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  1. Næstved Frimærkeklub, 4700 Næstved, Denmark
  2. Naga Philatelic Society (NPS), Philippines
  3. Nakskov og Omegns Frimærkeklub, 4900 Nakskov, Denmark
  4. Nambour & District Stamp Club, QLD, Australia
    (now: Sunshine Coast Stamp Club)
  5. Nambucca Valley Stamp & Coin Club (& Fair), NSW, Australia
    aka: Nambucca River Philatelic Society (?)
  6. Namibia Scientific Society Library, Namibia
  7. Namsos Frimerkeklubb, 7801 Namsos, Norway (U)
  8. Nanango Stamp Club Inc., QLD, Australia
  9. Nannestad Frimerkeklubb, 2030 Nannestad, Norway
  10. Naperville Area Stamp Club, IL 60532, USA
  11. NAPEX (Stamp Show; 1st w/e in June), VA 22102, USA
  12. Narvik Filatelistklubb, 8514 Narvik, Norway
  13. Nashua Philatelic Society, NH 03061, USA
  14. Nashville Philatelic Society, TN 37115, USA
    Cite: Dealers Directory : .us-TN
    old: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/nashvillephilatelic/ (forwards c.201101)
  15. Natal & Zululand Study Circle,
    Now called/q.v.: Cape and Natal Study Circle
  16. National Archives, The (Museum), Zimbabwe
  17. National Archives of Namibia
  18. National Association of Collectors, MD 20879, USA
    http://antiqueandcollectible.com/nac '404' c.2002
  19. National Association of Italian Postmark Collectors
    aka/see: Associazione Nazionale Collezionisti Annullamenti Italiani
    @, via Petrarca 12, I-10126 Turin, Italy
    (Piedmont Region)
  20. National Association of Journalists and Philatelic Writers, Portugal
    (aka: Associação Nacional de Jornalistas e Escritores Filatélicos)
  21. National Cultural History Museum (Pretoria), South Africa
  22. National Duck Stamp Collectors Society (NDSCS), PA 19438, USA
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions
    NDSCS Dealer Members c.20150228:
    Bob Cornett / Duck Stamps & Prints
    Dolls & Ducks
    "Dr. Duck" Stamps
    Golden Valley Stamps
    Howard Richoux
    Island Stamp and Coin
    Michael Jaffe Stamps, Inc.
    National Wildlife Galleries
    Ox-Bou Auctions and Stamps
    Palo Albums, Inc.
    Paslay Classic Cachets
    Phine Philately
    Phoenix Stamp Company
    RD Miner Philatelics
    Sam Houston Duck Company
    Stamps, Etc.
    T.H. Richardson, Duck Stamps Etc.
    Trenton Stamp and Coin
    Watson’s Wildlife Art Gallery
  23. National Federation of Hungarian Philatelists
    AKA/q.v.: Magyar Bélyeggyjtk Országos Szövetsége (MABEOSZ)
  24. National Museum of American Art, USA
    Now / q.v.: Smithsonian American Art Museum
  25. National Museum of American History, USA
  26. National Museum of American History Library, USA
  27. National Philatelic Society (NPS), London , England
    Cite: Dealers : .uk-LO
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Postal History
    xRef: Topicals : American Indian Philatelic Society : Note:
    old: 107 Charterhouse St., London EC1M6PT, England
  28. National Philately Promotion Council, Nigeria
    Cite: Dealers : .ng
  29. National Portrait Gallery (& Library), USA
    & (q.v.) The Smithsonian American Art Museum
    (Formerly aka: 'National Museum of American Art')
  30. National Postal Museum, USA
  31. National Postal Museum Library, USA
    One of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  32. National Society of Russian Philately
    Ronnholmsgrand 37, S-127 42 Skarholmen, Sweden
  33. National Youth Stamp Committee (UK Youth), UK
    Now: The Stamp Active Network (& its "Stamp Planet") c.2008
  34. Nationwide Stamp Club, OH 43082, USA
  35. Nautica Navyclub, Brugge, Belgium
    Cite: General Topical Index : Ships
    Cite: Clubs : Belgium ; refine #
  36. Navicula, .de
    Cite: Topical: Transportation: by Sea
  37. Neder-Over-Heembeek Fila, Bruxelles, Belgium
  38. Nederlandsche Vereeniging Van Postzegelhandelaren {NVPH} (dealer assoc.), .nl
  39. Nederlandse Bond van Filatelisten Verenigingen (NBFV)
    (Dutch association of Philatelic Societies & Library)
    aka/qv : Koninklijke Nederlandse Bond van Filatelisten-Verenigingen (KNBF)
    Cite : Dealers : .nl
  40. Nederlandse Filatelisten Vereniging Skandinavië (NFVS)
    (Dutch Stamp Collectors Association Scandinavia)
    (Dutch Philatelic Association Scandinavia)
    old: F.C.J.K. Hentel, Urkwal 74, 1324 HR Almere-stad, The Netherlands
    & via: Rob & Titia Vlaardingebroek, .nl :
    old: NFVS E-mail: [email protected]
    old: members.tripodnet.nl/NFVSkandinavie#apwp-members-old.mdb# - '404' c.2008 ?
