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  1. Mablethorpe & Sutton Philatelic Society, UK
    Noted specialty for the Postal History of Lincolnshire
  2. Machin Collectors Club, UK
    & Owns(ed) the Stampmart.org.uk online auction site. ('404' c.2011?)
    old: www.machins.mcmail.com/ '404' c.2008
    xRef : Topical Clubs Index : Machins
  3. Machin Interest Group of the Phil. Soc. of Canberra, Australia
  4. Machine Cancel Society, OH 43017 USA
    aka/qv.: International Machine Cancel Society
  5. Machine Tools Philatelics, India
  6. Mackay & District Philatelic Society, QLD, Australia
  7. Macquarie Valley Philatelic Society, NSW, Australia
  8. Madison County Bicentennial Stamp Club, IN 46013, USA
  9. Magic Valley Stamp Club, TX 78550, USA
  10. Magyar Bélyeggyjtk Országos Szövetsége (MABEOSZ), Hungary
    (Hungarian Philatelist's Association)
    (National Federation of Hungarian Philatelists)
    xRef. : Clubs : Topical : Aerophilately
    Cite: Dealers : .hu
    Old: mabeosz.mavinformatika.hu (forwards c.200908)
  11. Mahoning Valley Stamp Club, OH 44511, USA
  12. Maidenhead & District Philatelic Society, UK
    aka: Maidenhead Philatelic Society
    Old url: http://www.maidenheadps.org.uk/ (forwards c.201005)
  13. Maidstone & Mid-Kent Philatelic Society, UK
  14. Maidstone Postcard Club, UK
  15. Mail to the Stars Collectors Society (Movie Star Mail), OH 43209, USA
    Cite: Gen. Topical Dir. : Censored Mail
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Peoples
  16. Mailer's Postmark Permit Club (MPPC), OH 44473, USA
    cf: (old?) TN 37148, USA
    Cite: Topicals : ePostage
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions
    Cite: Glossary : Mailer's Permit
    old: http://www.dragonflydream.com/MPP.html (still there c.2009)
    older: http://www.philatelic.com/mppc/index.htm (still there c.2009)
  17. Maine Philatelic Society, ME, USA
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Postal History
    old: Dr Everett L Parker,
    HC76, Box 32, Greenville, ME 04441-9727 (c.2001)
  18. Maitland Stamp Club, NSW, Australia
  19. Major Ted's Stamp Talk! (Internet Radio Stamp Show)
    Cite : Homepage
    Ref.: USA : IL : Cwiakala's (source)
  20. Maksimifilatelistit
    (The Finnish Society for Maximum Philately)
    Porthaninkatu 4 C 56, 00530 Helsinki, Finland
    (Uusimaa Province)
  21. Malabar Philatelic Club, The - India
  22. Malaya Study Group, UK
  23. Malden Stamp Club, MA 01906, USA
  24. Malling Stamp Club, UK
  25. Malpos Jeugd, Maaseik, Belgium
  26. "Malpos, De", Maaseik, Belgium
  27. Malta Philatelic Society - Walter Rizzo, Malta
  28. Malta Study Circle
    9 Temple Fortune Hill, Golders Green, London NW11 7XL, UK
  29. Manaia Philatelic Society, New Zealand
  30. Manawatu Philatelic Society, New Zealand
  31. Manchester Philatelic Society (Show: MANPEX: Spring, Fall), CT 06040, USA
  32. Manchester Stamp Club, NH 03073, USA
  33. Mandal Filatelistklubb, 4503 Mandal, Norway (U)
  34. Mandurah Philatelic Soc., WA 6210, Australia
  35. Mangalore Philatelic Club, India
    now: Dakshina Kannada Philatelic Association {q.v.}
  36. Manila Stamp Collectors Club, Philippines
    www.skyinet.net/users/mscc/ '404' c.200909
  37. Manitowoc Philatelic Society, WI 54221, USA
  38. Manly - Warringah Philatelic Society, NSW, Australia
  39. Manly - Warringah Rugby League Club Stamp Club, NSW, Australia
  40. Maplewood Stamp Club, MN 55110, USA
  41. Maple Leaf Chapter of SOSSI, ON, Canada
  42. Margie Pfund Memorial Post Mark Museum and Research Library, USA
    Cite: Country Research : Worldwide
  43. Maritime Frimærkeklub, Den
    Habets Alle 24A. Baghuset 1. sal, 2700 Bronshoj
