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  1. 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee, USA
    Cite: Entities : USA
    Ref.: Authors & Articles Indexes
    xRef: Index Entry : 'Bureau Issues Assoc.'
  2. 3M Stamp Club, MN 55144, USA
  3. Aabenraa Frimćrkeklub 6230 Rodekro, Denmark
  4. AACTP (?), Argentina
  5. Aalborg Philatelistklub 9000 Alborg, Denmark
  6. Aalborg-Norresundby Frimćrkeklub 9400 Norresundby, Denmark
  7. Aalesund Filatelistklubb, 6001 Ålesund, Norway (U)
  8. ABB Frimärksklubb, Sweden
    aka: ABB Stamp Club
    old: host.bip.net/afk.stamps 'forwards' c.200803
  9. Aberconway Philatelic Society, UK
  10. Aberdeen Philatelic Society, UK
  11. Aberystwyth Postcard Club*, UK
    *name approximate
  12. Aberystwyth University Philatelic Society, Wales, UK
    ABPS - Association of British Philatelic Societies
  13. Acadania Stamp Club LA 70501, USA
  14. Académie de Philatélie, France
    mapage.noos.fr/academiephilatelie 'forwards' c.2008
  15. Académie de Philatélie de Belgique, Bruxelles, Belgium
    Wikipedia & personal reference only!
    aka/q.v.: Belgian Philatelic Academy
  16. Académie Européenne de Philatélie, European Union
  17. Académie Québécoise d'Études Philatéliques, Québéc, Canada
  18. Accademia Italiana di filatelia e Storia Postale, Italy
  19. Acton & District Philatelic Society, UK
  20. Addlestone Community Association - Philatelic Section, UK
  21. Aden and Somaliland Study Group, UK
  22. Aerophilatelic Club of India
  23. Aero-Philatelisten-Club Deutschlands e.V., Germany
  24. Aerofil V.Z.W., Gent & Antwerp, Belgium
    (incl. in Antwerp, Brussels..)
  25. AEROFIL vzw, Izegem, Belgium
    xRef above
  26. Aerogramme Society - Tom Adami (DEFUNCT), ACT 2602, Australia
    (aka: International Philatelic Society of Aerogramme & Airletter Sheet Collectors)
    www.expage.com/page/aerogrammer '404' c.2008
    Aerogramme Society (active site), ACT 2911, Australia & CA 93613, USA
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Transportation : By Air
    xRef.: Dealers : USA : Texas : Friedman
    Old USA: Jerome V.V. Kasper
    1754 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
  27. Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club, IL 60120, USA
  28. Aerophilatelic Federation of the Americas, IL 60120, USA
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Transports: By Air
    does it still exist? - ajw
  29. Aerophilatelic Society of Southern Africa , South Africa
    Old: (the new via Ken Sanford c.2008)
    P.O. Box 9393, Cinda Park, 1463 South Africa
    (or c.1997) c/o G. Cafetzonglou, Hon. Secretary
    PO Box 844636, Greenside 2034, South Africa
  30. Aerophilately Webring
  31. AFAL. Seccion Filatelica {AFAL???} (Club), 11380 La Línea, Spain
  32. AFINET ~ Agora de Filatelia en Internet (Foro {Forum} on-line), 46080 Valencia, Spain
    xRef. : Dealers : Argentina : Filatelia de Julián D. Marcos
  33. Afrikaanse Filatelievereniging van Pretoria (AFP), South Africa
  34. Afrikaanse Filatelistevereniging, South Africa
  35. 'AG' = See : 'ArGe'
  36. Agora de Filatelia en Internet, Afinet's (Foro {Forum} on-line), 46080 Valencia, Spain
  37. Agrupacio Filatelica del Casal (Club), 43440 L'Espluga de Francolí, Spain
  38. Agrupacio Filatelica i Numismatica (Club), 08750 Molins de Rei, Spain
  39. Agrupacio Filatelica i Numismatica "Casino Menestral" (Club), 17600 Figueres, Spain
  40. Agrupacion Cultural Filatelica S.A. (Club???), 08xxx-x2 Barcelona, .es.
  41. Agrupación Filatélica Argentina Temática Scout-Guía
    aka/q.v.: Filatelia Scout
  42. Agrupacion Filatelica de Ceuta (Club), 51080 Ceuta, Spain
  43. Agrupacion Filatelica de Barakaldo (Club), 48080 Baracaldo, Spain
  44. Agrupacion Filatelica Ferroviaria {RENFE} (Club), 46080 Valencia, Spain
  45. Agrupación Filatélica Tafi Viejo, Argentina
    aka: Sociedad Filatélica Tafí Viejo
  46. Agrupacion Filatelica "TYRIUS" (Club), 46010 Valencia, Spain
  47. Agrupacion Filatelica y Cultural de Cuenca {AFYC} (Club), 16080 Cuenca, Spain
  48. Agrupacion Filatelica y Numismatica Benissa (Club), 03720 Benissa, Spain
  49. Agrupacion Filatelica y Numismatica Bergara (Club), 20570 Bergara, Spain
