British Parcels Delivery Stamps.
The British Post Office Monopoly on the carriage of letters has never included parcels, and although a
Post Office Delivery system exists, the carriage of parcels by private companies, long precedes this,
and indeed, Wordie, of Stirling, was carrying parcels and goods in th 16th century. Parcels were carried
by stagecoach systems and stamps/franks were issued, long predating the adhesive stamps invented by
Chalmers of Scotland and copied by Rowland Hill. Elliots of Dublin issued adhesive stamps for their
Parcels Service in 1837. Scott, Sawer and Company issued adhesive stamps on their stagecoaches in
1829, and a Scottish Shipping Company was said to have issued them in 1816. I have been cataloguing
these issues for more than 50 years, and here is a sample of my work.
Edinburgh Corporation Transport.
Edinburgh Corporation took over the tramway system of the Edinburgh & District Tramways Company
Limited in 1919. A cooperative system of through booking for parcels had existed between SMT
Company Limited and the Tramway Company, since October, 1908, and this continued under the
Corporation. The Edinburgh Corporation Parcel & Lost Property  Department was at 1 Shrub Place,
Leith Walk.

  1919. Vertical coil stamp, rouletted both sides, titled "Edinburgh Corporation Tramways".
EDCOR 1.  3d black on green.

1933. Vertical coil stamp,  perforated both sides, titled CITY AND ROYAL BURGH OF EDINBURGH

EDCOR 2.  4d black on white.

1938. Similar design.

EDCOR 3.  4d black on pink.

1944. Horizontal two part label, printed in books of twelve.
EDCOR 4.  6d black on pink.

1953. Horizontal two part label, printed in books of twelve.

EDCOR 5.   9d black on green.
1963. Horizontal two part label, in booklets of twelve.

EDCOR 6.  1/- black on deep red.

                The Edinburgh Corporation Transport Parcels Service ceased operations in 1966.