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Specialized Collecting: Postal History


  • Stamps and Postal History - Bob Swanson
    What Is Postal History?
    "From my point of view, postal history is the collecting and study of any artifact that shows how mail was handled. The most common items collected are covers and postcards, which are my primary interest. However, there are other collectors who are far more interested in collecting the schedules of Railway Post Office trains, and still others collect actual letter cancelling machines, mailbox locks, uniforms, and so on. For the purposes of this WWW page, we'll stick with the many, many ways you can collect covers and cards that both illuminate the history of mail handling and fascinate the collector."

    Try the following subject areas (site links):

    Sample Page from My Book-In-Progress on the postal history of the First World War in the United States. [77K PDF]

    More about my WWI research...

    Listing of known early and late dates of usage for American flag cancelling machines at military facilities in the U. S. [19K PDF]. This list appears in the latest issue of the journal of The Machine Cancel Society.

    Jewish Welfare Board Ship Postcards

    Machine Cancellations

    Mystery Covers (at least I can't figure them out!)

    Mysteries Solved due to the generous assistance to people like you!

    My Postal History collecting interests

    Images of Advertisements from Covers, Postcards, and, yes Stamps

    Ok, Ok, I collect some stamps, too.

    To enhance your enjoyment of the hobby, join an organization, whether it is general or for the specialist.

    A highly selective list of LINKS for Stamp/Cover collecting

  • news:rec.collecting.postal-history
    - A LIVE LINK FOR MAIL!!! - ARE YOU READY? Here for more...

  • The Posts

  • Mailmen on Stamps
    - a listing of France and USA thru 1996
    This starting list made possible by contribution of Mr. Roger Hare : email [email protected]
    You may take a copy but please send updates!

  • Don't Nix the 'Nixy' If You Want to Send a Smile
    a 'Nixy' is an unaddressed letter.

  • History in a Box - Mailboxes and postal communications.
    - from CMCC - Canada's Postal Museum
    Have you ever really looked at mailboxes? This exhibition is designed to show you why mailboxes in many countries are yellow, green, blue or red, and to explain the meaning of the symbols that appear on them. Explore through time, postal communications all the way from Canada to Australia.

  • Secret Service of the Post Office Department by P. H. Woodward -
    a Book for sale at Barnes & Noble  

  • Linn's: Reference: Postal History Societies by State in the US

  • Vandemonia's Societies Listings- A WORLDWIDE LIST !

  • an Index of Postal WebRings ('404' c.2000?)?

  • By Sea


  • Wreck & Crach Mail Society ; air, rail, sea, posts
    10 Lady Jane Park, Bradgate Road, Newton Linford, Leicester LE6 0ND, UK
    The Wreck & Crash Mail Society was formed in the latter part of 1994, and is devoted to the collecting and study of all aspects of delayed and/or damaged mail and interrupted mail services.
    Currently the Society is composed of four study groups, namely (cf.):
    The Air Crash Study Group,
    The Railroad Wreck Study Group,
    The Ship Wreck Study Group,
    and The Suspended Mail/Conflicts Study Group.

    old: (see Ken)

  • By Air

  • Airship: Stamps (esp. zeplins)

  • AEROPHILATELY - Books and Covers from AEROPHIL (commercial)
    "'s largest stock of Aerophilatelic books - both new and used, and a large stock of air crash covers.."
    email: [email protected]
    Fax your order to: 41 22 749 4705
    Snail Mail:
    Aerophil, Kendall C.
    12 Chemin des Tuilots
    CH-1293 Bellvue (GE), Switzerland (note: moved to CT, USA; see 'Sanford' link c.2012)
    old: '404' c.2008

    Sanabria. North America. The World Airmail Catalogue (c.2000) , by Stephen R. Datz and Richard Sine (Editor) - (2nd listing c.1995)


  • British Air Mail Society (BAMS) c.2011 (cf.)
    Formerly: The British Areophilatelic Federation {BAeF}
    If you collect air mail and your interest encompasses aerophilately, first flights, air mail rates or routes, balloon or Zeppelin flights, pioneer flights, interrupted or crash mails, catapult mails, internal air mails, air mails to Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East or the Americas and you are not a member of the B Ae F, you may be missing out on much that can help to make your hobby still more interesting and rewarding!
    BAEF c/o Martin Smith,
    "Catalina", Howell Hill Grove
    East Ewell, Surrey KT17 3ER, ENGLAND


  • SEE ALSO: Virtual Aircraft Museum
    Which features:
    Planes | Helicopters | Aviation disasters | Air Power of Japan | Cartoons | In Russian | Links

  • By Rail


  • .Railway Post Office Cover w/editorial on the 'RPO' Railway (Rolling) U.S. Post Office

  • Forwarding mail by railway in Latvia - by Juris Mors, .se
    The TYPES
    TPO Routes and postmarks

    And for general rail discussion (not stamps):
  • news:bit.listserv.railroad

  • More on the rails..

  • Regional Views

  • Antarctic Philatelic Home Page

  • History of the United States Postal Service 1775-1993

    California Post Offices

    Worcester, Massachusetts Postal History - An Overview

  • A chronology of French philately - 1848 - 1935 - Coppoweb
    Images of relevant people (on stamps) and stamps in French philately. very nice; in French

  • The Pneumatic Post of Paris, France ('404' a/o c.2000)
    - by J.D. Hayhurst O.B.E.

