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Nat'l Symbols, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Non-Denominated

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  • National Symbols

    1. Cercle des amis de Marianne, France
      (Circle of the Friends of Marianne)

  • Netherlands, The

    1. Netherlands Philatelic Circle, .uk  

    2. Netherlands Philatelists of California, The (en USA)  

    3. American Society of Netherlands Philatelists (ASNP), USA

      ->See Also:

    4. The Cornell Dutch Club (Alt Mailing List URL) (no philately)

      Clubs : (in) The Netherlands

  • New Zealand
    1. AU: The Perfin Club of New Zealand & Australia  

    2. UK: New Zealand Society of Great Britain

      ->See Also: Clubs (in) : New Zealand

  • Nicaragua
    1. Nicaragua Study Group (YaHOo group)
      Michael Schreiber, [email protected] (c.2010)
      NICARAO is their quarterly publication

  • Non-Denominated (No Value Indicated)
      Trinidad's Lady McLeod - The 1st Non-Denominated stamp - circa 1847, The NVI Club
    1. NVI (No Value Indicated) Club, France

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