  50. Agrupacion Filatelica y Numismatica de Tudela (Club), 31500 Tudela, Spain
  51. Agrupacion Vitolfílica ~
    Filatelica y Numismatica Santiaguesa {AVIFINS} (Club), 15701 Santiago de Compostela, .es.
  52. Aihefilatelistit ry, Finland
    aka: The Finnish Society for Thematic Philately
    Cite: Dealers : .fi
    old: www.kolumbus.fi/michaux/afry.html
    old: www.kolumbus.fi/michaux/afryeng.html
    old: www.to.icl.fi/~majander/afryeng.html
  53. Air Crash Study Group (Wreck and Crash Mail Society), UK
  54. Air Mail Circle, The - WA 6004, Australia
  55. Air Mail Society of New Zealand
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Transports: By Air
  56. Air Mail Study Group - BNAPS, TX, USA
  57. Ajax Philatelic Society, ON, Canada
  58. Ajaimeru Philatelic Society, India
  59. AL BARID, Netherlands
    Filatelistische Contactgroep Islamitische Wereld (Islamic World Philatelic Contact)
  60. Alameda Stamp Club, CA 94501, USA
  61. Alaska Collectors Club, AK 99802, USA
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Postal History
    old?: PO Box 20574, Juneau, AK 99802 (c.2001)
  62. Alba Stamp Group, Scotland, UK
  63. Albania Study Circle, UK
    Club alsacien de philatélie polaire
  64. Alstahaug og omegn Filatelistklubb, 8801 Sandnessjøen, Norway
  65. Alta Frimerkeklubb, 9505 Alta, Norway (U)
    ('Alta' not found in atlas')
  66. Alton & District Stamp Club, UK
    oldest: www.hants.gov.uk/libcxn/cvb11179.html '404' c.?, found c.200008
    www.hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch00186.html '404' c.2008
    e.volve.org.uk/directoryitem.aspx?index=645&item=3037&dataitem=7672 '404' c.2011
    (?)old?: Treetops, Upper Froyle, Alton, Hampshire (c.?)
  67. Amager Frimćrkeklub 2300 Kobenhavn S., Denmark
  68. Amagerland Frimćrke Forening 2770 Kastrup, Denmark  
  69. American Air Mail Society (AAMS), NY 11501, USA
    Last Survey c.2008
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : Transportation By Air
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : Space
    Cite: Topicals : Airmail
  70. American Air Mail Society - C.R. Smith Chapter, TX 75229, USA
  71. American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, GA 30648, USA  
  72. American Belgian Philatelic Society, VA 23452, USA
    Cite : Entities : Belgium
    groups.hamptonroads.com/ABPS/ 'forwards' c.2008
    [email protected]
  73. American Ceremony Program Society, TX 77079, USA
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Introductions
    xRef: Topical Index : FDC
  74. American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS), AZ 85728, USA
    Cite: Dealers : (Expertization) .us-OH
    Cite: Specialized Collecting : FDC's
  75. American First Day Cover Society - C. Ries Chapter (# 48), CA, USA
    old: www.members.home.net/rieschapter
  76. American First Day Cover Society - Chicagoland Chapter (No. 6), IL 60690, USA
    aka: Chicagoland First Day Cover Society
  77. American First Day Cover Society - Fred C. Sawyer Chapter 56, TX 75002, USA
  78. American First Day Cover Society - Norwalk Stamp Club Chapter 85 (formerly), CT 06525, USA
  79. American Helvetia Philatelic Society, CA 90267, USA
    xRef: Dealers Directory : .ch : See Also
  80. American Indian Philatelic Society, IL 60452, USA
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Peoples
  81. American Philatelic Congress, MO 63132, USA
    Cite : Dealers : .us-MO
  82. American Philatelic Foundation, .us-CA 90046, USA
    - non-profit, free appraisals
  83. American Philatelic Research Library (APRL), PA 16803, USA
    Ref.: Clubs : UK : Iran Philatelic Study Circle
  84. American Philatelic Society (APS), PA 16803, USA
    Last full clubs survey c.2005; indicated as APS-05
    Selective chapters survey c.2011 in USA: AZ, CO, FL, MA, MT, OH, NE, SD
    Selective chapters survey c.2012 in USA: MI, TX, VT, CT, NJ, WI, MN, MT, ND, SD, OK
    next: PA ??
    APS Representative to FIAF: Dr. James P. Mazepa, @
    P.O. Box 49553, Sarasota, FL 34230, USA (c.2008)
    Cite: Dealers : .us-PA
    Cite: Clubs : Bibliography
    xRef.: Clubs : Regional : North America

