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  • Railways
    1. DE : Internationale Motivgruppe Eisenbahnwesen

    2. UK : British Railway Postcard Collectors Circle,
      aka: Railway Postcard Collectors Circle

    3. UK : T.P.O. & Seapost Society

    4. UK : Railway Philatelic Group

    5. US : CA : Casey Jones Rail Road Unit

    6. Railway Post Office Postmark Society, The - /~rkunz/
      cf: The RPO Postmark Page - Rick Kunz (same url)
      Cite: Topical: Transportation: By Rail

    7. US : VA : Railway Mail Service Library Inc. {RMSL} (incl. an RPO discussion group)

      See Also:
    8. US : VA, The Disinfected Mail Study Circle

  • Religous Organizations (& related)
      "In the pleasant hobby of philately, collecting postage stamps with a religious theme began early and the practice has now spread so much that it has become one of the large fields in thematic collecting. The theme of RELIGION is very wide including, among a seemingly endless list, subjects such as ; Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other Faiths; the Bible (Old and New Testaments); Churches, Cathedrals and other Sacred Buildings; The Holy Land; Church and Religious History; Stained Glass Windows; Paintings and Religious Art; Madonna and Child; Illuminated Manuscripts; Methodism; Popes and Papal Visits; Vatican; Christmas and Easter and many more themes within themes.", Peter Greening, The Guild of St Gabriel

    1. Collectors of Religion on Stamps (COROS) (Alt.URL) APS-11, ATAu-07 More...
      Also associated with The World Union of St. Gabriel
      (a federation of religious philatelic societies in Europe & other countries)
      Publication: The COROS Chronicle (4 per year)
      Editor c.2012: John Schmidt, [email protected]
      Associate Editor c.2012: G. Paul Billion, [email protected]
      Membership Etc. Secretary c.2012:
      Jim Bailey, [email protected] ([email protected] c.2012)
      P O Box 937, Brownwood, Texas 76804, USA


      ". . .dedicated to the study and collection of postal material that has some element of religious significance."

      "In 1997 the Biblical Study Unit of the American Topical Association (ATA) merged with COROS. Later that year COROS became an ATA affiliate. Also affiliated with COROS is the North American Sovereign Military Order of Malta Philatelic Circle (NASMHOMPC). The COROS Chronicle is this group's official publication and Rev. Augustine H. Serafini is its executive director. "

      old:, [email protected]

    2. Mourning Stamp and Covers Club More...
      Publication: Mourning Notes
      Contact c.2008: Jim Bailey, [email protected] ([email protected] c.2012)
      P O Box 937, Brownwood, Texas 76804, USA
      Convenor c.2007: John Hotchner, [email protected]
      P. O. Box 1125, Falls Church, VA 22041-0125, USA
      "Founded in 2006, MSCC seeks to serve people worldwide interested in stamps issued in memoriam, black bordered etc covers and death announcements, mourning memorabilia, and ad covers for funeral and burial related services." (USSN:200706:33)
      Their "purpose is to study and do census work on mourning covers, identify and prepare a list of mourning stamps, and facilitate the exchange among members of mourning stamps and covers.From the last third of the 18th century to the dawn of the 21st century, black-edged envelopes and stationery informed recipients of the death of a loved one, expressed sympathy and grief, or offered thanks for expressions of condolence. " (cite)

    3. North American Philatelic Circle for the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Malta (NASMHOMPC)
      aka: Cercle Philateliqe de l'Amerique du Nord l'Ordre Souverain Militaire Hospitalier de Malte
      In association with Collectors of Religion on Stamps (COROS)
      Rev. Augustine H. Serafini, Executive Director, @
      2804 Oakwood Lane, Oshkosh, WI 54904, USA

      Today SMOM "maintains: diplomatic relations and exchange of Ambassadors with over 100 States / Representations in several other States, the Council of Europe, UN Agencies in Geneva, and Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations. The Order is active in over 130 countries."

      "Through the turmoil of many centuries, this monastic, Christian Brotherhood, dedicated to attending the sick and emarginated, never lost its supranational sovereignty. It became a military and naval power in defense of the western Mediterranean from Ottoman incursion. The knights freed captives and negotiated with kings and presidents."

      The world's most diminutive, sovereign State began issuing postage stamps on November 15, 1966.

