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Linn's Refresher Course: Scott Catalog prefixes and suffixes, Rick Miller (Jan. 26, 2004)

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Prefixes and suffixes used in Scott catalogs

The prefixes and suffixes listed below are used to identify postage stamps that serve a purpose other than standard postage. Country-specific prefixes, mostly U.S. stamps listed in the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers, are identified with the country name in brackets.


A — forerunner [Indian stamps used abroad]

AR — postal fiscal

AX — 3¢ 1861 CSA postmaster's provisional

B — semipostal

BK — booklet; BC — booklet cover

BKC — airmail booklet

C — airmail

CB — airmail semipostal

CBO — airmail semipostal Official

CE — airmail special delivery

CF — airmail registration

CL — airmail semiofficial

CM — R.F. overprint [U.S.]

CO — airmail Official

CP — commemorative panel

CQ — airmail parcel post

CVP — computer-vended postage [U.S.]

D — pneumatic post

E — special delivery

EB — semipostal special delivery

EO — special delivery Official

EP — encased postage

ER — delivery tax

EX — personal delivery

EY — authorized delivery

F — registration

FA — certified mail

G — insured letter

GY — marine insurance

H — acknowledgment of receipt

I — late fee

IRC — international reply coupon [U.S.]

J — postage due

JQ — parcel post postage due

JX — porte de mar

K — offices abroad [U.S., Poland]

K — government in exile [Poland, Yugoslavia]

KB — offices abroad semipostal [Poland]

L — local

LB — carrier semiofficial [U.S.]

LB — local semipostal

LC — local airmail

LE — local special delivery

LEB — local semipostal special delivery

LF — local registration

LH — local acknowledgement of receipt

LJ — local postage due

LJ — rural postage due [Baden]

LN — local occupation

LNC — local occupation airmail

LB — local semipostal

LC — local airmail

LE — local special delivery

LEB — local semipostal special delivery

LF — local registration

LH — local acknowledgement of receipt

LJ — local postage due

LJ — rural postage due [Baden]

LN — local occupation

LNC — local occupation airmail

LNE — local occupation special delivery

LO — carrier official [U.S.]

LO — local official

LOX — typeset post office seal [U.S.]

LP — local newspaper

LQ — local parcel post

M — military

MB — military semipostal

MC — military airmail

MCE — military airmail special delivery

ME — military special delivery

MH — Machin head [Great Britain]

MP — military newspaper

MQ — military parcel post

MR — war tax

N — occupation regular issues

NB — occupation semipostal

NC — occupation airmail

NCB — occupation airmail semipostal

NCE — occupation airmail special delivery

NE — occupation special delivery

NIMH — Machin head [Northern Ireland]

NJ — occupation postage due

NL — occupation rural delivery

NO — occupation Official

NP — occupation newspaper

NRA — occupation postal tax

NRAJ — occupation postal tax due

NSC — numismatic souvenir card

O — Official

O — postal savings mail [U.S.]

OA — Official perfin [Australia, Canada]

OAC — Official airmail perfin [Canada]

OAE — Official special delivery perfin [Can.]

OB — Official perfin [Australia]

OC — Official perfin [Australia]

OC — Official airmail perfin [Australia, Can.]

OCC — Official airmail perfin [Australia]

OCE — Offl. airmail spec. del. perfin [Can.]

OD — Official departmental

OE — Official special delivery perfin [Can.]

OL — local official

OX — post office Official seal [U.S.]

OXA — registry seal [U.S.]

OXF — postage stamp agency seal [U.S.]

OY — life insurance [New Zealand]

P — newspaper [except U.S.]

PC — postage currency

PN — postal note [U.S.]

PR — newspaper tax

PR — newspaper [U.S. only]

PS — postal savings [U.S.]

Q — parcel post

QE — special handling

QI — postal insurance

QO — parcel post official

QRA — parcel post postal tax [Chile]

QY — parcel post authorized delivery

RA — postal tax

RAB — postal tax semipostal

RAC — airmail postal tax

RAJ — postal tax due

and a host of other 'R's

S — franchise

S — savings [U.S.]

SC — souvenir card [U.S.]

SMH — Machin head [Scotland]

SP — souvenir page

T — telegraph [U.S.]

TO — Official telegraph

TS — treasury savings

WMMH — Machin head [Wales]

WS — war savings

WV — sanitary fair [U.S.]

WX — Christmas seal [U.S.]

X — postmaster's provisional

Y — revolutionary government [Philippines]

YF — rev. govt. registration [Philippines]

YP — rev. govt. newspaper [Philippines]

Z — prefecture postage [Japan]

ZB — prefecture semipostal [Japan]


E — essay

H — flat-plate imperforate coil

P — die proof or plate proof

S — specimen

TC — trial color proof

V — flat-plate imperforate coil

Postal stationery prefixes

AXU — CSA prov. handstamped envelope

CVUX — computer vended postal card [U.S.]

LU — local envelope

LUP — local wrapper [U.S.]

NU — occupation envelope [U.S.]

NUX — occupation postal card [U.S.]

NUZ — occupation official card [U.S.]

U — envelope or letter sheet

UC — airmail envelope or letter sheet

UCM — military airmail envelope [U.S.]

UE — special delivery envelope [Hawaii]

UF — registration envelope [Canal Zone]

UO — Official envelope

UO — postal savings envelope

UX — postal card

UXC — airmail postal card

UY — paid reply postal card

UZ — Official postal card

W — wrapper

WO — Official wrapper

XU — CSA P.M. prov. handstamped envelope

Scott Catalog revenue stamp prefixes

(cf. What the "R's" are.., Hohertz [cc])

R — general revenue

RB — proprietary

RC — future delivery

RD — stock transfer

RE — cordials, wines, etc.

REA — beer

RF — playing cards

RFV — playing cards [Danish West Indies]

RG — silver tax

RH — cigarette tubes

RI — potato tax

RJ — narcotic tax (excessive tobacco production)

RJA — narcotic tax

RK — consular service fee

RL — customs fee

RM — embossed revenue stamped paper

RN   —   revenue stamped paper

(Hohertz), (Cox)

RO — private die proprietary match

RP — private die canned fruit

RQ — unemployment insurance [Ryukyus]

RS — private die medicine

RT — private die perfumery

RU — private die playing cards

RV — motor vehicle use

RVB — boating

RVC — camping

RVT — trailer permit

RW — hunting permit [duck stamps

RX — distilled spirits

RY — firearms transfer

RZ — rectification

XR — provisional [Ryukyus]

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