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Salvation Army, Samoa (ISO), Scandinavia, Scouts, Slovakia, Somalia, South Africa, Space, Spain, Sports, Sri Lanka, St Helena, Stationery, Switzerland

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  • Salvation Army
    1. AU : International Salvation Army Philatelic and Historical Journal Society
    2. AU : Hurstville Salvation Army Philatelic Society

      See Also: Fraternal Organizations : Salvation Army

  • Samoa (ISO)
    1. Fellowship of Samoa Specialists APS-12
      Journal: The Samoa Express (quarterly)
      Contact c.2012: Martin J. Miller, [email protected]
      157 Warner Ave., Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
      Contact c.2005, 2012: Don A. T. Mee, [email protected]
      23 Leo Street, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand
      "The Fellowship of Samoa Specialists, a group of avid collectors of Samoan stamps and postal history, was founded in 1979 by Jack R. Hughes of the United States. Today this group has members in a dozen countries who share their knowledge through The Samoa Express, a quarterly journal edited by Don Mee of New Zealand (above). The other officers are Wolfgang Hermann of Germany (president), Kevin Doyle (vice-president; cf.) and Steve Zirinsky (secretary; cf.) of the United States. This web site is hosted by Jan Berg of Sweden."

      Old c.2005: Martin Miller, [email protected]
      102-20 67th Dr, Flushing, NY 11375-2809, USA

  • Scandinavia
    i.e. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland,
    Greenland, F�roe Islands, �land and Spitzbergen
  • DE: FG Nordische Staaten e.V.  
  • UK: Scandinavia Philatelic Society (SPS)

  • Scandinavian Collectors Club (SCC) - USA NFF-06, APS-11
    "World's largest speciality stamp society."
    (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization)
    Journal: The Posthorn (quarterly)
    Including: Chapters in the USA, Iceland

    Contact c.2005, 2011: Donald B. Brent, [email protected]
    D. Brent, PO Box 13196, E1 Cajon, CA 92020, USA (c.2001-2011)

    Canada Write: Robert Zacharias, @shaw
    808 Polson Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2X 1M5, Canada (c.2008)

    Webmaster: John DuBois, @ (c.2001-2008)
    & Webmaster c.2011: [email protected]
    & listed email c.2014: [email protected]

    Jeff Ross, Web Geek c.2012: [email protected]

    Australian Coordinator:
    c.2012: Roger Byrne, [email protected]
    c.2014: John McKay, [email protected]

    Their Library is at RMPL, Colorado, USA

    old: '404' c.2008

    Chapters c.2011:
  • CA : MB : Scandinavian Collector's Club - Manitoba Chapter
  • I S : Scandinavian Collector's Club - Iceland Chapter
  • US: CA : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Northern California Chapter
  • US: CA : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Southern California Chapter
    Former: Scandinavian Philatelic Library of Southern California
  • US: DC : Scandinavian Collectors Club - DC Chapter
  • US: CO : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Denver Chapter
    "The SCC library collection is managed by a Library Committee of volunteers from SCC Denver Chapter"
  • US: DE : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Delaware Chapter
  • US: I L : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Chicago Chapter
  • US: NJ : Scandinavian Collectors Club - North Jersey Chapter
  • US: MA : Scandinavian Collectors Club - New England Chapter
  • US: MN : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Twin Cities Chapter
  • US: NY : Scandinavian Collectors Club - New York Chapter
  • US: VA : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Tidewater Chapter
  • US: WA : Scandinavian Collectors Club - Seattle Chapter

    Study Groups c.2011:
  • DWI Study Unit:
    Arnold Sorensen, [email protected]
  • Sweden Ring:
    George A. Kuhhorn, [email protected]
    PO Box 4486, Emerald Isle NC 28594
  • Finnish Study Group:
    Roger Quinby, [email protected]
    12425 Dancliff Ter., Alpharetta GA 30004
  • Danish Wavy Line:
    Donald B. Brent (above), [email protected]
    PO Box 13196, El Cajon, CA 92020
  • Scandinavian Revenues:
    Paul Nelson, Tucson AZ , [email protected]

    ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Scandinavia

  • Scouts (& Guides)

    1. International Federation of Scout and Guide Stamp Collecting Organizations (IFSCO) See 'Regional Organizations : Worldwide'
      Contact: Keith Larson c/o SOSSI (below)
      Established on September 23, 2000 in Comacchio, Italy with leadership first assumed by the Associazione Italiana di Scout Filatelia (AISF)(cf.). It's purpose is to present a united front. (SOSSI Reference Page.)

    2. Scouts On Stamps Society International (SOSSI) IFSCO-12
      Webmaster: R. S. Frank, @
      P.O. Box 7638, Newport Beach, CA 92658, USA
      Secretary: (c.2011) Lawrence E. Clay, @
      P.O. Box 6228, Kennewick, WA 99336, USA
      Tel.: 509-735-3731, Fax: 509-735-2789
      Primary Architect: Keith Larson, [email protected]

      "At the 1997 Annual Meeting at Pacific 97 in San Francisco, President Lawrence Clay accepted an offer made by Chairman R. S. Frank to initiate a SOSSI Web Site.  In late June, the internet domain name ... was reserved with Internic, the US domain name registrar.  SOSSI acquired web site hosting services from a company called Slip Net. 

