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Special thanks to Dick Sine and the WebZine Publishing Group for this list of bogus issues. It was compiled by Les Winick and others of the Arthur Salm Foundation, 1029 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60610. The ISWSC brings it to you as a companion to our other listing of mostly "real" issues here.

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AAYMAN ISLANDS (Dayman, Layman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc.): British Colonial Royal Wedding frames from book "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers."

ABD AL KURI: Small island in Indian Ocean between Socotra and Horn Of Africa.

ABKHAZIA: Part of Georgia in Asia.

ABOMINABLE SNOWMANIA: Punch magazine cover parody.

ACAMBARO: Mexico provisional issue produced in 1893 simulating 1867 issue.

ACAPONETA: Mexican revolutionary provisional overprint on 1910 issue.

ACCR: Antarctic Confederation of City Republics.

ACFT: Antarctic Confederation of Federal Territories.

ACHTERDIJK: (Behind the Dike) Donald Evans issue, Holland.

ACRE, TERRITORY OF: Brazil rebellious state that was purchased from Bolivia in 1902.

ADALUNCATIFF: No Information Available.

ADIGEY: Bogus Russian local overprint.

ADJUDANI: Donald Evans issue, Persia.

ADRIA-ALPENVORLAND: Never issued German occupation locals printed in Vienna, 1945

AHU'A: Bogus fantasy stamp from Burma.

AKATA: Fantasy bogus issue from the Philippines.

ALBANIAN GOVERNMENT IN EXILE: Freedom movement in exile.

ALDABRA, KINGDOM OF: Atoll north of Assumption Island.

ALEXANDRIA: Bogus issue from 1860's featuring an elephant.

ALLENDE: Mexican overprint printed in 1914 on 5-centavo stamp of the 1910 issue.

ALTAJ: Bogus Russian local overprint.

ALUALA: Donald Evans issue.

AMAZONIA: Near Brazil and French Guiana. Connected with the bogus state of Counani.

AMIS AND AMANTS: Donald Evans issue, South Pacific Islands about friendship and love.

AMORA: Advertisement created to sell chocolates on Valentines Day.

AMUNDSEN HARBOR: Antarctic fantasy.

AMUR: Siberia USSR province. The People's Revolutionary Committee issued stamps in 1920.

ANACHRON, STATE OF: Artistamps, dinosaur hunting stamps.

ANGLET: France-supposed republic for dogs.

ANGOLA GOVERNMENT IN EXILE: Supposed freedom issues for Angola. A Henry Stull fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors."

ANGWEELA, FREE: Parody of Anguilla overprints.

ANKARA: Turkish capital with stamps issued after WW II by Nationalist Revolutionists.

ANTARCTICA: Labels for 1954 expedition.

ANTIQUA: Donald Evans issue, Maine.

ARABIA: Triangular bogus stamp issue of stamps of Arabia from the 1920's.

ARAMOANA: Independent state in New Zealand.

ARBAH: One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.


ASSAB: Bogus overprint on Italian stamps 1880, possible Ethiopian city on the Red Sea.

ASSELIJN: Donald Evans issue taken from name of an Amsterdam gallery.

AT TAWAL: Disputed neutral zone in Arabia. Overprint on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

ATJEH: Sumatra: Supposed vassal state issued in early 1880's, possible 1892.

ATLANTIS Y LEMURIA: Overprints on Atlantis stamps.

ATLANTIS Y MU: Pacific equivalent of Atlantis stamps.

ATLANTIS, NEW: Raft moored off Jamaica.

ATLANTIS, KINGDOM OF: A Henry Stull fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors."

ATLANTIUM, EMPIRE OF: unrecognized secessionist "state" in Australia. web site

AUCKLAND ISLANDS: New Zealand, 200 miles south of Stewart Island. Issued in 1915 for General Grant Expedition.

AZAD HIND: Unissued German "Free India" stamps.

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BAENA: Spanish province with stamps overprinted in 1937 to mark anniversary of occupation of Baena.

BAIKAL: Bogus Russian local overprint.

BANANA REPUBLIC: Advertising fantasy created by company of same name.

BANANA, REPUBLICA DE: Donald Evans issue, Central America. (Info; .ed)

BAND OF GOOD HOPE: Fantasy based on stationery of Cape of Good Hope.

BANGSA MORO: Philippines, Muslim controlled area, handstamp on Philippine Islands stamps.