    Old APS URL: www.americanphilatelic.org/
    Older: www.west.net/~stamps1/ ; all '404'
  85. American Plate Number Single Society
    old: P.O. Box 409, Pittsboro, IN 46167-0409 (c.2001)
    www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/5449/ '404' c.2008
  86. American Revenue Association
    Ronald Lesher Sr., Easton, MD 21601
    who is now the FIP Rev. Comm. contact - c.2008, 2014
  87. American Society for Philatelic Pages and Panels, TX 77532, USA
    xRef.: Clubs : USA
  88. American Society of Netherlands Philately, USA
    xRef: Dealers : .nl : See Also
  89. American Society of Polar Philatelists (ASPP), USA
    Cite: Topicals : Polar Regions
    xRef : Topical Index : Antarctic/Arctic
    old: 1153 Fairview Drive, York, PA 17403, USA
  90. American Stamp Club of Great Britain, UK
    old?: 42 Owens Gardens, Gwynne Park, Woodford Bridge, Essex IG8 8DJ, UK
    Ref.: Dealers : UK : Essex
    old: homepages.tesco.net/~m.simons/ ; '404' 6/2002
  91. American Topical Association (ATA), USA
    Annual Show (mid to late June): National Topical Stamp Show: Info
    xRef: Dealers : USA : Index
    Ref.: Dealers : USA : TX : Ray (& Karen) Cartier
    xRef: Topical Collecting Dir. : Introductions
    Cite/xRef : Clubs : Topical Dir. : Libraries : Note (re gifts to)
    old: home.prcn.org/~pauld/ata
    &: [email protected]
    Chapters (denoted ATA-02)
    and Study Units (denoted ATAu-02; c.2001, '404' c.2011)
    c.2012 each SU has a page at the ATA.
  92. American Topical Association (Chapter 5), WI 53220, USA
  93. Americana Study Unit (of ATA), NY 12603, USA
    old: www.philately.com/society_news/americana_unit.htm
  94. Amersham & District Philatelic Society, UK
  95. Amherst Senior Center Stamp Club, NY 14221, USA
  96. Amicale des Cercles Philatéliques du Brabant Wallon, Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
  97. Amicale des Philatélistes de l'Outaouais, Quebec, Canada
  98. Amicale Hennuyčre des Cercles Philatéliques, Charleroi, Belgium
  99. Amicale Philatélique Caroloregienne, Charleroi, Belgium
  100. Amicale philatélique de la Basse Ardčche, France
  101. Amicale philatélique de Maizieres les Metz, France
  102. Amicale philatélique de Metz, France
  103. Amicale Philatélique de Perwez et environs, Perwez, Belgium
  104. Amicale Philatélique des Cherninots, Nivelles, Belgium
  105. Amicale Philatélique "Efel-Donnay", Sambreville, Belgium
  106. Amicale Philatélique Enghiennoise A.P.E., Anghien, Belgium
  107. Amicale Philatélique et Marcophile Colmarienne, France
  108. Amicale philatélique France-Israël, France
  109. Amicale Philatélique Louvičroise, La Louvičre, Belgium
  110. Amicale Philatélique "Rossija", Zemst, Belgium
  111. Amics del Segell C.P. Manuel Bru (Club), 03720 Benissa, Spain
  112. Ammanford Philatelic Society, UK
  113. Amrithsar Philatelic Club, (Punjab), India
    indiashells.com/apc '404' c.2009
  114. Amsterdamse Postzegel Jeugdclub, Netherlands
    members.tripod.lycos.nl/apjcnl '404' c.2008
  115. An Post Museum, Ireland
    Cite: Postal Authorities : Ireland
    xRef.: Dealers : .ie

