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Yemen, Youth, Yugoslavia, Zeppelin

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  • Yemen
    1. Aden (Port city of Yemen) and Somaliland Study Group, UK
      aka: Aden-Somaliland-Yemen Study Group

  • Youth  
    1. FIP Commission for Youth Philately FIP

      Chair. c.2014: Jos� Raul Lorenzo, @
      Federacion Filatelica Cubana
      Apartado 6147, 10600 La Habana, Cuba

      Miguel A. Garcia Fernandez, @ (c.2005, 2006, 2008, 2012)
      Vitoria 62, 6� C, E-09004 Burgos, Spain
      Tel.: +34 94 727 2733, Fax: +34 94 727 7669

    2. Americas: Commission for Youth, FIAF

    3. AR: Comisi�n de Juventud de la Federaci�n Argentina de Entidades Filat�licas
    4. ES : Comisi�n de Juventud de FESOFI, Spain
      now: (c.2014)
      old: '404' c.2014
      Contact: Ruth ORDONEZ Sanz (c.2008)
      P� Marques de Zafra 27-6�, 28028 Madrid, Spain
    5. NO : Norges Frimerkeungdom
    6. NZ : Philatelic Youth Council of New Zealand Inc.
    7. SE: Sveriges Frim�rksungdom (SFU)

  • Yugoslavia
    1. Yugoslavia Study Group, UK
  • Zepplin
    1. Zeppelin Collectors Club
      Cite: Topical Dir. : Transports: By Air

    2. Zeppelinpost-Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Zeppelin Study Group)
      Cite: Topical Dir. : Transports: By Air

      See Also: Aerophilately

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