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Liberia, Libraries, Liechtenstein, Literature, Local Posts, Luxembourg

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And: Wikipedia's List of postage stamp collectors' clubs and societies

  • Liberia  
    1. Liberian Philatelic Society, USA
  • Libraries (See Also: Museums)
    1. www : Philatelic Digital Library Project (x)
      (22 works c.2010) "...conceived to work closely to ... the Project Gutenberg to create, organize and preserve a philatelic literature collection."


    2. AR: N�stor J Lopez Biblioteca of FAEF, Argentina

    3. AU : Australia Post - Archives Section - Philatelic Group, VIC, Australia  
    4. AU : Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Library, VIC, Australia
    5. AU : Latham Roberts Library of the Philatelic Society of South Australia
    6. AU : The Queensland Philatelic Council Philatelic Library, QLD, Australia

    7. CA : The Horace W. Harrison Online Library (BNAPS' BNA Topics "1944 to present")
    8. CA : Royal Philatelic Society of Canada Library (online exhibits)
      & 'Each issue of The Canadian Philatelist (up to five years ago) has been scanned';
      (1950-2005 ; & there are some older Canadian club journals: 1890's to 1950 - aj)
    9. CA : ON : Library and Archives Canada (LAC)
    10. CA : ON : Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library (of the The Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation)

    11. CH : PTT-Library and Archive : Historisches Archiv und Bibliothek PTT, Switzerland

    12. DE: Berlin : Museum f�r Kommunikation Berlin (mit Bibliothek), Germany
      ("the world's first postal museum")
    13. DE : Bonn : Archiv fur Philatelie (& Library), Germany
    14. DE : Munich Philatelic Library

    15. ES : Museo Postal y Telegrafo (y Biblioteca)
      Cite : Postal Administrations : Spain

    16. GR: Athens Postal & Philatelic Museum (& Library), Greece

    17. I N : Dr. Ashwin Patel Memorial Philatelic Library, India

    18. I L : Israel Philatelic Federation Library

    19. NA : Sam Cohen Library
    20. NA : Namibia Scientific Society Library

    21. NL : Nederlandse Bond van Filatelisten Verenigingen Biblioteek (NBFV) (now KBFV)

    22. NZ : Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Library
    23. NZ : Christchurch Philatelic Society (& Philatelic Library): "the largest Philatelic Library in the southern Hemisphere."

    24. PH : Philippines Postal Museum and Philatelic Library (PMPL)
    25. PH : Center for Philatelic Research & Studies, Inc. (CPRSI), Philippines

    26. TW : Chunghwa Postal Museum (& Library), Taiwan
      aka/cf.: Taiwan's Postal Museum, Taiwan

    27. UK : British Library - Philatelic Collections (& Museum)
    28. UK : The British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA)
    29. UK : Royal Philatelic Society of London Library (RPSL Inc.)
    30. UK : Great Britain Philatelic Society (& Library) (GBPS)

    31. US: National Postal Museum Library
      One of the 20 branches of the Smithsonian Libraries of Washington, DC which
      contain "The world's largest and most comprehensive stamp collection." (cf. AskPhil)
    32. US: National Museum of American History Library
      'Including a section on the Postal Service and Stamp Collecting featuring: Internet Resources, Museums, Other Organizations and U.S. Government Agencies'
    33. US: National Portrait Gallery (& Library)
      & The Smithsonian American Art Museum & more...
    34. US : AZ : The Peggy Sluser Memorial Library (The Postal History Foundation's Library {PHF}) (cf. AskPhil)
    35. US : AZ : Mexico-Elmurst Philatelic Society Int'l Library (moved to CA c.2008)
    36. US : CA : Western Philatelic Library (WPL)
    37. US : CA : San Diego County Philatelic Library
    38. US : CA : Scandinavian Philatelic Library of Southern California
    39. US : CO : Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library (RPML)
      Which includes the Scandinavian Collector's Club Library.
    40. US : FL : Florida Philatelic Foundation Library
    41. US : I L  : Collectors Club of Chicago Library (the "AskPhil" mini online library)
      Where "we will (also) be responding to questions sent to The Postal History Foundation of Tucson, Arizona, the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library of Dallas, Texas, and The Smithsonian Libraries of Washington, DC. "
    42. US : MA : Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History Museum (& Library), The
      "... the major philatelic library in New England and one of a handful of significant philatelic libraries in the United States."
    43. US : MN : Northern Philatelic Library
      "On May 1 (2012) the world's newest philatelic library became operational. . ."
    44. US : NY : Collectors Club of New York Library (CCNY)
      Maintaining "a library of approximately 150,000 volumes for the free use of the interested public."
      {can be searched using the Online Catalog of American Philatelic Research Library (APRL)}.
    45. US : OR : Northwest Philatelic Library
      aka: Harold Peterson Philatelic Library
    46. US : OH : Margie Pfund Memorial Post Mark Museum and Research Library
      "... the largest single collection in the world ..."
    47. US : PA : American Philatelic Research Library (APRL)
      The "largest public philatelic library in the United States."
      Whose online card catalogue also covers: RPML, CCNY, PHF libraries.
    48. US : TX : Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library (cf. AskPhil)
    49. US : VA : Railway Mail Service Library Inc.