    ANCAI = Associazione Nazionale Collezionisti Annullamenti Italiani
  116. Anchorage Philatelic Society (Show: APEX), AK 99517, USA
  117. Åndalsnes Frimerkeklubb, 6301 Åndalsnes, Norway
  118. Anderlacht Philatelic Club, Bierghes, Belgium
  119. Andorran Philatelic Study Circle, UK
  120. Andover Stamps Club, UK
    hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch04788.html (both '404' c.2008)
  121. Anglo Boer War Philatelic Society, UK
  122. Ann Arbor Stamp Club (Show: AAPEX; 1st w/e in Nov.), MI 48106, USA (U, E)
  123. Annapolis Stamp Club, MD 21401, USA
  124. Antelope Valley (A. V.) Stamp Club, CA 93556, USA
    Cite: Dealers : .us-CA
    old?: 4558 Palmdale Hills Dr., Palmdale, CA 93552-6226
  125. Anthony Wayne Stamp Society, IN 46808, USA
  126. Antwerpse Postzegelcentrale, Mortsel, Belgium
  127. Antwerpse Socialistische Postzegelkring, Antwerpen, Belgium
  128. APO Philatelic Society, Philippines

    APS :
    American Philatelic Society, USA
    Ashford Philatelic Society, UK
    Association Philatélique Senlisienne, France
    Australian Philatelic Society, Australia
    Austria Philatelic Society, USA
    Austrian Philatelic Society, UK
    Aves (Birds) Philatelicae Scandiae, Norway
    Ayrshire Philatelic Society, Scotland
    and more...

  129. Arab Gulf Yemen Stamp Group - a Yahoo club
    Cite: Country Research : Regions : Mid East
    Cite: Country Research : Nationals : Yemen
  130. Arabian Philatelic Association (APS# 0694-055067)
    Cite: Clubs : Saudi Arabia
    xRef: Clubs : Regions : Mid East
  131. Arana Hills Stamp Club, QLD, Australia
  132. Arapahoe Stamp Club, CO 80120, USA
  133. Arbefil Brugge, Varsenare, Belgium
  134. Arbeiders Postzegelverzamelaars Lier, Lier, Belgium

    'ArGe' (or 'AG' ) means working or study groups:
    Arbeidsgruppe ..
    Arbeitsgemeinschaft ..
    See Also: Gemeinschaft, Motivarbeitsgemeinschaft