BANTAYAN ISLANDS: Philippine island northeast of Cebu.

BARCENTRUM: Donald Evans issue, Netherlands.

BARDSEY: Island off the coast of Wales that issued labels bearing its name.

BASHKORTOSTAN: Bogus Russian local overprint.

BATEKE: Equatorial Africa, bogus Portuguese territory.

BATUM, BATUMI: USSR port city and stamps were issued during British occupation from Dec. 1918 to July 1920. Bogus stamps were issued in 1993.

BENERA ISLAND: mispelling for Scottish BERNERA island, local stamps from 1977- 1981 and again in 1995.

BERNERA ISLAND: Island off the Coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name.

BESSARABIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

BJORN OYA: Bear Island-US local post, also overprints on Norway stamps.

BLJESAK: Jugoslavia.

BOJU OFU: Bogus issue from Burma.

BOKHARA: Russia, vassal state. Bogus stamps issued in 1886 in Central Asia.


BOOKGIRL, REPUBLIC OF: Bogus art stamp. Created by John Rininger in his Rausch Post series.

BOSTON ISLAND: Fantasy stamp from American Journal of Philately.

BOUVET OYA: Antarctic island-overprints on stamps of Norway repudiated by Norwegian government.

BRECQHOU (BRECHOU): Carriage labels for a Guernsey channel island. web site

BUMBUNGA, PROVINCE OF: Australian secessionist state three hectares north of Adelaide.

BURIATIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

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CADAQUES: Donald Evans issue, Spain.

CALDEY ISLAND: Island off the coast of Wales with labels bearing its name.

CALF OF MAN: Local carriage labels began in 1962 and 400 different were printed to 1972.


CALLAWAY, KINGDOM OF: Advertising overprinted on U.S. stamps for a homecoming celebration.

CALUDA, TERRITOIRES (KATIBO): Donald Evans issue, South America.

CALVE ISLAND: Labels bearing its name are charity seals.

CAPACUA: Bolivia, bogus issued in 1883 by Moens of Belgium, for a mythical state with the capital of Santa Teresa as an April Fool's prank.

CARN IAR: British local carriage labels.

CASTLEMORE: Ireland fantasy.

CAT ISLAND: Fantasy stamp from American Journal of Philately.

CAVE: Ceylon overprint that was applied to prevent theft.

CESTODA: British fantasy.

CHABACANO, REPOBLIK DE:: Bogus stamps for fictional republic in the Philippines.

CHAKASIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

CHAUSEY: British Channel Island.

CHECHENIA: Russian label.

CHEROKEE NATION: Island in the Rio Grande that was going to declare independence.

CHIAPAS LIBRE: Mexican State that is center of revolutionary movement. Issued stamps in 1995.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND: Stamps printed prior to 1958 were printed and used by the Central Pacific Coconut Plantation Ltd.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND AUSTRALIA: Booklets that have no connection with Australia Post or any official status.

CLAUSLAND: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

CLAUSLANDIA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

CLAVOLOGIQUE, PRINCIPALITY OF: Bogus label of French origin.

CLIPPERTON ISLAND: Mexico, overprinted with a diagonal "Clipperton" and issued in 1885 for island in the Pacific 800 miles from San Francisco. During the late 19th century the Oceanic Phosphate Co. printed local labels and used them for the company's mail.

COOK LAND/B>: North Pole bogus issue in early 1900's.

COOLAND: No Information Available-related to West Refaim.

CORAL SEA ISLANDS TERRITORY: Islands off the coast of Queensland.

COROCO: State near Chile used in book Clue of the Postage Stamp by Arthur Bray in 1913. Bogus stamp affixed to cover of book.

COSME COLONY: Paraguay bogus overprints for Australian settlement.

COUNANI, FREE STATE OF: Claimed all the land north of the Amazon River including port of Manaus to the boundaries of the Guianas. Bogus stamps issued in 1886,1893 and 1904.

CROATIA GOVERNMENT IN EXILE: Propaganda issues by various Croatian freedom movements.

CUERVO GOLD, REPUBLIC OF: Caribbean island fantasy produced by a liquor firm.

CWLADFA PATAGONIA (Colony of Patagonia): Argentina.

CYMRU: Welsh propaganda issue.

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DAGESTAN: Bogus Russian local overprint.


DAM BATAI: Bogus issues from Burma.

