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Ethiopia -
was occupied by Italy in 1882 and Abbyssinian independence was recognized by the League of Nations in 1923. The Italians invaded the country in 1935 and it was annexed as part of Italian East Africa. The Italians were forced from Ethiopia by the Allies and Haile Selaisse was returned to power in 1941. Eritrea was formally recognized as an independent state in May of 1993. Postage stamps were issued from 1894.

Postal Contacts:

Ethiopian Postal Service
Philatelic Section
Box 1112
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

and from Malte:

Ethiopian Postal Service
Philatelic Service
PO Box 1629

Agency: Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corp. (see below)

Ethiopian Postal Service
Postal Operation Department
M. Wolde Gebriel Tesfaye
Chief of Customers Inquiry and Investigation Section
P.O. Box 1629

Téléphone (+251 1) 15 46 59
Téléfax (+251 1) 51 29 99

From the UPU
Ethiopia via the CIA :
Locatin: Eastern Africa, west of Somalia

Independence: oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world - at least 2,000 years

National holiday: National Day, 28 May (1991) (defeat of Mengistu regime)
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