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EnenKio Atoll
(Wake Island; a 'U.S. Territory')

#1 : In The Grip
EnenKio # 1 : In The Grip
(A Bald Egale flying over the islands)

The Kingdom of EnenKio Atoll
(Wake Island)
- sells (sold?) cinderellas. - (now gone 1/2)
Three small islands resisting the U.S.A. - AJ

"Each stamp carries an official gold icon. Face values of stamps are expressed in terms of weights (e.g. grains) of fine gold bullion, rather than in terms of currency units of any particular nation. With limited production runs, gold-based evaluation and unusual design innovations, these stamps are intended to be immensely attractive to collectors ..."

EnenKio Atoll Mail Services
PO Box 8441, Honolulu
Kingdom of Hawaii, USA 96830
Tel./fax: 1 808 923-0476

19� 18' North Latitude x 166� 35' East Longitude

EnenKio - CIA Data: Wake Atoll (a territory of the US)
Location: Oceania, atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to the Northern Mariana Islands - Area comparative: about 11 times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC - Geography�note: strategic location in the North Pacific Ocean; emergency landing location for transpacific flights - Population: no indigenous inhabitants - note: US military personnel have left the island, but some civilian personnel remain (1999 est.) - Dependency status: unincorporated territory of the US; administered from Washington, DC by the Department of the Interior; occasional activities on the island are managed by the US Army under a US Air Force contract - Disputes, international: claimed by Marshall Islands

See Also:
The Kingdom of EnenKio ('Official' website)
Robert Moore M P, E-mail#2, or #3
Who notes, "... Legal action was then taken to set forth the claim against the foreign occupational forces of the United States, which failed to ever answer any actions and now stands in default with respect to demands for compensation and for illegally occupying of the king's ancestral lands. ..."

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