DAPHSO ISLAND: Island in South China Sea.

DAVAAR ISLAND: Island off the coast of Scotland with local issue bearing its name.

DEB'S COLONY POSTAGE: Fantasy from American Journal of Philately.

DERRY, FREE: Fantasy from National Lampoon.

DHUFAR: Bogus propaganda stamps for area in Arabia.

DIE WELT: Germany "Germania" issue overprint produced for "War Stamp Exhibition in London in 1915 as a jocular allusion to the much vaunted German aspirations to rule the earth."

DOLAND: Donald Evans issue.

DON RIVER RAILWAY SOCIETY: Tasmania fantasy sheet.

DONKO MULAS: April Fools prank-valued in either cents or ore.

DOUGERTHY & HESPERIES ISLANDS: Bogus Pacific Island group.

DRAKE'S ISLAND: Great Britain local post off Devon Coast.

DRUK-PU: Bhutan overprints on India.

DUCIE ISLAND, DEPENDENCY OF: Pitcairn Island bogus overprint. DUCKSTAD: Donald Duck's own country-from Netherlands.

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EASDALE ISLAND: Scotland, 1996 local issue.

EASTER ISLAND: Bogus issue with frame used on St. Vincent stamps.

EASTERN SIBERIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

EDELWEISS, KINGDOM OF: Imperial residence in Winston-Salem, NC, Artistamp.

EDEN ISLAND: Parody of possible Swiss origin.

EL DORADO, FEDERATED STATE OF: Fantasy from The American Philatelist.

ELFLAND: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

ELLEORE: Children's holiday trips. Stamps used to support efforts.

ELLSENARRE: No Information Available.

EMBO: Scotland, seceded from Great Britain for one day in 1985.

EMPEROR OF THE WORLD: India, produced in 1892.

EMPIRE OF UR: Neighbour of Nova Laurania, paper currency only used “postally”.

EREHWON, PRINCIPALITY OF: Nowhere spelled backwards, George Fabian fantasy.

ESPERANAT RESPUBLIKO INSULO ROZOJ (Republic of Isle of Roses): A 400 square meter platform constructed in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Rimini, Italy.

ESQUIMEUX POSTAGE: Fantasy from American Journal of Philately.

ESTADO DE JIPIJAPA: Bogus Mexican state.

ETAT DOMINO: Donald Evans issue.

ETHIOPIA, FREE: Charity labels made to look like postage stamps.

EYNHALLOW: (Holy Island) off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name printed in the 1970's.

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FANTIPPO: From Dr. Doolittle books. Fauna & Flora: Donald Evans issue.


FEDERATION OF ETHNIC MINORITIES: Located in Burma, labels used to draw attention to human rights violations.

FRANDIA: Donald Evans issue.

FRANZ-JOSEPH LAND: North Pole bogus issue of 1874 for expedition of Weyprecht & Beyer.

FREE DERRY: Fantasy from National Lampoon.

FREE ETHIOPIA: Charity labels made to look like postage stamps.

FREE VINLAND: Independent West Vinland.

FREISTAT CARNEVALIS: No Information Available.

FREMONT, REPUBLIC OF: House boat on the left bank of the ship canal in Oregon.

FRENCH WEST AFRICA: Used as promotion for Tarzan movie (in English).

FRESTONIA: Area in London that seceded for publicity purposes.

FROMAGE COLONAISE FRANCAISE: Bogus French cheese colony stamps.

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GAGAUZIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

GAIRSAY: Scottish local post in Orkney Islands.

GALAMA: Advertisement of German origin.

GAMBIERS: Oceania island group, bogus overprints in 1877.

GAMBILLA: French bicycle fantasy.

GILLIGANS ISLAND: Issued for supposed uncharted isle in Pacific created for popular television program.

GLACETON: Antarctic fantasy issue.

GLENVEAGH: Donald Evans issue, Ireland.

GNOSTIS: Donald Evans issue, mystical symbols.

GOAT ISLAND: Irish bogus stamps printed on water soluble paper.

GOBIERNO CONSTITUCIONALISTA AGUASCALIENTES: Mexican overprint on five stamps and one postage due label by revolutionary forces in 1914.

GOFFREA: No Information Available.

GOGO ISLAND: Stamp designs from Editions Pen, Swiss origin.

GOPSHE: Donald Evans issue, a friend's dog.