    older site hosted by Filasoft:
    nfvs.filasoft.nl/nfvs/en_index.html '404' c.2008
    nfvs.filasoft.nl/nfvs/ '404' c.2008
  41. Nederlandse Vereniging van Aero-Philat. De Vliegende Hollander
  42. Nederlandse Vereniging van Poststukken en Poststempelversamelaars (Po en Po)
    aka: Netherlands Society of Postal History
    and Postal Cancellations (Po & Po)
    www.faba.demon.nl/ ; 'No DNS' 8/2002
    www.po-en-po.com/ ; forwards c.2008
  43. Nederlandse Vereniging van Verzamelaars Scouting Objecten (NVVSO)
  44. Needham Stamp Club, MA 02492, USA
    aka c.2011: Newton-Needham Stamp Club
    aka c.2005: Needham-Newton Stamp Club
  45. Nelson Philatelic Society, New Zealand
  46. Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle
    Sec.: Mr. Colin T. Hepper, @ (c.2008)
    Editor: Mr. Richard M. Hanchett, ed@
    6 Rainbow Court, Warwick, RI 02889-1118, USA (c.2008)
    Rep.: Mr. Roger Skinner,
    1020 Covington Road, Los Altos, CA 94024, USA (c.2008)
    Rep.: Mr. Surendra Lal Shresta,
    G.P.O.Box 72, Katmandu, Nepal (c.2008)
    Rep.: Sohan Lal Dhawan & Sons,
    P.O.Box 95, Patiala-147001, India (c.2008)
    old: C-72 Miguel Angel, A1 Chapparral, ES-03180, Torreviega,
    (Alicante Province), Spain (c.2001)
  47. Nesodden Frimerkeklubb, 1451 Nesoddtangen, Norway
  48. Néstor J Lopez Biblioteca of FAEF, Argentina
  49. Netanya Philatelic Society, Israel
  50. Netherlands Antilles' Postal Museum, Netherlands (U)
    Cite: Dealers : .nl
  51. Netherlands Philatelic Circle, UK
    xRef. : Clubs : Postal History : Netherlands
    Old: www.stampdomain.com/netherlands/
  52. Netherlands Philatelists of California, The - USA
  53. Netherlands Society for Czechoslovak Philately, The Netherlands
    aka: 'Vereniging voor Tsjechoslowakije-Filatelie'
  54. Nevada Postal History Study Group, NV 89112, USA
  55. Nevada Stamp Study Society, NV 89432, USA
  56. New England Air Museum Chapter - AAMS, CT 06416, USA
  57. New England Precancel Club, NH 03444, USA
  58. New Forest Stamp & Postcard Club, UK
    aka: New Forest Philatelic Society
    http://www.hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch03498.html '404' c.2008
  59. New Hampshire Postal History Society, NH 03051, USA
  60. New Haven Philatelic Society (Show: 4th Sunday/SONEX), CT 06510, USA
  61. New Jersey Postal History Society, NJ 07830, USA (U, E)
    old: 144 Hamilton Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011
  62. New Port Richey Area Stamp Club (Show: West Pasco Stamp Roundup), FL, USA
  63. New South Wales Postcard Collectors Society Inc., NSW, Australia  
  64. New York Chapter (of the ATA), NY 18016, USA (U, E)
    xRef: Clubs : USA : ATA: National Level
    old contact: 14 Dawn Dr., Smithtown, NY 11787
    old: www0.delphi.com/stamps/apsata.html ; '404' 6/2002
    older?: Harlan Hamilton,
    170 E 83rd St # 3L, New York, NY 10028-1923
  65. New Zealand Scout and Guide Philatelic Club  
  66. New Zealand Philatelic Federation, New Zealand
    Cite: Dealers : .nz
    (c.2005 AskPhil): Sec., PO Box 786, Palmerton North, NZ
    (c.2000 FIAP): P. O. Box 1547, Invercargill, New Zealand
    old: www.efn.org/~cne/page3.html (c.1999)
  67. New Zealand Postcard Society, NZ
  68. New Zealand Society of Great Britain, UK
  69. New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club, .nz
  70. New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Philatelic Trust, Auckland,
    AKA: NZ Philatelic Trust (?)
