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  1. Qatar Philatelic Club, Qatar
    Vice-President Hussain Rajab Al-Ismail (c.2005)
    P. O. Box 10933, Doha, Qatar
    xRef : Directory : UAE : See Also
  2. QPC Bayside Afternoon Stamp Club, QLD, Australia
  3. Quad City Stamp Club, IL 61266, USA
  4. Quebec Philatelic Society, Canada
    aka: Le Societe Philatelique de Quebec (SPQ)
  5. Queen City-Warren Stamp & Coin Club, NJ 07059, USA
  6. Queen's University Archives, ON, Canada
  7. Queensland Card Collectors Society Inc. (QCCSI), QLD, Australia
  8. Queensland FRAMA Study Group, QLD, Australia
    Cite : Clubs : Australia : QLD : In The Past? '404' c.2008 ??
  9. Queensland Philatelic Council Inc. (QPC), QLD, Australia
    & The QPC (Queensland Philatelic Council) Philatelic Library, QLD, Australia
    Ref.: Dealers : Australia : QLD
  10. Queensland General Post Office Museum, QLD, Australia
    Cite : Dealers : Australia : Qld.
  11. Queensland Study Group, QLD, Australia
  12. Quezon City Philatelic Society (QCPS), Philippines
  13. Quezon Philatelic Club (QPC) Philippines

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