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Just because it's not 'postage' doesn't mean it's not interesting! - aj

A Cinderella Primer
by Bonnie and Roger Riga
"We're often asked the question, "What are Cinderellas?" You may remember the fairy tale about Cinderella, the stepchild that everyone pushed aside. "Cinderellas" is the nickname given to the stepchildren of stamp collecting, all those stamps and things that no one can find in Scott's catalog, and that no one knows what to do with. ..."

And from their storefront:
"By alternative philately we mean almost any stamp or collateral item other than regular postage stamps. We deal in Cinderella Stamps of all kinds. If you're looking for poster stamps, revenue or tax stamps, fantasies born out of an artist's dream or a con-man's scheme, you've come to the right place. "
www.rigastamps.com/cindprim/default.htm '404' c.2009

And via F.I.R.E from
Linn's Stamps News:
Tonya Harding
and others on fake stamps

  • The Tesserakontalepton - 'The Nine Pearls Variety - GREECE, 1831', by Sergio Sismondo
    "...The "Lepta 40" stamp is from Greece and the reason for its issuance has generated some debate. ..."

    "Perhaps you can find a stamp which resembles the ones in the block pictured here. It is time to look into that Cinderella stockbook or cigar box where so many treasures, both large and small, have been tucked away through the years. ..."

  • Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society

    The First U.S. Christimas Seal

    The major purpose of the Society is to promote and improve the hobby of collecting tuberculosis charity seals, other (non-tuberculosis) charity seals, fund seals (not charity), and non-fund seals of the world.

    c/o Mrs. Florence H. Wright
    PO Box 18615
    Rochester, NY 14618-18615

    email: FHW-33@Worldnet.att.net (c.2001), Fwright2@rochester.rr.com (c.2010)

    Now, here's a Cinderella story..
    The Story of the Atomic Bomb Stamp

    "In December 1994, one of the most unusual events in postal stamp history occurred. A planned U.S. Atomic Bomb Stamp was cancelled less than twenty days after it was disclosed. The stamp was a full color portrait of the atomic bomb's mushroom cloud with..."

    They offer(ed) a 'cinderella' (fake) version here and discusses(ed):

    Unusual Event, Unusual Stamp, Unusual Preservation
    Atomic Bomb Facts

    McCore Company
    1486 E. Stanley Drive
    Sandy, UT 84093 USA

    Tel: (801) 523-8417

    URL '404' c.2010

    See also: A Catalogue of Nuclear Explosions on Stamps (.pdf)

    Compiled by Rev. John Walden (cc)
    Revenue Stamps

    Revenues are not postage stamps though certain types are often found in stamp catalogues such as Scott's...

  • State Revenue Society
    Publication: State Revenue News
    Secretary : Kent Gray : staterevscomcast.net (c.2011)
    old url: http://hillcity-mall.com/SRS/

    Presenting two online exhibits: Uncle Sam's General Store : U.S. product tax stamps 1862-1965.
    "...I have managed to show examples of all six Proprietary revenue series in actual use. But that's just a cover for my enjoyment of the fascinating range of interesting packaging and the long-forgotten brands and products that used to be found on store shelves, stamp-taxed by Uncle Sam."

    and: The Civil War Sun Picture Tax

    Noting: Now Available: The First U.S. Revenue Monograph on CD-ROM:
    Catalogue of Civil War Era Photographer Revenue Stamp Cancellations
    "Revenue stamps were required on photographs sold in the U.S. from 1864 to 1866, part of a taxation system to pay for the war against the Confederacy.
    This is the most comprehensive interactive catalogue of the markings used by photographers to cancel these stamps, with over 500 color photographs and illustrations. A valuable resource for historical researchers seeking to identify images that lack other identification or who are interested in the photographers of the era.
    Also included on the CD-ROM is "The Civil War Sun Picture Tax", the story of the Civil War stamp tax on photographs, told through the finest philatelic research collection on the subject. In-depth facts about the tax, the many photograph formats used during the period, and insights into studio practices are illustrated with rare and even unique philatelic gems.
    This Gold Medal collection has won the American Philatelic Society's Award for Research and Pre-1900 Medal of Excellence, The Philatelic Classics Society Medal, The Bureau Issues Association Statue of Freedom Award and five American Revenue Association Gold Medals. " (plus; ajw)


    See also: 'Back of the Book': Revenue Stamps
    The Functions of Local Stamps

    "Local stamps (often mistakenly called cinderellas) are issued for use on limited transportation routes or in limited areas, and not for international recognition. Many countries have issued local stamps, often they have preceded regular stamps, and these are of great interest to philatelists. Local stamps were frequently used in connection with mail carried in the early days by steamship companies or organisations carrying letters.

    Although necessary and useful, they are not ordinarily regarded as postage stamps...and seldom end up in regular stamp catalogues like Scott's.

    1. Carriers and Locals Society APS-05
    Publication: The Penny Post (quarterly; copy on request)
    John Bowman, martinR362<@>aol.com (c.2005)
    jdbowman<@>premierhome.net (c.2001)
    (remove brackets '< >')
    232 Leaf Lane, Alabaster, AL 35007
    "..founded in 1991. The Societyís mission is to encourage the collecting and study of United States carriers and locals..." including: official and semi-official Carrier services, U.S. Independent Mails, Fakes and forgeries of U.S. Carriers and Locals, U.S. and Canadian fantasy stamps of the 19th century.. (cinderellas!)

    2. Rattlesnake Island Local Post Society AFDCS-07
    (contact data or more information needed)
    "At the western end of Lake Erie lies a small archipelago known as the Lake Erie Islands. Three of the larger islands lie in a north-south alignment: North, Middle, and South Bass Islands, the latter being the best-known due to the town of Put-In-Bay, a popular tourist mecca in the summer months. Lying approximately 2-miles to the west of Middle Bass Island and 11-12 miles north-northeast of Port Clinton, Ohio, is an 85 acre island known as Rattlesnake Island, little-known until 1966, when it became the location of the only airmail local post in the United States. ...
    ... In 1959, the island was sold to James P. Frackelton, M.D., a Cleveland surgeon and owner of the Cleveland Stamp and Coin Company, and Robert C. Schull, a stockbroker. Subsequently, Dr. Frackelton applied to the U. S. Post Office Department under Title 18 for the establishment of a local post for the island, as repeated requests for regular mail service had been denied.
    Approval from the Post Office Department was finally obtained in 1966, and the first stamps, rectangular in shape, were issued on August 27th in three denominations..."
    (which were deemed unusable by the USPS; so they switched to triangular stamps in 1967)
    ... economic concerns, coupled with the sale of the island in 1989, brought to a close this colorful chapter of philatelic history. In 1998-99, Dr. Frackelton and 65 other investors repurchased the island, but, as of yet, there has been no revival of Rattlesnake Island Local Post. " (from the Wichita Stamp Club ca.2004: See here ; cc)

    Rattlesnake Island, Ohio: Modern History and Local Post Cover Guide [Paperback] Timothy J. Barbour c.2005
    Available from Amazon.com c.2011

    Poster Stamps

    Unlike Locals and more like Cinderellas, these stamps are really promotional material advertising products and companies..
    An excellent Poster Stamps collector's group in the USA is the:

    1. The Poster Stamp Collectors Club
    P. O. Box 208, Ark, VA 23003, USA
    Quarterly publication: The Journal of the Poster Stamp Collectors Club

    2. Poster Stamp Society,
    run by Walter Schmidt, E-mail
    old url: home.cdsnet.net/~pssoc/ '404' c.2010

    See Also: Dealers : Local Stamps et al..

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