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Ecuador -
was taken from the Incas by the Spanish in 1527 and was part of the Viceroyalty of New Grenada. It became independent in 1822, but joined with Panama, Colombia and Venezuela to form Gran Colombia. Ecuador left the union to became an independent republic in 1830. The first postage stamps were issued in 1865.
Postal Contacts:

Departmento Filatelico
Museo Postal del Estado
Direccion General de Correos
Correo Central
Quito, Ecuador

and from Malte:

Empresa Nacional de Correos
Depto Filatelico
Av. Eloy Alfaro 354 y 9 de Octubre
Empresa Nacional de Correos
Ing. Walter Reyes Silva
Director de Comercialización
Av. Eloy Alfaro 354 y 9 de Octubre
Téléphone (+593 2) 554 067
Téléfax (+593 2) 561 961
From the UPU
Ecuador via the CIA :
Western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru.

National holiday: Independence Day, 10 August (1809) (independence of Quito)
(constitution signed 10 Aug 79)

Ecuador, Guayaquil - Philatelic Club of Guayaquil - APS Affiliate #832 ( a Delphi Info page)
Philatelic Club of Guayaquil
APS Affiliate #832
Aguirre 324 Y Chile
2 Piso - Ofic. No.
P.O. Box 9615
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Spanish Web Page: (below)
Contact: Fernando Molina: [email protected]

Joe Hahn's Page for Latin American Philatelists
The purpose of this page is to provide a forum for Latin American collectors to meet, discuss and investigate various aspects of Latin American philately. I would be interested in establishing a "round-robin" e-mail study group for those countries not served by a specialist society or publication.
Joe Hahn's page on the Seebecks
One of the most challenging areas of Latin American philately is the so-called "Seebecks." These issues have been vilified, neglected and, I believe, misunderstood for years. Much that has been written about these issues is myth or misinformation.

For a short while there was a society dedicated to the study of these issues and the man who produced them. Although the society is now defunct, there is still a need for philatelists to study these issues and report on their findings. I hope that this page will become a means to discuss this interesting area and report on findings of an interim nature. If you are interested in this area, please contact me.

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