      S.M.O.M. MAGISTRAL POST: Via Bocca di Leone 68, Rome 00187, Italy
      ( P.O. Box) Casella Postale 738, Rome 00100, Italy

      Antique Monetary Units:
      1 Scudo = 12 Tar� =240 Grani. (1Tar� = 20 Grani). 1Scudo = Euro 0.24 (1 Tari� = Euro 0.02) �
      Since Jan. 1, 2005, all stamps are denominated in Euro as valid postage.
      Catalogues: Sassone Blu; Catologo Unificato (Italian Area); Said ( English 1996)
      Sassone SRL, Via Benedetto Croce, 68, 00142 ROMA
      Emmanuel Said, P.O.Box 345, Valleta, VLT04 Malta
      Said SMOM Catalogue : Stamps, FDCs, Maxicards & Entires, Said Albums, New Issue Service
      Interfinum, 14 Borgo Santo Spirito, 00193 Rome : Stamps, etc., Marini Albums.
      Frank Coppola, P.O. Box 181022, Utica, Michigan 48318 : Stamps, New Issue Service, price list.
      Frank Geiger Philatelists: (good c.2012)
      Lindner Publications, P.O. Box 5056, Syracuse, NY 13220
      Lindner S.M.O.M. Album (with mounts)
      (Marini SMOM Album Supplements available in USA at Subway Stamp Shop)
      Video Program:
      An Historical Prospective of the S.M.O.M. through Postage Stamps of the World,
      by Fr. Augustine Serafini ( [email protected] )
      ($25ppd: 2804 Oakwood Lane, Oshkosh, WI 54904 / Fax: 920-233-5604)

      (All data supplied by Fr. Augustine Serafini (c.2012)

    4. Methodist Philatelic Society, England
      "..for the study and encouragement of philately associated with Methodism ..."

    5. Society of Israel Philatelists (SIP), USA
      "The SIP is devoted to the philately of the Holy Land, Israel and Judaica."

    6. Vatican Philatelic Society, USA

    7. Ted Tokarski, Member of The Guild of St Gabriel (cc)

      "The Gabriel movement was commenced in Germany, during the Thirties, by two Franciscan friars, Clemens Anheuser and Gabriel Schmidt, former missionaries in Brazil. Their extensive knowledge of stamps featuring religious subjects led to them linking up with like-minded stamps collectors and founding the Guild of St. Gabriel. In 1953, under the leadership of the Austrian Guild, an umbrella organisation for the whole movement was founded in Salzburg. Titled 'The World Union of St. Gabriel' its objective is to keep the various National Guilds in touch with each other. This is accomplished by the exchange of their Bulletins, and the World Union Congress held every four years. A member of the British Guild was the General Secretary for twelve years and subsequently President for four. The first Congress was held in 1960 in Munich, the latest in Belgium (Ghent - Gent) in 2004. The next will be held in Slovakia (Nitre) in 2008."

    8. Sammlergilde St. Gabriel e. V (in German only)
      Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Christliche Motive" im BDPh e. V.
      (Collectors Guild of St. Gabriel e. V. - Association "Christian themes" in BDPh e. V)
      aka: "Sammlergilde St. Gabriel und Weltbund St. Gabriel"
      (Collectors Guild of St. Gabriel and World Federation of St. Gabriel)
      aka: Gabriel Gilde Deutschland - Weltbund
      Publication: GABRIEL
      Gesch�ftsstelle: Wolfgang M�ller, [email protected]
      72336 Balingen, Kreuzbrunnen 8, Deutschland
      and who lists c.2012:
      Kontakt: Herbert Hch. B�lke, 66440 Blieskastel, Blickweilerstrasse 18, Deutschland

    9. Belgien: Cercle St. Gabriel de Belgique / Belgische St.-Gabrielgilde
      Dr. Mark Bottu, 9000 Gent, Patijntjestraat 168, Belgien

    10. Gro�britannien: Guild of Saint Gabriel
      Peter J. Greening BA, 230 Powder Mill Lane, GB - Twickenham TW2 6EJ, Gro�britannien

    11. Italien: Gabriel Italiana
      Danilo Bogoni, Via Carlo Troja 17, 20144 Milano, Italien

    12. Luxemburg: Cercle Philat�lique St. Gabriel
      Bernard Bastian, 3676 Kayl, 147 rue de Schifflange, Luxemburg

    13. Niederlande: Filatelisten Vereniging Gabri�l
      Ad Keeman, 5831 VK Bosmeer, Adriaan Brouwerstraat 38, Niederlande
      aka: Gabriel Gilde Niederlande

    14. Austria: �sterreichischer Philatelistenverein St. Gabriel (Index)
      Dr. Karl Ohnmacht, 4910 Ried im Innkreis, Parkgasse 7, �sterreich
      old: forwards c.201205

    15. Poland: Klub Swiety Gabriel
      Bogdan Michalak, 60-979 Poznan 45, Skrytka Pocztowa 19, Polen

    16. Schweiz: Gilde St. Gabriel Schweiz
      Annemarie Strasser, 8280 Kreuzlingen, G�tlistra�e 2, Schweiz
      aka:Gabriel Gilde Schweiz

