Enough to Drive a Madman Crazy.
A forgery? of a USA Essay.
      Nice item though.
A forgery? of a bogus
  Mexican Provisional
Bogus stamp of Tillory.
Doc's Local Post
     from USA.
A bogus stamp of Mevu.
Bogus stamp of Occussi Ambeno.
Bogus stamp (modern)
       of Deh Sedang.
Forgery of Boten Post
       of Hamburg.
Forgery of Confederate
Forgery of Honors Post,
    a US Carrier Stamp.
Rare Greenock Delivery
  stamp from 1971 Postal
          Strike in GB.
  Sower Fantasy Stamp
  in parody of genuine issue.
Fantasy essay for Geo V of
          UK 1 stamp.
Bogus QV 5/- stamp
    purporting to be
        from UK.
Three different forgeries of
   a Spanish Carlist stamp.
   Lathrop Local Post
   stamp showing Joshua
Norton, Emperor of USA.
Fantasy stamp of Tui Tui.
Forgery of Counani stamp.
Bogus Confederate
stamp of Richmond.
If interested in any of the stamps pictured, and using the Foundling Exchange, ask about them. They may be available.
Forgery of a Russian
       Local stamp.
Bogus Confederate
  "Blockade" stamp.
Forgery of a USA
  Postmaster Stamp.
Rare forgery of  a
rare Uganda fantasy
A bogus stamp which
  was created for Korea.
Bogus Confederate
stamp of Baton Rouge.
Forgery of US Local.
Stamp of Adanaland
    Horace Walpole.
Bogus stamp for Coronation
of Edward II of Great Britain
       and Mrs Simpson.
Fantasy 1 Essay of Elizabeth
   First of Great Britain, 1953 -
Parcel Stamp of
Lundy Railway.
The first cinderella
    to have it's real
       name on it.
Stamp of the
Ker's City Post only
existed in Samuel Alan    Taylor's imagination.
A Wonderland
     issue from
A Bogus stamp of the
Congo. It fooled many
     in 19th century.
The Postmaster
of Nova Scotia?
   That'll be the
Forgery of
Gordon's City
  Express, USA.
Fake Richmond
Forged U.S.
Carrier Stamp.
Bogus Confederate
   with QV portrait.
   Fake of
Spanish Essay.
   Forgery of
Bogus Bokhara
Forgery of a Suez
  Canal Company
Forgery of USA City.
        Carrier Stamp.