    Provides 'Financial Assistance to Philately' (in .nz)
  71. Newark Senior Center Stamp Group, DE 19713, USA
  72. Newburgh Stamp Club, NY 12550, USA
  73. Newburyport Stamp Club, MA 01950, USA
  74. Newcastle Upon Tyne Philatelic Society, UK
  75. Newcastle Philatelic Society Inc., NSW, Australia
  76. Newcastle Youth Stamp Club (& monthly fair), NSW, Australia
    xRef: Dealers : Fairs : Monthly
    xRef: Dealers : Index : Newcastle Stamp & Coin Fair
  77. Newmarket & District Stamp Club, UK
  78. Newport and Gwent Philatelic Society, Wales, UK
    Ref.: Dealers : UK : Wales
    xRef.: Clubs : Specialized : Postal History : Wales
    old: uk.geocities.com/[email protected]/
    older: http://www.perry60.freeserve.co.uk/
    oldest: http://members.aol.com/jperry7211/newport.htm '404'
  79. Newport Philatelic Society, RI 02842, USA
  80. Newport Postcard Museum - Federico Santi, .US (need addr)
  81. Niagara Philatelic Society, ON, Canada
  82. Nicaragua Study Group (YaHOo group)
    xRef.: Research : See Also: Clubs: Nicaragua
  83. Nigel Stamp Club, South Africa
  84. Nigerian Philatelic Club, Nigeria
  85. Nippon Scouts on Stamps Society, Japan
  86. Nittedal-Hakadal Frimerkeklubb, 1482 Nittedal, Norway
  87. No Value Indicator Club
    aka/q.v.: NVI Club
  88. Noble Park Stamp Club Inc., VIC, Australia
  89. Nordfalsters Frimærkeklub
    Bannerupvej 12, 4863 Eskilstrup, (.dk ?)
    ('Eskilstrup' not found in atlas;
    There is a Eskilstuna is found in .se & Falster Isl in .dk)
  90. Nordenfjeldske Filatelistforening, 7407 Trondheim, Norway
    (Nordenfjeldske Philatelic Society)
  91. Nordisk Luftpostsamler Foreining, Norway
  92. Nordre Vestfold Filatelistklubb, 3081 Holmestrand, Norway
  93. Nordwestdeutscher Philatelistenverband Elbe-Weser-Ems eV, Germany
  94. Norfolk Philatelic Society, VA 23501, USA
  95. Norges Frimerkungdom (Philatelic Youth of Norway), 0104 Oslo, Norway [U]
    Note: 7/2001 web site came up 'Forbidden' ; recheck
  96. Norman Stamp Club, OK 73069, USA  
  97. Norsk Filatelistforbund (NFF), Norway
    (aka: 'Federation of Norwegian Philatelists')
    Cite: Clubs : Norway
    Cite: Dealers : .no
    home.sol.no/hallvard/nf/ '404' c.2005
    nf-eng.htm '404' c.2008
  98. Norsk Posthistorisk Selskap (NPS), 0402 Oslo, Norway
    (cf: Norwegian Postal History Society)
    Old contact: Oddbjorn Solli
    Seljevegen 23, N-1481 Hagan, Norway (c.2002)
    old: home.sol.no/~hallvard/nf/nps.htm '404'
  99. Norsk Telemuseum, Norway
  100. North Bay & District Stamp Club, Ontario, Canada
  101. North Berks Philatelic Society, UK
    old: http://www.stampdomain.com/northberks/ '404' c.2008
  102. North Carolina Postal History Society, NC 28126, USA
  103. North Coast Coin & Stamp Club, BC, Canada
  104. North-East of England Philatelic Association, UK
    aka: North East of England...
    aka/now: North of England Philatelic Association
  105. North East Thematic Society, UK
    old: 46 Briardene Crescent, Kenton Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 4RY, UK
    (Tyne and Ware Co.)
  106. North Herts Stamp Club, UK
    aka: North Herts Philatelic Society
  107. North Herts Stamp Club - Baldock Section, UK
  108. North Herts Stamp Club - Hitchin Section, UK
  109. North Herts Stamp Club - Letchworth Section, UK
  110. North Herts Stamp Club - Royston Section, UK
  111. North Herts Stamp Club - Stevenage Section, UK
  112. North Jersey Federated Stamp Clubs (Show NOJEX {end of May}), NJ 08902, USA
    Cite/xRef.: Dealers : USA : NJ
  113. North Jersey Stamp Club, NJ 07446, USA
  114. North Kingstown Senior Stamp Club, RI 02852, USA
  115. North of Ireland Philatelic Society, Northern Ireland
    Cite: Dealers : UK : Northern Ireland
    Ref.: Dealers : Ireland - see also
    old: www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Corridor/1290/noirps.html '404' c.2009
    Older: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/aranman/noirps.htm '404'
  116. North Penn Stamp Club, PA 18951, USA
  117. North Shore Philatelic Society, New Zealand
  118. North Shore Philatelic Society, IL 60660, USA
  119. North Shore Philatelic Society, NY 11542, USA
  120. North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee (Shows: TRIPEX), WI 53217, USA
  121. North Suburban Stamp Club, CO 80020, USA
  122. North Toronto Stamp Club, Canada  
  123. North West Federation of Philatelists, UK
    aka?: North West Philatelic Federation
    Or/q.v.: North Western Philatelic Federation, UK
    Or/q.v.: Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs , USA
  124. North Western Philatelic Federation, UK
    AKA?: North West Federation of Philatelists (same org??)