    (Neither 'Baghuset' or 'Bronshoj' found in atlas)
  44. Maritime Postmark Society, OH 44282, USA
  45. Maritzburg Junior Stamp Club, South Africa (data needed)
  46. Maritzburg Philatelic Society, South Africa
  47. Market Rasen Philatelic Society, UK
  48. Marlborough Stamp Collectors Club, New Zealand
  49. Mauritius Postal Musuem
    Cite: Postal Authorities: Mauritius
  50. Maryborough & Wide Bay Philatelic Society, QLD, Australia
  51. Maryborough Stamp Club, VIC, Australia
  52. Maryland Postal History Society, MD, USA
    old: 2117 Oak Lodge Road, Baltimore, MD 21228 (c.2001)
  53. Mask Study Unit, CA 93003, USA
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : The Arts
  54. Masonic Philatelic Club
    216 West Dyke Road, Cleveland TS10 4JS, England
  55. Masonic Stamp Club of New York, NY 10016, USA
  56. Massachusetts Postal Research Society, MA 02642, USA
  57. Mataura Stamp Club Juniors, New Zealand
  58. Mateh Asher Philatelic Society, Israel
  59. Mathematical Study Unit, MD 20817, USA
  60. Matlock Philatelic Society, UK
  61. Maximaphiles Belges, Les
    aka: Belgische Verenging der Maximafielen asbl-vzw, Belgium
  62. Maximaphily Commission, FIP
    aka: Commission for Maximaphily, FIP
  63. Maximaphily Group of Israel - Itzhak Shdemati, Israel
    members.iol.co.il/taldavid/ '404' c.2008 (root no response)
    Cite: Clubs : Topical : Maxim Philately
  64. Maximaphilatelic Club, The (same?)
    PO Box 183, Netanya 42101, Israel
    Cite: Clubs : Topical : Maxim Philately
  65. Maximaphiles Français, Les - France
    Cite : Clubs : Topical : Maxim Philately
  66. May & Baker Club - Philatelic Section UK
  67. McAllen Stamp Club, TX 78501, USA
  68. McDonnell Douglas Philatelic Club, CA 92663, USA
  69. McKinley Stamp Club, OH 44646, USA
  70. Medical Philately Study Group - Dr. Stuart Menzies, CA 93301, USA
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : Medicine
    old: www.philately.com/philately/medical_philately_study_group.htm '404' c.2009
    old: philately.com/philately/medi_theme_v14_n4.htm#NewIssues (journal 'Meditheme') '404'
    old: philately.com/philately/disease.htm#Aids '404'
  71. Medicine Hat Coin & Stamp Club, Alberta, Canada
  72. Medina County Stamp Club, OH 44253, USA
  73. Medway Towns Philatelic Society, UK
    www.stampdomain.com/medway/ '404' c.2008
  74. Melbourne Papuan Study Group, The - VIC, Australia
    xRef.: Clubs : PNG
  75. Memphis Stamp Collectors Society, TN 38117, USA
  76. Memphremagog Stamp and Coin Club, VT, USA
  77. Mendocino Coast Stamp Club, CA 95437, USA (U, E)
    Cite: Dealers : .us-CA
    OLD: www0.delphi.com/stamps/apsmendocino.html ; 6/2002
  78. Menense Filatelieclub, Menen, Belgium
  79. Merchantville Stamp Club (Show: Monthly & MERPEX), NJ, USA
    & Monthly Bourse
  80. Merksemse Verzamelaars, De - Brecht-Overbroek, Belgium
  81. Mersey-Leven Stamp Group, Tas, Australia
    aka: Leven Philatelic Society
  82. Mesa Stamp Club, AZ 85203, USA
  83. Mesilla Valley Stamp Club, NM 88046, USA (U, E)
  84. Mesoamerican Archeology Study Unit, CA 92502, USA
    Cite: Topicals : History
  85. Meter Stamp Society, OH 44482, USA
    Cite: Topicals : ePostage
    Cite: Topicals : Postage Types
  86. Methodist Philatelic Society, England
    Links: Stamps for Evangelism
  87. Metro Denver Young Stamp Collectors, CO, USA
  88. Metropolitan Air Post Society (MAPS), USA (Northeast)
    aka: Metropolitan Air Post Society of New York ( c.1997 )
    Former data:
    homepage.mac.com/airmails/home.html '404' c.2008
    Frederick C. Dietz, @, (315) 947-5375 (APS c.2005)
    14834 S. Hadcock Dr., Sterling, NY 13156-4196, USA
    old: William F. Turner, 404 Camp Westwood Road, Greene, RI 02727-1506, USA