GORDONIA: Possible Jewish colony.

GRAHAM MEMORIAL CITY: Antarctic fantasy issue.

GRAND FENWICK, DUCHY OF: Advertising fantasies produced for movie, The Mouse That Roared.

GREAT BITTER LAKE ASSOCIATION (GBLA): Stamps issued by ships trapped in Suez Canal after the seven day war.

GREAT ISLAND: Donald Evans definitive issue of 1940.

GREEN MOUNTAIN PRINCIPALITY: Overprints on bogus State of Oman stamps.

GRUNAY ISLAND: Scotland local post in Skeoris, Shetland Island.

GUERNSEY-SARK: Island in English Channel with labels bearing this inscription.

GUGH ISLAND: Great Britain local carriage label.

GUMACA, STATE OF: Bogus Philippine Island issue.


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HAKASIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

HENDERSON ISLAND, DEPENDENCY OF: Bogus overprint of Pitcairn Island.

HERM: Island off the coast of Guernsey with local labels bearing its name.

HESTON: Island off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name.

HILBRE ISLAND: Bogus British local issue.

HILDASAY: Tiny island in Shetlands.

HONAH LEE: Puff the Magic Dragon's kingdom.

HOP ISLES: Connected with Cooland and West Refaim.

HUMANITY, KINGDOM OF: Island between Philippines and Indonesia.

HUTT RIVER PROVINCE: Australia secessionist area.

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ICCR: International Council of City Republics.

ILE BARBE: France fantasy stamps by A. Bourdi.

ILE ROY: France restaurant fantasy.

ILES DES SOURDS (ISLANDS OF THE DEAF): Donald Evans issue, tropical archipelago.

INDOMALAYSIA: Punch magazine cover parody.

INGOLF: Overprints on U.S. stamps somewhere in the Atlantic, may be a ship marking.

INTERSOL, KINGDOM OF: Stamps created to advertise book "Musrum."

IRANQ: Supposed federation of Iran and Iraq, spoof issue.

IRELAND, FREE: Propaganda labels for a united Ireland produced by Price & Co. of Ireland.

IROQUOIS FEDERATION: Parody or spoof from Punch magazine.

ISLA DE MAS AFUERA: Chi1e overprints.

ISO: Swedish island in Baltic Sea, a bogus and speculative local.

ISTRIA: Jugoslavia.

IVIGUT: Bogus local post from Greenland.

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JAMES COOK LAND: Antarctic fantasy.

JANTAR: Donald Evans issue, Portuguese.

JASON ISLAND: Falkland Islands nature preserve.

JERKONIA: Canada fantasy issue.

JERMEND: Donald Evans issue.

JOGUE: India protective (to prevent employee theft) overprint produced in 1892.

JUDEA, STATE OF: Palestine proposed state by Rabbi Meir Kahane in the 1980's.

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KALIMANTAN, REPUBLIK: Bogus overprints for supposed independence movement in Indonesia.

KAMTSHATKA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

KANGAROO ISLAND: Australian locals.

KANTUNG: No Information Available.

KARJALA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

KARNTEN-CARINTHIA: Austrian plebiscite labels.

KATIBO: Donald Evans issue, Surinam.

KATIE: One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.

KATIN: One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.

KAWTHULAY: Burmese related fantasy.

KEMP LAND: Antarctic fantasy by Eric Gardo of Australia. web site

KERGUELEN LAND: Antarctic, also known as Desolation Island, 1892.

KHAFJI: Disputed neutral zone in Arabia between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

KHALISTAN: Punjab, India labels issued by Sikhs in exile in England.

KIBO: Secessionist province of Tanzania marketed as matchbox labels.

KOLGUEV ISLANDS: Bogus Russian local overprint.

KOMI: Bogus Russian local overprint.

KOMSOMOLSK: Bogus Russian local overprint.

KOREKIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

KORIAKIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.


KUNSTLAND, EAST & WEST: Donald Evans issue.

KURDISTAN: At least three different issues produced at varying times.

KURIL ISLANDS: Bogus Russian local overprint.

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LABRADOR: Newfoundland, bogus issue for Canadian Province.

LAJTABANSAG: Unissued Western Hungary labels.

LAMU: German East Africa fantasies.

LAPLAND: Punch magazine spoof issues for Finland.

LAURANIA: Fantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill's book, "Savrola."

