for Commodore Shipping Company Guernsey - Sark. Some stamps were later over printed without any connection to Guernsey - Sark "

    Copyright ©1972-1998 SilverDalen Stamps & Anders Backman

    Guernsey catalog to 7/92 - APS's WPID data is in ASCII comma delimited format ; dead BUT...
    ...The data can be imported into a database program such as Access, Approach, dBase, Foxpro, Paradox etc.,
    Also the data has not been updated in a number of years and no issues after 1992 - others are needed to continue this task.

    ftp sites for the WPID data: ; use this! ; now empty

    To enter new information contact the co-ordinator J. M. Myerson ([email protected].)
    or ask via e-mail: [email protected]

    >Guernsey Post Office's internet magazine (postal authority)
    [email protected]
    The Philatelic Manager (cf.)
    Postal HQ, St Peter Port, Guernsey,Channel Islands, GY1 1AB
    Tel: (01481) 726241, Fax: (01481) 716486

    Guernsey Post Office - Agencies list (cf.)
    The Guernsey Post Office can be contacted by post (naturally) and by phone.

    TEL: +44 1481 726241. FAX: +44 1481 712082
    24hr Answerphone: +44 1481 716486
    Email: [email protected]

    Although this web site does not feature on-line ordering, you can subscribe to the Guernsey Post Office by filling in the following form, or emailing your details.

    Alternatively, you can contact one of the Guernsey Post Office's appointed Philatelic Agents around the world, from whom Guernsey stamps and other philatelic material may be obtained. Their names and addresses and the territories they serve are as follows :

    - United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Caribbean Islands and Israel:
    Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation (I.G.P.C.)
    460 West 34th Street
    New York, NY 10001, U.S.A.

    Germany and Austria:

    Richard Borek K.G.
    Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 7
    Postfach 32 20
    D-38090 Braunschweig, Germany

    Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal:

    De Rosa SPA
    Via Privata, Maria Teresa II
    I-20123 Milan, Italy

    British & Overseas Philatelic Agency Limited
    P.O. Box 80, Shibuya
    Tokyo 150-91, Japan

    Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden:
    DK 5450 Otterup, Denmark

    France, her dependencies, and Eastern Europe:

    Ancienne Maison Theodore Champion
    13, Rue Drouot, 75009 Paris, France

    Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg:
    J.A. Visser
    Postzegelgroothandel, B.V.
    P.O. Box 184
    3300 AD Dordrecht, The Netherlands

    Australia and New Zealand:
    Max Stern & Co.
    P.O. Box 997H G.P.O.
    234 Flinders Street
    Melbourne, 3000, Australia

    For: Poland and Russia:

    P.O. Box 18
    97-315 Tuszyn, Poland
    Email: [email protected]

    PostEurop - Guernsey (with Jersey and the Isle of Man) (cf.)
    Postal Headquarters
    Guernsey GY1 1AA, Channel Islands
    Mr Paul K. Veron
    General Directorate
    Chief Executive Guernsey Post Office
    Tel: +44.1481.726241, Fax: +44.1481.712082
    Membership of TF: Electronic Information
    Language of correspondence: English
    Web Site: N/A

    no email listed; on same page with above - 2/99

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