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Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Papua NG, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Pitcairn Isls, Poland, Portugal

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And: Wikipedia's List of postage stamp collectors' clubs and societies

    Regional Organizations
  • Pacific  
    1. Pacific Islands Study Circle (PISC) , UK  

    2. South Seas Correspondence Club, Philippines

      See Also: Oceania
      Article: It is fun to collect the Pacific, Eric Baxendale
      And their: Pacific Islands Resources page.
      Local, National & Overseas Organizations
  • Pakastan
    1. Pakistan Philatelic Club
  • Palistine (West Bank' or 'Palestinian Authority')  
    1. Palestine Philatelic Society (PPS)
      (no other known contact data c.2008)
      (NOTE: Not one page, except homepage, functions c.2008 ajw)
      BUT: it does reveal the following under "Palestine Thematic Stamps":

      Arab Countries: Algeria - Egypt - Iraq - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - Mauritania - Morocco - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Somalia - Sudan - Syria - Tunisia - UAE - Yemen

      Islamic Countries: Afghanistan - Indonesia - Bangladesh - Brunai - Comoros - Iran - Malaysia - Mali - Pakistan - Senegal

      Friendly Countries: Cameroon - Cyprus - Ethiopia - Gambia - Guinee - Germany - India - Italy - Niger - Madagascar - Maldives - Russia - UN - Vatican

      Palestine Resistance movements & Organisations:
      Arab Higher Committee - Bait Al-Mal Al-rabi - Arab National Fund - Palestinian Liberation Organisation (P.L.O) - Popular Liberation Forces - Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fateh) - Fateh Stationary - Fateh Covers - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (P.F.L.P) - Covers - Democratic Front For Liberation of Palestine (D.F.L.P) - Palestine Popular Straggle Front (P.P.S.F) - Palestine Arab Organisation (P.A.O) - Action Organization for Liberation of Palestine (A.O.L.P) - Palestine Red Crescent Society (P.R.C.S)

      And outlines postal history as:

      Ottoman Period:
      Ottoman Post Office - European Post Office - Egyptian Post Offices - Ottoman Postal History - French Postal History - German Postal History - Austrian Postal History.

      British Mandate Period:
      Postage stamps - Fiscal Stamps - Stationary - Air Letters - Covers - Post Cards - Court Stamps - Legal Documents - British Mandate of Palestine Documents - Naturalization Certificate - Telegrams - Covers to Palestine Cancellation- Internal Mail - Machine Cancellation Covers - Aerographs - cheques.

      Egyptian Administration Of Palestine:
      Postage stamps - Fiscal Stamps - First day covers - Commercial Covers - Documents - Money Order

      Jordanian Administration Of Palestine:
      Postage stamps - Fiscal Stamps - Covers - Documents

      Unfortunately every item listed is/was a link but not one worked c.2008; perhaps in the future?

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about): Palestine

  • Panama  
    1. Canal Zone Study Group, USA

  • Papua New Guinea  
    1. Papua New Guinea Philatelic Bureau FIAP
      PO Box 1, Boroko, Papua New Guinea
      Tel 675 300-3745 or 3746, Fax 675 300-3708
      (listed by FIAP as their rep. there)  

    2. Papuan Philatelic Society, Scotland

    3. Melbourne Papuan Study Group, The - VIC, Australia

      ->See Also:
      º I ndex Mundi: PNG

  • Paraguay  
    1. Centro Filat�lico del Paraguay, @ FIAF, FIP
      Secretaria CFP: Ingrith Pintos, @ (c.2008)
      Eligio Ayala 994 (city?)- Telefax: (595 21) 44 11 46
      Casilla de Correo 652 (city?)
      Pres.: Dila Estigarribia de Eaton, @hm, @gm

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Paraguay

  • Peru  
    1. Sociedad Peruana de Filatelia Tem�tica les da la Bienvenida, La, (SPFT)
      @Y!, Apartado Postal 2409 - Lima 100 Per�

  • Philippine Isls.  
    1. Philippine Philatelic Federation Info FIAP-00, FIP-05
      P.O. Box 135, 1099 Manila, Philippines
      Tel.: 00632 897 2178, Fax: 00632 897 2144 (c.2005)
      Robert Tan, Tel.: 00632 253 1528, psr@info..
      Pio Rodriguez, P.O. Box 437 Manila (c.2009 via PhilPost)

    2. Philippines Postal Museum and Philatelic Library (PMPL) (Ref. URL*) (x)
      Located within the Manila Central Post Office compound in Manila,
      "the postal museum is hidden at the third floor of the building of
      the Security Inspection Services Division and Postal Police Force that any Manile�o would scratch his head in wonder at not knowing that it exists and is in fact the oldest museum in southeast Asia."*

    3. Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club (FSCC)
      P.O. Box 2986 , Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila
      contact c/o: Josefina T. Cura, P.O. Box 1203, Manila
      Formerly : The Manila Stamp Collectors Club Info
      P.O. Box 1203, Manila (cf. 'Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club (FSCC)'; same addr.)
      "The Philippines' first stamp club on the internet!" (which also conducts a tour of the Museum above!) (Ref. URL! via: ABdA)  

    4. International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS) APS-05
      aka?: Philippine Philatelic Society
      Pio S. Rodrigues, [email protected], [email protected]
      44-A Tabayoc Street, Barangay Siena
      1114 Quezon City
      or: Pio Rodriguez P.O. Box 437 Manila (c.2009 via PhilPost)
      Coordinator Overseas Operations:
      Don Peterson, Tel: 202-291-6229, @comcast
      7408 Alaska Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20012
      old: Bob Yacano, @triad, Tel.: (336) 783-0768?
      P. O. Box 100, Toast, NC 27049, USA (c.2008)

    5. APO Philatelic Society
      c/o: Paulina Calinawan, P.O. Box 1717, Manila

    6. Baguio Philatelic Society
      c/o: Anna Balajadia, Philpost-CAR 2600, Baguio City

    7. Bayanihan Collectors' Club, Inc. (BCCI)
      c/o: Ramon Villegas Jr., P.O. Box 115 Manila CPO, 1099 Manila

    8. Cebu Stamp Club, Inc. {CSCI} Info (2nd. URL, Blog)
      @ , c/o: Richard Allan B. Uy, Tel.: +63 915-2621988
      AE-54 Velasquez St., Subangdaku, 6014 Mandaue City

    9. Cebu Philatelic Society (CPS)
      c/o: Roberto Lim, P.O. Box 361, Cebu City

    10. Center for Philatelic Research & Studies, Inc. (CPRSI; Ref. URL) Info
      P.O. Box 51800 SFPO, San Fernando, 2000 Pampanga
      manages, maintains and operates a philatelic library as well as a conference and seminar room.

    11. Chinese Philatelic Club of the Philippines (CPCP) Info
      c/o: Roberto Ong, 904 Gen. Solano St., San Miguel, Manila

    12. Far East Philatelic Society (FEPS) Info
      c/o: Renato Luansing Jr., 17 Daisy St., Dolor Subd., 4200 Batangas

    13. Naga Philatelic Society (NPS)
      c/o: Virginia B. Belleca, 221 Abella St., 4400 Naga City

    14. Pampanga Stamp Collectors' Society (PSCS) Info
      P. O. BOX 5050, San Fernando, Pampanga
      c/o: Jorge H. Cuyugan, 63 Santiago St., Sta. Ana, Pampanga
      aka: Pampanga Stamp Collectors' Club (PSCC)

    15. Phil. (Philippine?) Thematic Philatelists Society (PTPS) Info
      c/o: Edison Cornejo, P.O. Box 3740, 1077 Manila

    16. PMA Philatelic Society (PMAPS)
      c/o: Cdt. Noli Baguitan PMA, Fort Del Pilar, 2602 Baguio City

    17. Quezon City Philatelic Society (QCPS)
      c/o: Crecensio Viernes, Don Alejandro A. Roces Sr. High School, Roces Ave., QC

    18. Quezon Philatelic Club (QPC)
      c/o: Alberto Z. Alcala, @-Mail
      St. John Street, Reymar Compound, 4301 Lucena City
      See also: their Virtual Philatelic Exhibit

    19. Young Philatelists Society (YPS)
      c/o: Marco Ruben T. Malto, P.O. Box 4493, 1084 Manila

      I am also told of the "Postal Museum and Philatelic Library (PMPL)" but have no data!