LAURANSTEIN: Fantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill's book, "Savrola."

LEAGUE OF NATIONS: Labels printed by British Poster Stamp Association.

LEMNORY: No Information Available.

LES MINQUIERS: Uninhabited reef off Jersey in Channel Islands.

LES ECREHOUS: Uninhabited reef off Jersey in Channel Islands.

LICHAAM EN GEEST: (Body and Soul) Donald Evans issue, Northern Europe.

LITHOU: Great Britain channel island.

LINCOLN ISLES: Donald Evans issue, capital is Moorestown.

LINTZ, ISLE OF: No Information Available.

LITHOLAND: Spoof from American Philatelist.

LONG ISLAND: Banned Irish local post issue.

LUCENT, ROYAL KINGDOM OF: Prison artist stamp.

LUNDY: British local post off Devon Coast.

LYBBRIA: Fantasy issue created by Stamps Magazine.

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MACEDONIA: Jugoslavia.

MACTAN ISLAND: Bogus stamps and overprints for Philippine island south of Cebu.

MADMAN STATE: India, parody of Wadwan State.

MAESTRAL: Jugoslavia.

MAFIA ISLAND: German warship had to hide in Rufiji River and sailors stayed so long that local officials issued "stamps" for them as currency.

MAGDALENA: Colombian State bogus issue of 1878.

MALAKOTE: German East Africa unissued stamps.

MANGALIA: Romania revenue issue that has long been regarded as bogus.

MANGIARE, LO STATO DI:: Donald Evans issue, The State of Eating.

MANIZALES: Colombian city with labels printed during the 19th century as a private local post.

MANUMBALAND: Bogus stamps created for newspaper columnist.

MARI, MARI-EL: Bogus Russian local overprint.

McCOY: Fantasy issue for bogus island in Pacific.

McDONALD TERRITORY: County in Missouri that seceded from state.

MEKKA: Bogus issue for Mecca.

MENDOCINO, STATE OF: Proposed secessionist issue for Northern California.

MEVU: Antarctic fantasy.

MINAUE: Antarctic fantasy.

MlNERVA, REPUBLIC OF: Reefs near Tonga.

MINNESOTA REPUBLIC: No Information Available.

MONTE BELLO ISLAND: Australian island bogus issue.

MONTERREY: Mexican city with local stamps of the 1860's considered bogus.

MOON ISLAND: Norway local post.

MORDAVIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

MORELIA: Mexican city with local stamps of the l9th century considered bogus.

MORESNET: Neutral territory between Germany and Belgium issued by Moens in 1867, local issue made in 1886.

MOROKULIEN: Territory in Norway bordering Sweden. Moro means joy in Swedish and Kulien means joy in Norwegian. Children's issue. Now a campground and customs station.

MOUNT ATHOS: Turkish stamps overprinted for use as local stamps.

MUK, ISLAND OF: Bogus Scotland island stamp.

MY BONNIE: Donald Evans issue, New York.

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NACHICEVAN: Part of Azerbaijan, political statement by president Alier Chaw.

NADORP: Donald Evans issue, Holland.

NAGALAND: Indian Republic which issued "stamps" for political purposes only.

NATION OF CELESTIAL SPACE (CELESTIA): Outer space fantasy from Illinois.

NEUE REPUBLIK IN SUDAFRIKA: South African fantasy.

NEW LAND: Antarctic fantasy.

NEW NAUSEA: Country created by an Oregon stamp club.

NEW VHILMSHIRE: No Information Available.

NGA-HUWABON PAHATANAN: Philippine islands bogus issue.

NOBODY'S LAND: North Pole Post issue.

NOELANDIA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

NORBAIR: No Information Available.

NORTH ANOC: Part of Cooland and West Refaim.

NORTH POLE: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

NOUVELLE WAZOO: Artistamp "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers."

NOVA LAURANIA: Fantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill's book, Savrola.

NOVA POTUCA: Supposedly new African republic in 1893.

NYANZA: African stamp issue used for Hart to Hart TV program.

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OCCUSSI-AMBENO: Bogus stamps for part of the island of Portuguese Timor.

OCEAN POSTAGE: Great Britain Penny Postage cutouts from envelopes during the 1850's.

OENEO ISLAND, DEPENDENCY OF: Bogus overprint of Pitcairn Island.

OH-MY-HAR: Fantasy by American Journal of Philately.