    17. Skandinavien: Nordisk St. Gabriel's-Union
      Pertti M�kel�inen, 02360 Espoo, Soukanlahdentie 3 A 3, Finnland

    18. Slowakei: Sv�t� Gabriel
      J�n Vallo, 01301 Teplicka nad V�hom, Dr. Karola Kmetku 86/44, Slowakei

    19. Ungarn: Szent G�bor Belyeggy�jt� Egyes�let
      J�zsef B�ni, 6800 H�dmez�v�s�rhely, B�ke ut 106, Ungarn
      aka:Gabriel Gilde Ungarn

    20. Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika: Collectors of Religion on stamps (Coros)
      Augustini Serafini, Oshkosh, WI 54904 (Wisconsin), 2804 Oakwood Lane, USA

      Brazil 1980 St. Gabriel World Union MS

    21. World Union of Saint Gabriel (cf.)
      "Members in 31 countries on 7 continents." (cite)
      The overall coordination of the World Union of San Gabriel:
      c.1981: Mr. Don Jos� Volkaerts, 89 Rue de la Marne, Bruxelles 1140, Belgium (cite)

      "In Spain (c.1981), the Union has a wonderful magazine published by the well-known philatelic advertisers Gregory Sierra and Jose Maria Guair�n, for the magazine San Gabriel, No.2 Pina de Ebro, Zaragoza, Spain, winning several medals and awards in exhibitions of international philately.
      . . .The World Conservation Union of San Gabriel (La Uni�n Mundial San Gabriel), in the city of Fremont, Ohio, United States, has a Religious Theme Philatelic Academy with an honorary President: Cardinal Francis Spellman (now deceased but Archbishop of New York at the time), a philatelist of international name. . ." (cite)

      aka: (cite)
      Union mondiale St Gabriel
      Uni�n Mundial San Gabriel (above)
      Weltbund St Gabriel (cf.)
      Unione Mondiale di S Gabriele
      Swiatowej Federacji Zwiezkow Swiety Gabriel
      Unio Mundialis Sancti Gabrielis Archangeli

      Also known as St Gabriele's Union (cite)

  • Resources
    -> See Also:: Libraries, Museums
    1. AU: Glen Stephen's Stampboards
      (best online Australian philatelic resource - aj c.2008)
      Especially his list of clubs with posted data at his site.

    2. CH : ScoutPhila c.2008 new site design & forum!
      "Die ganze Welt der Briefmarken mit einem Mausklick!"
      "The whole world of stamps with a single mouse click!"
      The root comes up '404' c.2008.
      Also it's alter-ego: BRIEFMARKEN-ONLINE.COM forwards to root c.2008
      These may come back alive... :-)

    3. PH: 2-Clicks-Stamps World Directory for Philatelists

    4. UK : The Stamping Grounds, @
      Especially Shows & Clubs
      And his ' UK County Finder

    5. US : (a function of Chicago Collectors Club), IL, USA
    6. US : MD : Collectors.Org (via Americana Resources, Inc.)

  • Revenues  
    1. FIP Commission for Revenues FIP
      Chair. (c.2012, 2014): Francis E. Kiddle
      Punch Tree House
      Reading Road, North Fleet, Hants. GU51 4HS, Great Britain
      Phone: +44 1251 613 881, @

      Ronald E. Lesher, Sr. (Member c.2014)
      P. O. Box 1663, Easton, MD 21601-1663, USA (Chair. c.2005, 2006, 2008)
      [email protected] (c.2006), [email protected] (c.2014), Tel.: +1 410 822 4357

      Member c.2014: Roche Cedric, South Africa [email protected]

    2. NL : Vereniging Postactieven Belastingdienst Leiden & omstreken
      Literally: "Association Retired Tax Leiden and surroundings!"

    3. I T : Associazione Fiscalisti

    4. UK : Telegraph & Telephone Study Circle
    5. UK : Revenue Society of Great Britain

    6. US : American Revenue Association
    7. US : State Revenue Society, TX 79607,
    8. US : CA : California Revenuers

      ->See Also:

      Titles : U.S. City and County Revenues Catalog, Kent Gray
      Wikipedia : Walter Morley - "Morley was responsible for many early works on revenue, railway and telegraph stamps, as author or publisher. .."

  • Rhodesia
    1. Rhodesian Study Circle, UK

      -> See Also:: Botswana

  • Russia (& USSR)
    1. FI : The Finnish Society of Russian Philately

    2. UK
    3. : British Society of Russian Philately,

    4. Rossica Society of Russian Philately (x)
      Dr. Ed Laveroni, [email protected], Secretary c.2010
      The Rossica Society
      PO Box 320997, Los Gatos, California 95032-0116 USA
      European Chapter c.2010:
      Jack Moyes, Chapter Chairman
      The Rossica Society
      23 Stonywood, Harlow
      Essex, CM18 6AU United Kingdom

      See Also:
      Clubs (in) Russia

  • Ryukyu Islands
    1. Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society, Ltd, AL, USA

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