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Estonia -
was ceded to Russia in 1721, It became independent in 1918, but was proclaimed a Soviet Socialist Republic in 1940. The country was occupied by Germany in World War II and declared itself independent on 20 August 1991.

Postage stamps were issued from 1918 until 1940 and, again, since 1991.
Postal Authority & Agents Data (see also below)

CIA World Factbook: Estonia
Background: After centuries of Swedish and Russian rule, Estonia attained independence in 1918. Forcibly incorporated into the USSR in 1940, it regained its freedom in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since the last Russian troops left in 1994, Estonia has been free to promote economic and political ties with Western Europe.

Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia

former: Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic

Independence: 6 September 1991 (from Soviet Union)

An Estonian Atlas
from: the 'Institute of Baltic Studies'

Estonia - FIP DATA

Estnischer Philatelistenverband
Postfach 84
EE-0090 Tallinn

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Alar Pastarus Philatelic Pages: Estonia's History
Northernmost of the three Baltic republics which were made independent after World War I, Estonia had a strategic importance in the eastern Baltic, and as such, was seized in 1721 by Peter the Great, who wished to extend his maritime outlets. Apart from the period between the two World Wars, and conquest by the Germans, Estonia remained a Russian province to August 20, 1991 when it re-established independence. ...
Estonian Philately - Alar Pastarus' Philatelic Pages
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and from:
we find that: "Nb. Until 1918.02.24 GR - Estonian Independence Day - Estonia was part of the Russian Empire (e12)."

Bert Hoflund's Estonian Philately

Estonian Postal History
Here you will find links to my pages on modern Estonian Postal History. Some pages are big and heavy to download so please be patient!
- Partly illustrated catalogue of USSR Postal Stationery Covers with Estonian Topics. Those covers were very common in the USSR and retailing at just one kopeck above the face value of the imprinted stamp, they were a real bargain. Between 1954 and 1991 the Soviet Ministry of Communications issued some 330 covers with topics from Estonia. Not much when you consider that 17.000 different covers were issued between 1953 and 1984 alone!
- Illustrated collection of USSR Stamps with Estonian Topics issued between 1947 and 1991
- The Provisional Postal Stationery of Estonia are covers and cards that were issued 1991-1993 due to a stamp shortage. Soviet postal stationery was re-used for those issues.
- Here you will find links to my pages on modern Estonian Postal History. Some pages are big and heavy to download so please be patient! :
--Partly illustrated catalogue of Two further pages deal with present day independent Estonia:
---Estonian Post Offices and Cancellations 1991 to date
---Estonian Postage Rates 1991 to date
Bert Hoflund
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USSR Franked Covers with Estonian Topics - by Bert Hoflund
At the end of a long list of covers I find, "Estonia was declared a sovereign state on 20 August 1991 and independent Estonia issued her first stamps on 1 October 1991. USSR postal stationery was valid until 31 December 1991.
But the story does not end there. Due to a shortage of stamps, beginning in 1991 after rate increases, Soviet postal stationery was overprinted in several different fashions. Read more about The Provisional Postal Stationery of Estonia 1991-1993. (see link below)
For several years after independence the public and also Post Offices used remainders for their mail, but than they served only as plain value-less stationery.
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Provisional Postal Stationery of Estonia 1991-1993
"The first step towards postal independence for Estonia was taken when the domestic postage rates were increased from 5 to 15 kopeks on January 1, 1991. That decision was made unilaterally by Eesti Post without asking Moscow and from that time the Estonian Postal Authorities were de facto independent.
It soon became evident that the supply of stamps was running out. The USSR did not ship more stamps to Estonia, probably with the view that the shortage was not of their making. Although stamp supplies were running out, there was ample stock of postal stationery, mainly covers. This was the start of the transition period, when various surcharges on USSR postal stationery were made. It lasted from April 1991 up to July 1, 1993, when all provisionals were declared invalid. No items were sold after August 25, 1992. The imprinted Soviet value stamp lost its validity on January 1, 1992 after which date only the surcharges had validity.
The main types are listed below. Numbering according to Eesti Lisafrankotemplid" (with graphics - aj.)
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Estonian Postal History ; Bert has a list of Post Offices... and a lot more!

Baltic States (a dealer) provides:

Estonia Catalog Number Translation Table between Scott (1-116) = Michel = Hurt, Ojaste

Estonia Catalog Number Translation Table between Scott (117-153) = Michel = Hurt, Ojaste + B's, C's, N's, NB's

Eesti Filateelia -- Estonian Philately - (Estonian, English)
news, links (nice list - aj), stamps, cancellations, postal stationary

A Book: Ethopia 1867 - 1936 ; History, stamps and postal history; by Roberto Sciaky ; via VACCARI Filatelia-Editoria
224 pages16 colour platesMore than 200 b/w illustrationsHard bound A4 - ed. 1999 English text

Special Price for Ethiopian Philatelic Soc. - USA Ethiopian Collectors Club - England Ethiopian Society: ITL. 76.000 - others: ITL. 95.000 (circa 5/00 aj)

Hiiu Kogujate Seltsi filateelialeht - Estonian Philately

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Tan Wee Cheng's Modern Estonia catalog to 1996
1 - 9 Defin. (COA), 9v: 5,10,15,30,50,70,90 k,1,2R(coil) 01.10.91 ; now '404' ; any help?

Estonia (eesti.txt) - Bj�rn Munch's catalog data
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Estonia's Postal Authority

AS Eesti Post
Address c.2000:

Narva mnt. 1
EE-10001 Tallinn
Tel (+372 6) 257 200
Fax (+372 6) 601 947
E-mail: [email protected] (a main contact)

Tallinn Main Post Office
Narva mnt. 1
EE-19090 Tallinn, Estonia
  • telephone: (+372 6) 257 300
  • fax: (+372 6) 616 047
    Mr. Jaan Tuul
    Operations Director
  • e-mail: [email protected]

    Harjumaa Postkontor
    (Harju County Post Office)
    Pallasti 28,
    19097 Tallinn
    tel. (+372) 6053 450
    faks (+372) 6380 316
    E-mail: [email protected]?

    Authority to distribute postage stamps worldwide:
    'Eesti Post Estonian Stamp '
    Pallasti 28
    19098 Tallinn, Estonia
    e-mail: [email protected]
    ('Eesti Post Tallinn Postal Center' section at above street address handles the sorting of mail)

    From EESTI Post: UPU Contact Person *:

    Estonian Post
    Operations Director:
    Mme Maire Lodi
    Narva mnt. 1
    EE-10001 TALLINN

    T�l�phone (+372 6) 257 202
    T�l�fax (+372 6) 601 947
    E-mail: [email protected]

    * Postal data updated/provided by Ulo Randpalu (a member of several Estonia related philatelic organizations) via contact with EESTI Post with our thanks! 3/1/2001

    PostEurop - Estonia / ESTONIE
    Correspondence: English
    Estonian Post
    Narva mnt. 1
    EE-10001 Tallinn, Estonia
    Attn: Mr Tarmo-Jaan T�eleid
    Director Genera:
    Tel: (+372 6) 257 200
    Fax: (+372 6) 601 947
    Email: [email protected]; outdated?
    Web Site: (is not on all servers) may be obsolete per Ulo Randpalu; see link above. and we note a '404' a/o 3/1/01!

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