    "North West" - See Also: "Northwest"
  125. North York Philatelic Society, Canada
  126. Northampton Philatelic Society, UK
  127. Northamptonshire Philatelic Society, UK
  128. Northamptonshire Philatelic Society - Brackley Branch, UK
  129. Northamptonshire Postcard Club, UK
  130. Northeast Nebraska Phil. Society, NE 68701, USA
  131. Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs (Show: Philatelic Show; Apr/May), MA 02193, USA
    Last club survey: 201205 (for 2011; I hope)
    (several refs in US Dealers Dir.; state by state):
    Refs.: US Dealers : CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, RI, VT
  132. Northeastern Penn. Philatelic Society, PA 18744, USA
    old: 124 E. Center St., Shavertown, PA 18708-1511
  133. Northern Canada Study Group (of PHSC), Canada
  134. Northern Colorado Philatelic Society, CO 80522, USA
  135. Northern Districts Stamp Club, WA 6061, Australia
  136. Northern India Philatelist Association
  137. Northern Indiana Philatelic Society, IN 46546, USA
  138. Northern Lights Stamp Club, AK 99707, USA
  139. Northern Natal Philatelic Society, South Africa (data needed)
  140. Northern Philatelic Society, Inc. (& Library), MN 55106, USA
    Called: Northern Philatelic Library
  141. Northern Suburbs Philatelic Society NSW, Australia
  142. Northside Stamp Club, AZ, USA  
  143. Northwest Chapter - AAMS, OR 97501, USA
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Air Mail
    Donald C. Cramer, 717 Broad St., Medford, OR 97501 (c.2001-2005)
  144. Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs (NWFSC), WA 98052, USA
    Last Survey c.2008, selective c.2011
    Cite: Dealers : .us-WA
    xRef.: Clubs : USA : WA, OR, AK
    Cite: Clubs : USA : Regional Shows : PIPEX
    Or?/aka?: North West Philatelic Federation
    Neil Power eUSC, APS, @
    "local representative" - Neil is APS member No. 169083
    & member eBay Users Stamp Club (eUSC) :
    eBay ID: moonchesterblue c.2007 (originally had him posted in the UK but this seems to make no sense- aj)
  145. Northwest Philatelic Library, Inc. - OR, USA
    orig ref link: www.bw-intermedia.com/npl/index.html '404' but root leads you c.2008
  146. Northwest Precancel Club, OR 97035, USA
  147. Northwest Stamp Club, IL 60089, USA
  148. Northwestern Michigan Coin & Stamp Club (Annual {Aug.} Coin & Stamp Show), MI 49770, USA
  149. Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club, WI 53202, USA
    "Northwest" - See Also: "North West"
  150. Northwoods Philatelic Society, MI 49801, USA
  151. Northwoods Stamp & Coin Club, WI 54501, USA
  152. Norvegiana Brevklubb, 2312 Ottestad, Norway (Philatelic correspondence club),
    or (Collectors on the theme 'Norway')
  153. Norwalk Stamp Club, CT 06856, USA
    old contact: 31 Weatherbell Dr, Norwalk, CT 06851
  154. Norwegian Postal History Society, 1481 Hagan, Norway
    cf: Norsk Posthistorisk Selskap (NPS)
    &: Norwegian Postal History Society, Norway (same?)
  155. Notodden Filatelistklubb, 3671 Notodden, Norway
  156. Nottinghamshire Philatelic Society, UK
  157. Nova Scotia Stamp Club, NS, Canada
    old: C. W. Turner, 46 Farquharson St., Dartmouth , NS B2W 4A8 Canada
    older: 59 Kearney Lake Road, Halifax, NS B3M 2S9 Canada
  158. Novice Collectors and Juniors, SA 5001, Australia
  159. Núcleo de Filatelia do Clube Petrogal, Portugal
  160. Núcleo Figueirense de Coleccionadores, Portugal
  161. Nutmeg Stamp Club, CT 06468, USA
  162. Nuts Phila Club, Bastogne, Belgium  
  163. NVI Club, France
    aka: No Value Indicator Club
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Non-Denominated
    xRef.: Clubs : National : France : Specialized
    Cite: Specialized Collecting : Postal History
  164. Nyborg Filatelistklub, 5800 Nyborg, Denmark
  165. Nykobing F. Frimærkeklub, 4800 Nykobing F., Denmark

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