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Gems, Germany, Gibraltar, Graphics, Greece, Guatemala

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  • Gems (eg. Minerals etc)

    Gems-Minerals-Jewelry Stamp Club ATAu-11
    Publication: Philagems International (Quarterly)
    Contacts c.2011:
    Gilberte Proteau, [email protected]
    138 rue Lafontaine, Beloeil, QC J3G 2G7, Canada
    Pres.: Alan Dean, [email protected]
    108 Newton Sq, Pointe-Claire, Dorval, QC H9R 1H8, Canada
    c.2005, 2012: Bob Keller, P.O. Box 632, Tewksbury, MA 01876, USA
    Sec./Treas. c.2001?, George Young, [email protected]
    Editor c.?: Mary Chandler, [email protected]

  • Germany (& related)

    1. DE: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler deutscher Kolonialpostwertzeichen (cf.)
    2. DE: Zeppelins Study Group (Associated) (to GCPS) {ZSG} (cf.)

    3. CA: ON: Germany Philatelic Society - Chap. 13  

    4. BE: Germania Studiekring, Gent, Belgium  

    5. DK : Danzig Study Group, Denmark
      aka: Danzig Gruppen

    6. FR: Cercle philat�lique d'�changes franco-allemands  

      In The UK:

    7. UK: Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society (GCPS)*
      also has several Study Groups
    8. UK : (GCPS) - Farnborough Regional Group
    9. UK : (GCPS) - London Regional Group
    10. UK : (GCPS) - North West Regional Group
    11. UK : (GCPS) - Scotland Regional Group
    12. UK : (GCPS) - South Coast Regional Group
    13. UK : (GCPS) - South West Regional Group
    14. UK : (GCPS) - Tyne Tees Regional Group

      GCPS Study Groups:

    15. UK (& USA) : German Colonies Collectors Group
    16. UK : Stadtposts Study Group (Associated)
    17. UK : Third Reich Study Group
    18. DE : Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler deutscher Kolonialpostwertzeichen (above)
      DE : Zeppelin Study Group (Associated) {ZSG} (above)

      In The USA:

    19. USA : Germany Philatelic Society, Inc. (GPS) *
    20. US : AL : Germany Philatelic Society - Huntsville Ch. 15
    21. US : AZ : Germany Philatelic Society - Chap. 41
    22. US : CA : Germany Philatelic Society - Chapter 29
    23. US : CO : Denver Germany Stamp Club (GPS ch. 27)
    24. US : FL : Germany Philatelic Society - Chap. 23
    25. US : I L : Germany Philatelic Society - Chap. 5
    26. US : MD : Germany Philatelic Society - Herman L. Halle Chapter 16
    27. US : MN : Germany Philatelic Society - Chapter 10
    28. US : NC : Germany Philatelic Society - Carolinas Chapter 37
    29. US : NY : Germany Philatelic Society (GPS Chptr)
    30. US : OH : Germany Philatelic Society - Cleveland Chap. 19
    31. US : OH : Germany Philatelic Society - Columbus Chap. 20
    32. US : WI : Germany Philatelic Society - Chap. 18, GPS

      USA (& UK) : * German Colonies Collectors Group (GPS & GCPS Study Group)

      c.201202 GPS Study Groups:

      Buildings Study Group GPS-11 (x)
      Contact: Frederick Porter, [email protected]
      25 Heather Hills Drive, Oak Ridge, New Jersey 07438
      Publication: Spec Sheet (3 times per year)

      Danzig Study Group GPS-11 (x)
      Contact: John H. Bloecher
      1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21207-5230
      Publication: Danzig Report, edited by John Bloecher (quarterly)

      German Colonies Collectors Group (GCCG) GPS-11, GCPS-11, APS-05 (x) (& above)
      Contact: J. D. Manville, [email protected]
      P.O. Box 845, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481-0845
      Publication: VORL�UFER
      edited by John Kevin Doyle, @ (quarterly)
      Sample copy $ 5.00
      The GCCG was founded in 1968, and has been in continuous operation since 1973. We have more than 220 members, principally in the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, with members in several other countries. We publish our quarterly journal, VORL�UFER, in English.
      There are two major study groups for the German Colonies - the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler deutscher Kolonialpostwertzeichen (based in Germany (x) and the German Colonies Collectors Group (GCCG), based in the U.S. The GCCG is a Study Group of the Germany Philatelic Society, and an Affiliate of the APS.

      Inflation Study Group GPS-11 (x)
      Contact: Jason Manchester
      Box 3128, Columbus, Ohio 43210
      Publication: Inflation Study Group Bulletin, edited by Bernie Cohen (quarterly).
      Sample copy $ 4.00 from:
      Bernie Cohen
      851 Sonoma Terrace, Stanford, California 94305-1024

      Russian Zone Handoverprint Study and Research Group GPS-11 (x)
      Contact: George R. Lenz, [email protected]
      6 Apple Blossom Road, Andover, Massachusetts 01810-5402
      Publication: Handoverprint (quarterly)

      Stadtpost Study Group GPS-11 (x)
      Contact: Peter Rogers, [email protected]
      31 Springfield Road, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk 1P33 3AR, UK

      Third Reich Study Group GPS-11 (x)
      Contact: Myron Fox, [email protected]
      4 Arbor Circle, Natick, Massachusetts 01760, USA
      Publication: Third Reich Study Group Bulletin (quarterly)
      edited by James E. Lewis

    33. WWW : Allied Occupation of Germany after WWII (x) (a YaHOo! eGroup)
      Stamps, Covers and Postal History
      Including: American, British, French and Russian zones, & including Berlin.
    34. WWW : Third Reich Stamps Group (on YaHOo!) - Jim Kellogg, @ PWO (x)
      Topics include occupied countries, Legions, propaganda postcards, revenues, NSDAP and other membership dues stamps, poster stamps, Cinderellas and labels, ration stamps, concentration camp and Holocaust postal history, censored mail, Governments in Exile, WWII fieldpost and POW postal history.
    35. WWW : Early_Germany_Stamps (on YaHOo!) (x)
      This group is open for discussion on all stamps, covers and postal history of Germany up to 1933. Topics include German States, Colonies, Empire, Plebiscites, Saar, Danzig, World War I occupations, Allied occupation after WW I, and the Weimar Republic.

      ->See Also :

      º FCGI - Forschungsgemeinschaft Kanalinseln und Insel Man
      (re: WWII Germany occ. Br. Channel Isles)

      º Clubs (In) : Germany

  • Gibraltar
    1. Gibraltar Study Circle, UK
      AKA: Gibraltar Stamp Society

      ->See Also: Clubs (in) : Gibraltar

  • Graphic Arts
    "from prehistoric cave paintings to the latest technology
    1. Graphics Philately Association, USA

  • Great Britain - See: United Kingdom

  • Greece

    1. AU: VIC: Hellenic Philatelic Society of Melbourne
      NOTE: Data Needed! c.2008

    2. N L: Postzegelvereniging Griekenland

    3. US: Hellenic Philatelic Society of America  

    4. UK: Hellenic Philatelic Society of Great Britain  

    5. UK: Greek Airposts Society

      ->See Also: Clubs (in) : Greece

  • Guatemala
    1. International Society of Guatemala Collectors, CA 95204, USA
    2. ->See Also: Clubs (in) : Guatemala



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