  135. Arbeidsgruppe for Norsk Helpost, 0690 Oslo, Norway

  136. Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler deutscher Kolonialpostwertzeichen, Germany
  137. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Besetzung im Ersten Weltkrieg
    (German occupation in the World War's)
    aka: ArGe Deutsche Besetzung im 1. Weltkrieg e.V.
    (via BDPh; same url)
    Old?: Herrn Björn Krüger, @AOL, Tel./Fax: 07195-66435
    Eichenweg 8, 71364 Winnenden, Germany (c.2006)
  138. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Feldpost 1914 - 1918
  139. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Feldpost 1939 - 1945 e.V.
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : UK
  140. Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Deutsche Ostgebiete" e.V. Germany
    Ostgebiete = eastern territories
    aka?: Freunde der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Ostgebiete (via BDPh)
    Treffen: letztes Oktober- bzw. erstes Novemberwochenende
    Arbeitstreffen Bad Laer, Haus am Bomberg Bad Laer, Paderborn
    Herrn Hans-Jörg Kolbeck, @, Tlf./Fax: 036041-57625
    Am Schluftergraben 7, 99955 Herbsleben (c.2005)
  141. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Feld- und Zensurpost 1914-1918, Austria (D)
  142. ArGe Feuerschutz (a club/study group)
    aka/q.v.: Fire Protection Section, Czech Republic
  143. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Generalgouvernement, Germany (D)
    xRef : clubs : Topical : War
    Note: 'Generalgouvernement' is Poland during German occ.
  144. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Israel, Germany
  145. AG IOM (Isle of Man) Study Circle (via FCGI), Germany
    Cite: Clubs : UK : Related
    Old : www.briefmarke.com/fgci/e_agiom01.html
    [email protected] (good?)
  146. ArGe Landwirtschaft-Weinbau- Forstwirtschaft e.V., Germany
    (Motivgruppe en DBPh = 'Forestry & Land Management')
    Cite : Topical Directory : Enviroment & Nature .
  147. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lochungen (ArGe-Lochungen)
    aka: German Perfin Society, Germany
    Cite : Topical Index : Perfins
  148. ArGe Pfadfinder, Germany
    Ref.: Topical Dir. : Scouts .
  149. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Polarphilatelie, Germany
    (a Polar Philately Study Group)
    aka: Arge Polarphilatelie e.V.
    Incl.: Polarpost-Sammlerverein Bielefeld e.V.
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Polar Regions .
    arge.polarphilatelie.here.de '404' c.2008
  150. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osmanisches Reich/Türkei (AROS), Germany
  151. ArGe Bulgaria
  152. ArGe USA / Canada, Germany
    Ref.: Clubs : US (National) : See Also (change; already in 1soc-u)
  153. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zensurpost, Germany
    ('translates 'Association of censorship Post')
    xRef.: Clubs : UK : Specialty (Civil censorship)

  154. Arbroath & District Stamp and Postcard Club, UK
  155. Arcadia Stamp Club, CA 91010, USA
    Cite: Dealers : .us-CA

  156. Archiv für Philatelie (& Library), Germany
  157. Arendal Filatelistklubb, 4801 Arendal, Norway (U)
  158. Arhus Frimćrke Klub, 8355 Solbjerg, (Denmark?)
  159. Ari'el and the Shomron Philatelic Society, Israel
  160. Arizona Federation of Stamp Clubs {AFSC} (Show: AIRPEX), AZ, USA
    xRef : Dealers : USA : AZ
  161. Arizona Historical Foundation, Arizona, USA
    as USPS listed publisher of philatelic reference(s)
  162. Arizona Philatelic Rangers, AZ 85719, USA
  163. Arizona Precancel Club, AZ 85252, USA
  164. Arizona-New Mexico Postal History Society, AZ, NM, USA
    old: 370 Deer Pass Dr., Sedona, AZ 86351 (c.2001)
  165. Arizona Society of Topical Philatelists, AZ 85105, USA
  166. Armadale-Kelmscott Philatelic Soc., WA 6111, Australia
  167. Armed Forces Stamp Exchange Club, USA
    home.att.net/~afsec3 '404' c.2008
    www.public.usit.net/ss8793 '404' c.2008
  168. Armenian Philatelic Association, CA, USA
    old: www.armenianphilatelicassociation.org '404' c.200911
  169. Armidale Circle of the Royal Sydney Philatelic Society, NSW, Australia
  170. ARPHI Mechelen, Turnhout, Belgium ; ARPHI ?
  171. Arrowhead Stamp Club, MN 55811, USA
  172. Arrowhead Stamp Club, CA 92410, USA
  173. Art Cover Exchange (ACE), NY, USA
  174. Art du Timbre Grave {ATG}, France
    aka: Art of Engraved Stamps Society
    xRef. : Clubs : France : Specialized : See Also:

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