      Member Keith Larson learned of the web site project at the US Boy Scout National Jamboree SOSSI Meeting.  Within weeks, he built a candidate site which provided much of the content and the initial look and feel of the pages.  By October 1997 a SOSSI Web Site was up and running.  Since then, on average each week over 1,500 viewers from around the world visit the SOSSI site." (SOSSI website c.2008)

      "If people collect topically, then this is the right place for beginning collectors." - Mike Mills

    3. AR: Filatelia Scout (Agrupaci�n Filat�lica Argentina Tem�tica Scout-Gu�a - AFATES)

    4. AR: Grupo Tem�ticos Impressa (Scouts)

    5. AT : �sterreichische Pfadfinder-Briefmarken Sammlergilde (�PBSG), Austria

    6. AT : Steierm�rkische Pfadfinderbriefmarken Sammler (StPS)

    7. AU : NSW : Australasian Scout & Guide Stamp Collecting Society

    8. BE: Scout Filatelisten Benelux, Gent, Belgium

    9. CA : ON : Maple Leaf Chapter of SOSSI, Ontario, Canada

    10. CH: Schweizerische Pfadfinder-Philatelistenverein (SPPhV), Switzerland

    11. CO: Club Filatelico Scout BP Columbia

    12. CZ : Klub skautsk�ch sberatelu Jun�ka (KSSJ), Czech Republic

    13. DE : Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pfadfinder, Germany (c.2012)

    14. DK : Spejderfrim�rkeklubben i Danmark (SPID), Denmark

    15. DZ : Scouts on Stamps : Association des Collectionneurs d'Alger (Algeria)

    16. ES: Club Filat�lico de Scouts y Gu�as SOSSI-12, IFSCO-12
      Juli�n Rodr�guez Fern�ndez (Secretary c.2012)
      c/o Hortaleza 19, 1. Izda, E-28004 Madrid, Spain
      Email: [email protected]
      Apartado de Correos 33027, 28080 Madrid, Spain (c.2008)
      old: '404' c.2008
        C/ Rosa Luxemburgo, 47 - 1� l - 28023 Madrid, Spain

    17. FR: Scoutisme et Collection, France

    18. FR: Association Fran�aise des Collectionneurs du th�me Scoutisme

    19. FR: Reseau Baden-Powell, France

    20. DE: ArGe Pfadfinder e.V, Germany

    21. GR: ~Greece scouting club (a SOCCI scout collectors reference in Greece)

    22. I T : Associazione Italiana di Scout Filatelia (A.I.S.F.), Italy (cf.)

    23. JE : Nippon Scouts on Stamps Society, Japan

    24. KR : Scout Stamp Club, Korea (South)

    25. LK : Scouts & Guides on Stamps Society, Sri Lanka

    26. MX: Club Filatelico Baden-Powell de Mexico

    27. NL : Nederlandse Vereniging van Verzamelaars Scouting Objecten, Netherlands

    28. NZ: New Zealand Scout and Guide Philatelic Club

    29. PT: Clube Portugu�s de Coleccionadores de Objectos Escutistas, Portugal
      ('Portuguese Club Scout Collectors Objects')

    30. SK : Slowakische Pfadfinderbriefmarkensammler, Slovakia

    31. UK: Scout and Girl Guide Stamp Club

    32. US: IL: SOSSI - Baden-Powell Chap. (#1)

      ->See Also: : Fraternal Organizations

      Organizzare tematica scout - links (c.2006)
      IFSCO club links
      SOSSI club links
      & Hallvard Sletteb�'s links to Scout clubs. (c.2011)

  • Slovakia
    1. Netherlands Society for Czechoslovak Philately, The Netherlands
      aka: 'Vereniging voor Tsjechoslowakije-Filatelie'

  • Somalia

    1. Aden and Somaliland Study Group, UK

  • South Africa

    1. Anglo Boer War Philatelic Society, UK
    2. Bechuanalands and Botswana Society, UK
    3. Cape and Natal Study Circle, UK
      Formerly: Natal & Zululand Study Circle
    4. Orange Free State Study Circle, UK
    5. South African Collectors' Society, UK
    6. The Southern Africa Post Card Research Group (SAPRG), UK

      ->See Also:

      Clubs : (in) South Africa
      Especailly : South African Stamp Study Circle
      Clubs : (regional) Africa

  • Space
    1. Missile Stamp Club, FL, USA

    2. Rocket Mail Society, Scotland, UK

    3. J.P.L. (Jet Propulsion Labratory) Stamp Club, CA 91101, USA  


    4. Boeing Employees Stamp Club, WA, USA

    5. Goddard Space Flight Center Stamp Club, MD 20768, USA

    6. Hughes Stamp Club, CA 90049, USA

    7. Johnson Space Center Stamp Club, TX 77258, USA

    8. McDonnell Douglas Philatelic Club, CA 92663, USA

    9. Rocket City Stamp Club, NM 88310, USA

      See Also: 'Astrophilately'

  • Spain
    1. Spanish Study Circle - unofficial
      cf: Spanish Study Circle
      16 Fairford Ave., Luton, Beds. LU2 7ER, UK
    2. ; same?