OLIVOYLA: Island Queendom of Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oyl.

OLUJA: Croatia Overprint.

OMAN, STATE OF: Bogus stamps for Arabian sultanate. Not to be confused with genuine Sultanate of Oman.

OPERATION PAPUA MERDEKA: Papua Freedom Movement.

OSSETIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

OUDEYPOOR PALUMPOOR: Indian State produced as German fantasy issue in 1889.

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PABAY, ISLE OF: Scottish local post.

PADANIA: Labels issued on September 15, 1996 from "LEGA NORD" political party in Italy favoring a Federal State. Info

PAPUA MERDEKA: Organization for Free Papua Movement.

PASTA: Donald Evans issue, Italy.

PATZCUARO: Mexican issued considered bogus by Scott.

PCCR: Pacific Confederation of City Republics.

PCFT: Pacific Confederation of Federal Territories.

PEARY LAND: North Pole Post issue.

PEPYS' ISLAND: Figment of imagination to honor author.

PETERSPORT: Antarctic fantasy issue.


POMMARE: South Pacific Kingdom issued in 1800's. Stamps usually classified as Haiti because inscription reads Haitji.

POPALANIA: Country created for Popeye in the comic strips.

PORT MARIA: Antarctic fantasy.

PORT MAUD: Antarctic fantasy.

POSTES ATSOC: Artistamp, Costa reversed. See Republique du Semaj, by James Costa.

PRIMORJE: Jugoslavia.

PRINCIPATO DI SEBORGA: Declared independence from Italy, near San Remo.

PRINCIPATO DI SAN RIGOLO: Parody of Swiss origin.

PULAU BIDONG: Malaysia-Selangor stamps overprinted.

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QUEEN MAUD LAND: Antarctic fantasy.

QUEPOL: One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.

QUETTAN REPUBLIC: Bogus African nation.

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RAINBOW CREEK, INDEPENDENT STATE OF: Located in Victoria's Gippsland. Printed its own stamps in 1979.

RAPA-NUI: Chile overprints for Easter Island.

RATTLESNAKE ISLAND: Island in Lake Erie issued local stamps to carry mail on aircraft to the mainland.


RED SEA ISLANDS FEDERATION: Red Sea island fantasy.

REPUBLIC OF MOROC-SONGHRATIMEADS: Later reincarnation of Kingdom of Humanity.

REPUBLICA DE PALOMBIA: Stamps produced by Belgian magazine.

REPUBLIK MALUKU SELATAN: Indonesian island group that printed propaganda issues.

REPUBLIQUE DU SEMAJ: Artistamp, James reversed. See Poste Atsoc, by James Costa.

RICHLAND: Stamps produced from cigarette wrappers.


ROYAUME DES CIEUX: Belgian fantasy.

RUBEZAHLS REICH: German equivalent of Rip Van Winkle's Kingdom.

RUPS: Donald Evans issue, America

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SABMI: Lapland.

SABOT: Donald Evans issue, Dutch.

SAHA, SAHA-YAKUTIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

SAHARA, EMPIRE OF: West Coast of Africa strip of land between Cape Bojador and Cape Juby in 1907.

SAMOS: Greek island, various emissions.

SANDA ISLAND: Island off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name.

SANDZAK: Jugoslavia.

SANS DINERO: Bogus country in South America.

SANTA LANDIA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

SANTAVAKIA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

SANTI QUARANTA: Epirus port bogus overprint on stamps of Italy in 1914.

SARAFOU, PRINCIPALITY OF: Three islands issued labels, 175 leagues from the Phoenix Islands.

SARDIN' ISLAND: Swiss origin fantasy.

SAVAGE REPUBLIC: Rock band labels.

SAVENTHEM: Belgian church fair label.

SEALAND: Abandoned WVV II concrete platform made into kingdom.

SEBORGA: "Independent" principality in Liguria, Italy.

SEDANG: Annam Kingdom - issued in 1889 by Marie David de Mayrena. Classic bogus issue.

SHETLAND ISLANDS: Scotland issued labels in 1993-94, purporting to be official.

SICMON ISLANDS: Group of six islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.

SIKKIM: Overprints on India for state of same name.

SKULL ISLAND, KINGDOM OF: Advertising fantasy created for movie King Kong.

SLOBOVIA: Donald Evans issue.

SNARK ISLAND: Fantasy for island near Borneo.