      ->See Also:

      Clubs : Topical (about) : Philippines
      Postal Authorities : Philippiens : Clubs

    20. South Seas Correspondence Club Info
      (for collectors and pen pals worldwide)
      c/o: L.K. Stoddart APS-06
      Tel.: +63-75-551-35-13
      Box 38, Alaminos, Pangasinan 2404, Philippines
      2411 Dasol, Pangasinan
      Since 1949: "Stamps, covers, postcards, phonecards, banknotes. New issues : Phillippines, Falkland Islands, British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia, Japan, Gibraltar, China(ROC)."

  • Pitcairn Islands  
    1. Pitcairn Islands Study Group ATA, APS
      USA: Rev. Nelson A. L. Weller, @AOL
      2940 Wesleyan Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27106-5850
      UK: c/o David Sleep, @moose
      6 Palace Gardens, 100 Court Road, Eltham, London SE9 5NS, England
      Publication: Pitcairn Log (formerly?: The UK Log ?)

  • Poland  

    1. Polski Zwiazek Filatelist�w
      (PZF) FIP, FEPA
      (Polish Philatelists Union)
      Al. 3 Maja 12
      Warszava, PL-00391 Poland
      c/ Mr. Andrzej Nowak, @

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Poland

  • Portugal
    1. Federa��o Portuguesa de Filatelia FIP, FEPA
      aka: Portuguese Philatelic Federation
      Av. Almirante Reis, 70/3 Esq., P-1150-020 Lisbon (Lisboa)
      President Pedro Vaz Pereira, @netcabo
      Tel.: 00351 812 5508, (00351)218487806
      Fax: (00351)919807673

    2. Associa��o Filat�lica Alentejo Algarve (AFAL) '404' c.2008

    3. Associa��o Nacional de Jornalistas e Escritores Filat�licos (ANJEF)
      (National Association of Journalists and Philatelic Writers)
      Hernani Matos, @oninet, Portugal

    4. Clube Filat�lico de Portugal (CFP)
      Avenida Almirante Reis, 70 - 5� Dt�
      1150-020 LISBOA - Portugal
      E-mail, Tel./Fax: (351) 218 123 936

    5. Clube Nacional de Filatelia, @
      (National Philately Club)
      Rua Infanta D. Maria 211, 4050-350 Porto, Portugal
      Publication: A Filatelia Portuguesa
      (The Portuguese Philately) (Internet Magazine) (reads 'test' c.2008)
      "The first Portuguese philatelic magazine in the Internet."

      But: An Editorial by: Carlos Pimenta, survives,

      ..."Due to the fact that, in the last issue of the magazine, the notes of the images of an article weren't included (due to the temporary lose of a file sent by e-mail), some errors of Portuguese language and an error of transcription of a text, we have reflected collectively over the issue and we state here our concerns.

      5. Nothing in life in unavoidable. Nor the bad behaviour of our national football team, nor the Portuguese philatelic disgrace nor the mistakes of our magazine. The important is to understand the contexts, the structural components and do not stay with the mere reference to the immediate.

      ...we assume the responsibility of the errors in any case, as well as we apologize for their existence to the authors and readers. We hope to continue to have your preference and we wish that we may be able to learn and improve our performance.

      Carlos is/was Vice-Chairman of the National Philately Club, Economist, university professor

    6. Clube Portugu�s de Coleccionadores de Objectos Escutistas IFSCO-04
      ('Portuguese Club Scout Collectors Objects')
      (Reference Data)
      old: '404' c.2012

    7. N�cleo de Filatelia do Clube Petrogal '404' c.2008

    8. N�cleo Figueirense de Coleccionadores (NUFICOL)

    9. Sec��o Filat�lica da Associa��o Acad�mica de Coimbra

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Portugal


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