  • The Military


  • Royal Navy Philatelic Society - Robert Foster John
    19 College Rd., HM Naval Base
    Portsmouth, PO1 3LJ, UK
    Tel.: +44 (0) 1705 291259 / 1705 820921, Fax: +44 (0) 1705 862437, E-mail  

  • Canadian Forces Philatelic Society
    PO Box 46006, Beacon Hill Postal Outlet, Gloucster, ON K1J 9M7, Canada

  • Types - ATM postage, joint issues, postal labels ...


  • NVI (no value indicator) Club (i.e. non-denominated stamps) - an encyclopediadic resource
    [email protected]
    24 rue du Clos des Vignes, 44120 Vertou, France  

  • Linn's Stamp News: A Refresher Course: Joint issues show international postal accord; incl. list of U.S. issues (c.1999)  

  • ATM vended postage - Markus Seitz, .ch  

  • Postal Label Study Group - APS Affiliate No. 207
    Postal labels as used in the processing of the mails including: Airmail labels, Registration labels, Express labels, Priority labels, Certified mail labels, Insurance labels, Official Seals, Parcel post labels and Mail Routing labels.

  • Indicia - The Ugly Truth
    - Our review of e-postage. 5/00

    And last - but not least:

    - A newsletter for produce seal collectors

  • General Reference - Societies, Resourses..


  • A Information & Discussion Groups List @
    listing Discussion Groups:
    alt.collecting.autographs - Autograph Collecting
    rec.collecting.coins - Coin Collecting
    rec.collecting.paper-money - Paper Money Collecting
    rec.collecting.stamps - Stamp Collecting
    rec.collecting.postal-history - Stamp Collecting -- History
    rec.collecting - General (all collecting)

  • Vandemonia Worldwide Postal History Links
    Sites, Societies (link above), Dealers, Journals, Literature, Resources, General
  • Vandemonia's Resources Page includes:
    Toke Norby's Perpetual Calendar
    Philatelic Computing Study Group
    The Universal Currency Converter (tm)
    Useful Dates in English Postal History
    Stamp & Postal History Collections Insurance
    Postal Administrations :
        ( here I recommend our country specific listings - aj )
    Postage Rates
    Shows and Exhibitions
    Stamp Shows Worldwide
    Stamp Exhibits  
    Tom Fortunato
    The Stamp Trader List
    Universal Postal Union

    With a particular strength in postcodes:
    Australia Postcodes
    Belgium Postal Code Finder
    Brazil Post Codes Search
    Canadian Postal Code Lookup
    China Post Codes
    Czech Post Codes Search
    Denmark Post Codes
    Dutch Postal Codes
    Iceland Postal Codes
    Italian Zip Codes
    London Postcode District Database
    Norwegian Zip Codes
    Romanian Counties Postal Codes
    South Africa Zip Codes
    UK Cities Postal Codes
    US Zip Code Lookup & Address Information

  • Postal History Society Inc -

  • Toke N�rby: A Perpetual Calendar; a helpful tool for Postal Historians
  • Post Office Project 2000 - Rich Small, Centreville, VA, USA
    "My Post Office Project 2000 consists of developing a CD-ROM with a check list of all the Post Offices of the world that ever existed, their years of operation and their county of location."

    phew... - aj

    StampTRAC Stamp Collection Inventory Software - "FREE"
    "And best of all, it's FREE! Simply ... download your free copy of StampTRAC ... It only takes a few minutes... and soon you'll be marveling at how easy it is to keep track of your stamp collection right on your computer. And note the many special features it contains...
    NOTE: This program will only operate on Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0.
    StampTRAC will prepare collectors to be able to search the Internet electronically. It will also let them offer their collections to dealers via's site in a format that will allow them to download it and precisely evaluate how well it fits their needs. This assures collectors access to a much broader, competitive market when they need to sell. Many other future benefits will also be possible.

  • Some Dealers


    Roy (& Debbie et al) Lingen's Postal History & Postage Stamps
    Oshawa, ON, Canada :
    Message forum, classifieds comming soon (a/o 8/00) 4,000 covers online ....

    Rainbow Online World Wide Philatelic Literature
    Proudly introduces it's Online Philatelic Literature Catalog. You can search by Article, Country, Author, and Classification (When available other than General) with immediate results. We have a great selection of magazine articles that date back to the early 1900's.
    Features articles that 'have been meticulously preserved and are now digitized for reproduction at unbelievable prices. You will receive a full reproduction of the article.'
    Rainbow Online WW,
    P.O. Box 8111, Rowland Heights, Ca 91748
    Tel (888) 976-7600, Fax (626) 964-8104, E-mail
    Cover Collectors Circuit Club "CCCC"
    Allan Bagnall, Managing Director
    RD 1, Box 1025
    New Freedom, PA 17349 USA
    The CCCC is American Philatelic Society Affiliate #215
    U.S. Postal History Covers
    - a search engine at Phil Bansner's site (10k + items listed! c.1999)
    Phil Bansner, Philatelist
    PO Box 2529, 2320 Highland Street
    West Lawn, PA 19609, USA
    (610) 678-5000, Fax (610) 678-5400
    Current President, ASDA (2/99)
    Former Ethics Committee Chairman, ASDA
    Former Treasurer, ASDA
    Vice-President of the American Philatelic Research Library
    La Posta - U.S. Postal History Publications
    In addition to our journal we publish a ever-growing stream of books and monographs related to American postal history, and in recent years we have begun making selected reference works available as computer data bases. Our popular State Checklist Series, United States Doanes, and Prices Realized from past Subscribers' Auctions are among the first such data bases to be offered.
    La Posta Publications, 33470 Chinook Plaza, Suite 216,
    Scappoose, OR 97056, USA  

    See Also Our: World Dealers Index

    USPS Zip Code Look Up

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