    older?: 534 Vista Road, Ambler, PA 19002-2638
  89. Mexican Federation of Philately
    aka/q.v.: Federación Mexicana de Filatelia (FMF)
  90. Mexico-Elmurst Philatelic Society Int'l (MEPSI), USA
    Cite: Dealers : .us-CA
    Cite: Dealers : .us-TX
    xRef.: Topicals Dir. : Introductions (review)
    xRef.: Dealers : Index
    xRef.: Expertization: .mx
    xRef.: Clubs : USA : PA 17003
    xRef.: Clubs : USA : CA 91793
    xRef.: The 1868 Issue of Mexico (via: Country Ref.: Mexico
    old: 500 E. Queen St. - No.3, Annville, PA 17003-1916 '404'
    people.we.mediaone.net/mepsi/ '404'
  91. Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society Int'l (MESPI - LA)
    - Los Angeles Chpt, CA 91793, USA
    Cite: Dealers : .us-CA 91793
    old: Treasurer: 7 Ironwood, Irvine, CA 92714, USA c.2001
  92. Mexico-Elmurst Philatelic Society Int'l Library (MEPSI)
    (Tuscon Chpt), AZ 85733, USA
  93. Mexico/Latin America Study Group, CO, USA
  94. Miami Valley Stamp Club, OH 45042, USA
  95. Michigan Stamp Club (Show: MICHIPEX in Mar.), MI 48124, USA
  96. Mid-Atlantic UN Collectors Club, MD, USA
  97. Mid-Cities Stamp Club (Show: Mid-Cities Stamp Expo), TX 76014, USA
    xRef/Cite: Dealers : USA : Texas
    xRef: Dealers : USA : Texas
  98. Mid-Devon Philatelic Society, UK
  99. Mid-Florida Philatelic Society
    AKA/q.v.: Central Florida Stamp Club
  100. Middelfart Frimærkeklub, 5500 Middelfart, Denmark
  101. Middle Forge Philatelic Society, NJ 07869, USA
  102. Middlesbrough & District Philatelic Society, UK
  103. Middlesex Philatelic Federation, UK
  104. Middlesex Stamp Club, ON, Canada
  105. Middletown Stamp Club, CT 06416, USA
  106. Midland (G.B.) Postal History Society, UK
    earlier addr.: 27 Rathbone Road, Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands, BG7 5JG
  107. Midland Philatelic Federation (Show: MIDPEX), UK
    Last full survey c.201102
  108. Midtlollands Frimærkeklub, 4930 Maribo, Denmark
  109. Midwest Philatelic Society, MO 64015, USA
  110. Mildura & District Philatelic Society, VIC, Australia
  111. Milford On Sea Stamp Club, UK
    www.hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch04789.html '404' c.2008
  112. Milford Stamp & Coin Club, PA 19963, USA  

  113. Military Postal History Society (MPHS) TX 77429, USA
    Formerly: U.S. War Cover Club
    Ref.: Topical Dir. : Introductions (review)
    xRef.: Clubs : UK : Specialty (Civil Censorship)
    old: : Robert T. Kinsley,
    5410 Fern Loop, West Richland, WA 99353-9806, USA
    old: www.homepage.mac.com/mphs/ ; 'No DNS' 12/2001
    old: adnc.com/web2/mphs/ ; '404' ; 6/2002
    old: www.cris.com/~Swanson/mphs.html ; 6/2002

  114. Milton Keynes Philatelic Society, UK
  115. Milton Stamp Club (Show: Mar. & Sept.), Ontario, Canada
  116. Milton Ulladulla Stamp Club, NSW, Australia
  117. Milwaukee Philatelic Society (Show: MILCOPEX in Sept.), WI 53226, USA
  118. Minehead & District Stamp Club, UK
  119. Minnehaha Stamp Club, MN 55419, USA
  120. Minnesota Federation of Stamp Clubs (MFSC)
  121. Minnesota Israel Philatelic Society (MIPS), MN 55116, USA
  122. Minnesota Postal History Society, MN 55435, USA
  123. Minsk Postal Museum, Belarus
    (Minsk Museum of Telecommunications)
  124. MIPS/ATA, MN 55116, USA (MIPS)
  125. Missile Stamp Club (Show: 2nd Sun S&C Show), FL, USA
  126. Mississauga-Etibocke Coin, Stamp and Collectibles Club (Show), Canada
  127. Missouri Postal History Society, MO 64151, USA
  128. Mobile Post Office Society, GA 30648, USA
    Cite: Topicals : Transportation : By Rail
    www.cris.com/~Swanson/mpos.html ('404' c.2008)
  129. Modern British Philatelic Circle, UK
    Old URL's all '404' c.2008:
  130. Mogollon Stamp Club, AZ 85541, USA
  131. Mohawk Stamp Club, MA 01267, USA
  132. Molde Filatelistklubb, 6401 Molde, Norway
  133. Molly Pitcher Stamp Club, NJ 07719, USA
  134. Momignies-Juniors, Macon, Belgium
  135. Monroe Stamp and Postcard Club (Stamp & PC Show), MI 53566, USA
  136. Monterey County Stamp Club, CA 93901, USA
  137. Monterey Peninsula Stamp Club, CA 93923, USA
  138. Montgomery Area Stamp Club, AL 36093, USA
  139. Montreal Philatelic Club, Quebec, Canada
  140. Mooroolbark Philatelic Society, VIC, Australia
  141. Moray Philatelic Society (The), .uk-Scotland
  142. Morgantown Area Stamp Club, WV 26505, USA
  143. Morisset Uniting Church Stamp Club, NSW, Australia
  144. Morley Philatelic Society, UK
  145. Morocco and Tunisia Local Posts Philatelic Society , France
    aka/q.v.: Société philatélique d'étude des postes locales
    du Maroc et de Tunisie
  146. Morrinsville Stamp Club, New Zealand
  147. Moss Filatelistklubb, 1522 Moss, Norway
  148. Motiefgroep Schaken, Netherlands
    Cite: Topical Directory : Sports & Games : Chess
  149. Motivarbeitsgemeinschaft "Feuerwehr" e.V.
    Cite: Topical Directory : Events : Fire
  150. Motivgruppe "ROTARY INTERNATIONAL"
  151. Motor City Stamp & Cover Club (Show MOTOPEX), MI 48127, USA
  152. Mound City Stamp Club, MO 63034, USA
  153. Mount Gambier Philatelic Society Inc., SA 5290, Australia
  154. Mountain Area Stamp Club, CA 93614, USA
  155. Mountain Home Area Stamp Club, AR 72651, USA
  156. Mourning Stamp and Covers Club
    Cite: Clubs: Topical: Religon
  157. Mr YACCY Postal Stamp Club (youth), South Africa (data needed)
  158. Mt Nittany Philatelic Society, PA 16801, USA
    Old: c.2001
    Bi-Monthly: APS Bldg, 100 Oakwood Av, State College
    William Donovan
    111 Sowers St- Suite 600, State College, PA 16801
  159. Mudgee Coin, Note & Stamp Club Inc., NSW, Australia
  160. Muffin Breakers Stamp Club, BC, Canada  
  161. Munich Philatelic Library, Germany
  162. Murfreesboro Stamp Club, TN, USA
  163. Musée de la Poste de Paris, France
    aka: French Postal Museum
    www.laposte.fr/musee 'forwards' c.200804
  164. Musée de la poste et des techniques de communication de Basse-Normandie, France
  165. Musee des Timbres Taman Mini Indonesia
    aka: Indonesian Stamp Museum
  166. Musée National des P et T devient le Musée National de POSTE MAROC, Le , Morocco
    Cite: Postal Authorities : Morocco
  167. Musee National des PTT, Tunisia  
  168. Musée régional du Timbre au Luc en Provence, France
  169. Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca, Mexico
  170. Museo Filatelico e Numismatico, Vatican City
  171. Museo Postal de Mexico
  172. Museo Postal y Filatelico Cubano
    Cite: Entities : Cuba
  173. Museo Postal Telegrafico de Espana de Cerreos y Telefonica (Foundation Collections), Spain
    re: Telefonica Foundation Collections:
    Cite : Spain : Main Page
    xRef. : Spain : Index

    aka?: Museo Postal y Telégrafo (y Biblioteca)
    Cite : Postal Administrations : Spain

  174. Museo Postal y Telegrafico y Seccion Filatelica, Argentina
  175. Museum Africa (Johannesburg), South Africa
  176. Museum für Kommunikation - MFK), Switzerland
    aka: Musee de la Communication
    Communications and postal museum, Berne, .ch
    www.scoutphila.com/online/postg/index.htm '404' c.2008
  177. Museum für Kommunikation Berlin, Germany
    (mit Bibliothek) ("the world's first postal museum")
  178. Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt, Germany
  179. Museum für Kommunikation Nürnberg, Germany
  180. Museum of the Post Office in the Community, UK
    Including: The British Postal Museum & Archive
  181. Museum of Stamps and Coins of Monaco
  182. Museum voor Communicatie, Netherlands
  183. Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation, Germany
  184. Muskegon Stamp Club, MI 49441, USA
  185. Muskogee Stamp Club, OK 74401, USA
  186. Muskoka Stamp Club, Ontario, Canada
  187. Muzeul National Filatelic (Romana)
    aka: Romanian Philatelic Museum (q.v.)
  188. Myrtle Beach Stamp Club, SC 29526, USA

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