    3. Spanish Philatelic Society, TX 75093, USA

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Spain {Espana}

  • Sports

    1. Asociaci�n Filat�lica "Deporte y Filatelia"
      Av. Ausias March, 50-4a
      46026 Valencia, Spain
      (Deporte y Filatelia = Sports & Philately) c.2008

    2. Secci�n Filat�lica, Numism�tica y de Coleccionismo
      de la Real Sociedad Valenciana de Agricultura y Deportes
      Comedias, 12
      46003 Valencia, Spain

      O L Y M P I C S

      "The Olympic Games owe a great deal to philately. It was stamps that saved the 1896 Games, thanks to a commemorative series. More and more countries started to produce stamps to commemorate the Games. Olympic stamps were the first to showcase sport. Thousands of collectors belong to one of the 31 sections of the International Olympic Philately Federation. Among all the series of stamps issued, some anachronisms do exist: for the 1932 Olympic Games in Lake Placid, Austria launched a stamp with a ski jumping motif. Just one important detail: sticks were added to the skier!"

    3. World: F�d�ration Internationale de Philat�lie Olympique (FIPO)
      (International Olympic Philately Federation ), Lausanne
    4. BE: BR: Belgian Olympic Philatelic Club (Brabant)
    5. BE: OV: Belgian Olympic Philatelic Club (Oost Vlaanderen)
    6. CZ: Olympsport Section / ArGe Olympsport
    7. DE: Internationale Motivgruppe Olympiaden und Sport
    8. DE: Olympia- und Sport- Philatelisten- Club Berlin
    9. ES: Uni�n Espa�ola Filatelia Ol�mpica, Spain
    10. FR: Association Fran�aise des Collectionneurs Olympiques et Sportifs (AFCOS)
    11. IT: Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici e Sportivi (UICOS)
    12. UK: Society of Olympic Collectors
    13. US: Sports Philatelists International

  • St Helena (et al)  
    1. St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society, CO 80916, USA  

    2. Ascension Stamp Club, UK

  • Sri Lanka (formerly 'Ceylon')
    1. Ceylon Study Circle of Great Britain, UK
      also with interests in the Maldive Islands

  • Stationery (Postal)  
    1. FIP Postal Stationery Commission FIP

      Lars Engelbrecht, Chairman (c.2014), @
      Bistrupvej 53, DK-3460 Birkeroed, Denmark

      Ian McMahon, Secretary c.2014, @
      P.O. Box 783. Civic Square, ACT 2608, Australia

      Member c.2014: Mike Smith, Great-Britain [email protected]

      Stephen D. Schumann, Chairman (c.2005, 2006, 2008, 2012), @earthlink
      2417 Cabrillo Drive, Hayward, CA 49545, USA
      Tel.: 001 510 785 4794, Fax: 001 510 732 8526

      Erik Hvidberg Hansen, Secretary (c.2008), @inet
      Masten 50, DK 3070 Snekkersten, Denmark

      Ross A. Towle rosstowle@postalstat.., USA (c.2001)

    2. FIAF Postal Stationery Commission

    3. AU: Postal Stationery Society of Australia  

    4. AU : SA: Postal Stationery & Postal History Society of Australia Inc.

    5. BE: Soci�t� Belge de l'Entier Postal
      aka: Belgian Postal Stationery Society

    6. CA: Postal Stationery Study Group of BNAPS

    7. CH: Swiss Postal Stationery Collectors Club (SGSV / SGSSV)

    8. DE: Berliner Ganzsachen-Sammler-Verein, Germany
      aka: 'Berlin Postal Stationery Society'

    9. ES, (#2): Comisi�n de Entero Postales Espanoles (EPE) {Grupo de Trabajo de FESOFI}, Spain (x)

    10. ES: Asociaci�n de Coleccionistas de Enteros Postales de Espa�a en la Red {ACEPER}, Spain (x)

    11. FI: Suomen Ehiofilatelistit ry - Finlands Helsaksfilatelister rf
      aka: The Finnish Society for Postal Stationeries

    12. FR : l'Association des Collectionneurs d'Entiers Postaux, France

    13. UK: The Postal Stationery Society

    14. US: United Postal Stationery Society

      See also specific types - e.g. Aerograms

  • Switzerland
    1. American Helvetia Philatelic Society, CA 90267, USA  

    2. Helvetia Philatelic Society Society of GB

      ->See Also: : Clubs : (in) Switzerland

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