International Council of Independent States (I.C.I.S.)

(alt.): Aldabra (cite), Antarctic Confederation (cite?), Aramoana, Bokhara (cite?), Cryonica, Karenni, Kemp Land, Lare, Liegerland, Muggy, Nova Arcadia, Occussi Ambeno, Port Maria, Raoul, Sedang, Stavanger (same as 'alt.'), Terra Candella, Tui Tui (cite?), Upper Yafa, Vinland, Whangamomona, 


other suspects:
  • Amazonia
  • AML Post (Greg Byrd; [email protected] - Arky of Toast)
    noted in: MailMania 4
  • Atlantis
  • Catland (Canada)
  • Doc's Local Post (Dunde, OR, USA)
  • Doglamp Post (Piddle Creek, NJ, USA)
  • Dougerthy and Hesperies islands
  • Fabian's Phantom Post (re: Sherlock Holmes)
  • Gilbert & Sullivan Islands
  • Girl Pat (??); via Guyana
  • Guam's Guard Mail (aparrently real)
  • Hawaiian Post (aparrently real)
  • Hawaii (Pineapple post) (aparrently real)
  • Labrador Local Post (Canada) (humours if nothing else)
  • Niniltna - Chicken courier
  • Niniltna, Alaska
    ('Modern Local Post - Precancel')
  • Northwest Local Post (Canada) (humours if nothing else)
  • Nova Scotia Local Post (Canada) (humours if nothing else)
  • Nobody's Land
  • Outer - Baldonie (R.M.Arundel) (Canada)
  • Quebec Local Post (Canada) (humours if nothing else)
  • Santa Claus Post (aparrently real)
  • St. Nicholas Post (aparrently real)
  • Sherlock Holmes Local Post
  • Whopanion Post (Dr. Who)
    Note: I.C.I.S. (via Occussi-Ambeno?) also issued on Dr. Who (and claimed to find a lost adventure!)
    Non-governmental to semi-official (Aviation)
  • Argentina
  • Canadian Aviation issues
  • USA Aviation issues
  • SCADTA (South America)
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