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Dealer's Index

A Register of Pages Indexed
in the Dealer and Philatelic Indexes only
A Question & Answer:
Q: How to record unposted links?
A: Put in appropriate index with a link to their site pending placement.

Commercial Directory Pages
  • World Dealers Directory - all pages indexed.
  • Dealer resources pg.: - find.htm
    >NSDA only?; didn't cite find.htm
  • Postal Agents - all
    additional material pending
  • Albums & Acces. 2/12/01
  • Scott Catalogs: points to page
  • Stanley Gibbons Catalogs - point to page

    Philatelic Directory Pages
  • "Gen. Links"/"Resources: 'sources.htm
    >Section: #major': all
    >Section: Webrings - Referenced
    >Section: Misc. (Education) ?? - books is adv?
    >Newsgroups (8/27/2001) all.
    >Directories (8/27/2001); converted to meta; not indexed
    >Searches (8/27/2001); converted to meta; not indexed

    Basics - Intro page:
    >Shoban Sen's basic collecting pages: Key: 'done so well'; direct
    Basics - Page 2
    > classified ads list

    Topical Collecting:
  • Introductions:
    >J. Bendon Ltd ; dlr
    >Thematics Queensland ; phil
    >Angels.. book ?? ; ads? (refine to product level)
  • Space, Science & Technology:
    Space section : societies & dealers done. 7/2001
  • Transportation
    all - 7/2001

    Specialized Collecting:
  • 1st Things:
    >Ads only
  • First Day Covers
    >all except listed books and, perhaps, advertisers

    General Notes
  • All Dealer Associations listed by ...; dlr
  •, Jim Yeaw; dlr, phil
  •, - Steiner, Bill (Wm); phil
  • The 'Ads' index covers some homepage (Release Ram & Helpware)
    and all Commercial Directory front page ads ; each is enumerated there.

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