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Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia

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    Regional Organizations
  • Europe  
    1. Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA) FIP
      Ganl�separken 18, DK-3660 Stenl�se, Denmark (website c.201205)
      Presidente: Pedro Vaz Pereira, @ @2
      Av. E.U.A.,97-2°E, 1700.167 Lisboa (c.2008)
      Av. Almirante Reis 70 - 3° Esq., P-1150-020 Lisboa, Portugal (c.2006)
      Tel.: +351 218 12 55 08, Fax: (00351)218487806, (00351)919807673 (!)
      His '08 Functions: President, Magazine, FIP, FIAF, FIAP, New Statutes

      Past Pres. (c.2000): Ingolf Kapelrud, Norway @, Tel.: +47 51 41 77 66

    2. Acad�mie Europ�enne de Philat�lie
      "Our second priority before the end of the year is to have our own room in the �Maison de la Philat�lie� in Brussels." (c.2007)

    3. EU : Alpine-Adriatic area : ALPE-JADRAN Filatelija
      (With SHOW LISTINGS in their area of the EU)
      An FEPA division responsible for organizing exhibitions in the Alpine-Adriatic region of the EU - c.2008

      Ivan Libic (President c.2008-2011)
      J. Pupacica 4, HR-10000 Zagreb (Croatia)
      Tel.: + 385 911 318 776, @-mail

      With General coverage of the Alpine-Adriatic area & Especially:
      Autonomous Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia
      Land K�rnten (Province of Carinthia)
      SR Kroatien (SR Croatia)
      Land Ober�sterreich (Upper Austria)
      SR Slowenien (SR Slovenia)
      Land Steiermark (Province of Styria)
      Region Venetien (Veneto Region)

      Affecting: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland

      ~From March 5th to 7th 2009 the exhibition ALPEN- ADRIA 2009 M�NCHEN was held in the M.O.C. Exhibition Center, Munich-Freimann paralleling with Bavarian national exhibition devoted to 100 years of TAUMA within the framework of International Stamp Fair Munich.~

      The Group Alps - Adria Philately does not include membership fee; the president of the Group are elected for three years, every time from another country; during his mandate it means to take over all the administrative activities for the Group. The Group does not have a seat nor the secretary or administrator. All the work is done by the president, so the success of the work and activity in Alps - Adria Group depends on a president.

      See Also:  

    4. USA's National Postal Museum
      Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., USA
      Although resources 'focus on the postal history and philately of the United States, the collections are international in scope. Europe, North America and Australia are particularly well represented.'
    5. Clubs: By Areas of European interests:

      Baltics, Scandinavia, Meditrainian

      Data: Wikipedia : Regions of Europe

      The effort to reach a definition is never-ending and I (ajw) would prefer a philatelic division of Europe by way of FEPA but I do not yet see one on their website though the existence of the 'Alpine-Adriatic' unit above suggests one. I would appreciate any help in finding out what has been (or is being) used as a criteria. ajw c.2009
      Local, National & Overseas Organizations
  • Ecuador  
    1. Asociaci�n Filat�lica Ecuatoriana (AFE) FIAF
      Presidente: Pablo L. P�rez Narv�ez, MBA, @
      Isla Seymour 1019 y R�o Roca
      Casilla Postal NQ17-17-238, Quito, Ecuador

    2. Club Filatelico Guayaquil , @ APS # 0832-067630
      Meets: 15.00-19.00 p.m. Wed., 10.00-13.00 Sat.
      Addr./Meets At: Edificio Internacional
      Aguire 324 (y Chile),
      2o Piso (2nd floor), Oficina 8
      Guayaquil - Ecuador
      Tel�fono: 593 4 2531539
      Write: Mr. Victor Ricaurte (Secretary), @
      c/CFG, PO Box 09-01-9615, Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • Egypt  
    1. Philatelic Society of Egypt, @, FIP, FEPA
      P. O. Box 142, Cairo, Egypt
      Publication: L'Orient Philatelique


  • El Salvador  
    1. Sociedad Filatelica de El Salvador (SFES) -
Associated Collectors of El Salvador (ACES)
      Sociedad Filatelica de El Salvador - (SFES) *
      Associated Collectors of El Salvador (ACES)
      (aka: El Salvador Philatelic Society)
      c/ Edificio Condominio Los Heroe Norte
      Apartamento 113 Blv Los Heroes Frente
      (anexo Hospital Bloom ..)
      San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America
      [email protected]
      Meets: every Saturday at 3:00 pm (local time)
      At: Fundacion Maria Escalon de Nunez, San Salvador
      Show: EXFILNA (Exposicion Filatelica Nacional)
      Also celebrates: January 5th: Salvadorian Philatelist Day
      Services include a 'New Issues Service' (Face + commission)
      A Forum: El Salvador PS's Collectors Club Forum on Yahoo! ** good c.2008
      Publication: El Salvador Filat�lico - El Faro
      USA Contact: Joseph (Joe) D. Hahn, @YaHOo!, @adelphia (old?)
      1015 Old Boalsburg Rd, Apt G-5, State College, PA 16801-6149 (c.2007)
      700 Willowbank St., Bellefonte, PA 16823-2821, USA (c. 2005)

      * Founded 5 Jan. 1940, as 'Sociedad Filat�lica de El Salvador', and issuing a journal called El Salvador Filat�lico, in 2004 they joined with the 'Associated Collectors of El Salvador" (ACES) which was first formed in 1974 as "The El Salvador Collectors Club" (then a part of the Jack Knight Collectors Club, issuing the publications The El Salvador Philatelist and El Faro and having 100 + members by 2004).

      Alternate (older) URL's:
      Sociedad Filat�lica de El Salvador (SFES) (English ver.)
      aka: El Salvador Philatelic Society (ESPS)
      & aka: El Salvador Philatelic Society (SFES)
      via: Mariano Galan, @correo.terra

  • Eritrea

      ->See Also: Related: Ethiopia & Eritrea..

  • Estonia
    1. Estnischer Philatelistenverband FIP, FEPA
      aka: 'Estonian Philatelic Federation'
      Prof. Rein-Karl Loide, @edu.ttu
      Postfach 84
      Tallinn, EE-0090 Estonia
      Tel.: +372 6565545

    2. Rahvusvaheline Eesti Filatelistide Selts (x)
      ( International Estonian Philatelic Society )
      PK 3671, EE 0090 Tallinn, Estonia
      E-post: [email protected], Veeb: [email protected]

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Estonia, The Baltics or Estonian Philately

  • Ethiopia

      ->See Also: Related: Ethiopia & Eritrea..
    1. Ethiopian Philatelic Society, WA 98231, USA
    2. ; ck

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