SNOW YORK: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

SNOWFLAKIA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

SNOWGINIA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

SNOWKLAHOMA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

SNOWLAND: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

SOAY: Island off the island of Skye with labels bearing its name and declared bogus.

SOCOTRA (Sokotra): Cyprus stamps overprinted for Indian Ocean Island in 1892.

SONNE: No Information Available.

SONORA: Fantasy for State in Mexico.

SOUTH CHINA SEA ISLANDS FEDERATION: Islands in South China Sea that claimed independence.

SPECULISLAND: Swiss origin.

SPITZBERGEN: Norwegian island, various issues, may be local post.

ST. MARRON: Swiss origin.

ST. KILDA: Island 100 miles off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name.

STAFFA: Island issued hundreds of labels since 1969, Scotland local issue.

STATE OF RAINBOW CREEK: Australian secessionist state.

STEEP HOLM: Island off Somerset with labels bearing its name.

STEIN: Donald Evans issue, Holland.

STROMA, ISLE OF: British Local Post.

SULTANATE OF KHAYAM: Omar Kho~am, the tentmaker, George Fabian fantasy.

SUMMER ISLES (TANERA MORE): Island off the coast of Scotland with carriage post labels bearing its name.

SUNG-TING: Donald Evans issue, Chinese ceramics.

SURF ISLAND: Unknown, perhaps located in or near Indonesia.

SWAN ISLAND: Many incarnations usually parodying Western Australia stamps also for radio station off coast of Honduras.

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TAKAVA'U: South Pacific fantasy, by same creator of Mevu.

TALCHER: India state supposed official stamps produced in 1878.

TAPIN: One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock his book, Griffin & Sabine.

TARTARI: Bogus Russian local overprint.

TATARSTAN: Bogus Russian local overprint.


TERRITORIE LIBRE DU MALI FAUD: Personal labels of Mssr. Mali Faud.

THANET, ISLE OF: Bogus local post.

THILDONCK: Belgian church fair label.

THOMOND, PRINCIPALITY OF: Dalcassian claim to Irish territory that is part of Shannon Airport.

TIBET GOVERNMENT IN EXILE: Tibetian freedom movement-1950's.

TIBET, FREE: Tibetian freedom movement -1950's.

TIBET: Tibetian freedom movement-1950's.

TIENTSIN: Chinese city, bogus sets of stamps for treaty port local post set.

TIERRA DEL FUEGO: Island off the tip of South America. One stamp was issued in January 1891 for a mine owner to establish his authority over the inhabitants.

TILLORY, STATE OF: No Information Available.

TIMARU: New Zealand local post.

TIMBUCTOO (TIMBUCTOOLA): Stamps Magazine fantasy.

TODDY, ISLE OF: Bogus Scotland island stamp.

TONGAH ISLANDS: Area between Singapore and Australia issued in 1879.

TOYLAND: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.

TRANSNIESTRA: Russian side of Moldava.

TREASURE ISLAND: George Fabian fantasy of Robert Louis Stevenson's island.

TRINIDAD, PRINCIPALITY OF: Island about 700 miles ENE of Rio de Janeiro. Claimed by England and Brazil. Bogus issue in 1895 by James Harden-Hickey.

TROPIDES ISLANDS: A Donald Evans country, Caribbean Islands.

TUAREG STATE: Burmese bogus fantasy.

TURCODOCUS: Swiss origin.

TWA, TOWE: Mongolia, stopped issuing its own stamps in 1933.

TYP: One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.

TYR: No Information Available.

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UDMURTIA: Bogus Russian local overprint.

UKRAINIEN FORCES IN BOSNIEN: Overprint on Russian stamps.

UKRAINIEN/MILITARY/CONTINGENT/IN STRUCTURE: Overprint on pairs of Ukraine stamps.

UKRBAT ON UN BOSNIA: Overprint on Ukraine stamps.

UMBUGGIANISTAN: Hand drawn fantasy for bogus nation.

UNION: French produced bogus issue for Philippine islands.

UNITA-ANGOLA: Stamps supposedly issued by rebel movement in Angola but produced by a stamp dealer.

UNITED HORIAN STATES:: Part of Cooland and West Refaim.

UNITED IRELAND: Fantasy from American Journal of Philately.

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ZARSKA BULGARIA POSTA: Bogus Bulgarian stamps printed in Madrid, 1963-4.


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