    50. ZA : Royal Philatelic Society of Cape Town Library
    51. ZA : Transnet Library

      ==> Note: c.2010, The American Topical Association (ATA) "has announced an initiative to place multiple copies of ATA thematic handbooks in philatelic libraries around the U.S." (or "Other domestic or international philatelic libraries")

      ".. The following philatelic libraries have received the offering of free handbooks: American Philatelic Research Library, Atlanta Stamp Collectors Club Library, Collectors Club of Chicago Library, Collectors Club of New York Library, Moody Medical Library, National Postal Museum Library, Northwest Philatelic Library, Postal History Foundation, Railway Mail Service Library, Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library, San Diego Philatelic Library, Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History, Western Philatelic Library, and Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library. Other domestic or international philatelic libraries that would like to be included in the topical handbook initiative can contact the ATA for information. " - ATA at PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, e-mail [email protected], phone 618-985-5100.

      ->See Also:

      º Internet Library Resources, George Alevizos (dealer), CA, USA (excellent!)
      Especially his (cc):

      º VuFind
      A (software) library resource portal designed and developed for libraries by libraries. The goal of VuFind is to enable your users to search and browse through all of your library's resources by replacing the traditional OPAC.
      VuFind is released as Open Source!
      July 20, 2007 - Villanova University announces VuFind, a next generation library catalog, is now freely available as Open Source software.

      "The place where innovations in library services results from web based technology and insight into library operations."

      º Wikipedia's : List of philatelic libraries

      º Wikipedia's entry : International Philatelic Libraries Association

      º Philatelic Libraries, by Larry T. Nix
      - writes for Philatelic Literature Review; the journal of the American Philatelic Research Library (APRL) Who, also, says, "Also check out the Library History Buff Blog."

      º Our mini online library
  • Liechtenstein  
    1. Liechtenstein Study Group, USA
      Publication : Liechtenstudy, periodic auctions

      See Also: Clubs (in) : Liechtenstein
  • Literature  
    1. FIP Commission for Literature FIP
      Chair. (c.2012, 2014): Anthony Virvilis @
      27 Sahtouri Street, 185 36 Piraeus, Greece
      Phone: +30 210 4521 971

      Norman Banfield (Sec. c.2010)
      14 Rata Road, Raumati Beach 5032, New Zealand
      Tel: +64 4 299 6639, @-Mail

      Chair. (c.2006, 2008):
      Francis E. Kiddle, RDP
      Punch Tree House, Reading Road
      North Fleet, Hants. GU51 4HS, UK
      Tel.: 0044 1251 613 881, Fax: 0044 1251 810 766

      old: (forwards c.2014)

    2. FIAF Commission for Philatelic Literature

    3. AR: Asociacion de Cronistas Filatelicos de la Rep�blica Argentina (ACFA)

      See Also:

      Wikipedia's : Philatelic Literature

  • Luxembourg

    1. Luxembourg Collectors Club, USA

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Luxembourg

  • Local Posts
    1. British Private Post Study Group, UK

    2. Local Post Collectors Society, , USA  

    3. Lundy Collectors Club, UK

    4. Lundy Collectors Club, CO 80303, USA

      See Also: Cinderellas, Carriers & Locals
      Also: Dealers : Locals


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