When Fred Melville published his book "Phantom Philately", he coined a description for "stamps which are
not what they seem". These items always hold a fascination for cinderella collectors. Fraud or Fantasy?
Some are a combination of both. Melville's Book will never be "out of date" as it chronicles the old-time
        frauds, but since his day many thousands of Phantom Stamps have been added to ones he listed.
   by David M. Stirling
Arnold's Stillborn
   Local of 1898.
Bancroft Bogus by
        S.A. Taylor.
Bogus Bell by
   S.A. Taylor
Buck's Express,
    An old fraud.
Alexandria - An old
        bogus stamp.
Old Bogus Stamp
from Treaty Ports.
Early Torres Straits
      Bogus Stamp.
Clara Rothe Phantom
     Steamship Local.
Ancient Phantom
    Cochin China.
Irish Free State
Bogus Bateke,
Berlin Express