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Canada, Cancels, Caribbean, Carriers & Locals, Censorship, Chile, China, Cinderellas, Computers, Congo, Costa Rica, Covers, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Rep.

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  • Canada

    1. ArGe USA/Canada, Germany  

    2. Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain, UK

    3. USA en Canada Filatelie, The Netherlands

    4. Centre d'interpr?tation et de recherche philat?lique du Canada - Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

    5. Canadiana Study Unit ATA-11, APS-05 (f.1988)
      Publication: The Canadian Connection (quarterly)
      Contact (c.2004, 2011)
      John Peebles, @, Tel.: (514) 487-2169
      PO Box 3262, Station A, London, ON N6A 4K3, Canada
      The history, culture, and industry of Canada worldwide.

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Canada

  • Cancels
    1. Bullseye Cancel Collectors Club, NY 10306-6048, USA
    2. International Machine Cancel Society, OH 43017, USA
    3. International Machine Cancel Society of Canada (IMCRSC), Canada

    4. Associazione Nazionale Collezionisti Annullamenti Italiani (ANCAI), Italy

    5. Nederlandse Vereniging van Poststukken en Poststempelversamelaars (Po en Po)
      (Netherlands Society of Postal History and Postal Cancellations)

    6. U.S. Cancellation Club, PA 17837, USA

  • Caribbean
    1. British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group (BCPSG), UK (& USA)
    2. British West Indies Study Circle (BWISC), UK
    3. Danish West Indies Study Unit, MA 01749, USA

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) The Caribbean

  • Carrriers & Locals
    1. Carriers and Locals Society
      P.O. Box 770334, Woodside, NY 11377, USA

    2. Carriers & Locals Society
      P.O. Box 1574, Dayton, OH 45401, USA

    3. Local Post Collectors Society - J.J. Frasketi Jr.
      2043 (was 2019) Maracilla Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33901, USA

    4. Lundy Collectors Club, UK & USA

    5. Morocco and Tunisia Local Posts Philatelic Society, France

      See Also:
      Postal Authorities : Local Posts

  • Censorship  
    1. Civil Censorship Study Group (CCSG), UK

    2. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Feld- und Zensurpost 1914-1918 (D), Austria

    3. War-time mail and Field Post related to Norway (a society) [NOR], .no
        aka/q.v.: 'Krigs- og Feltpostforeningen'

    4. Forces Postal History Society (FPHS), UK

    5. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zensurpost (AGZ), Germany
      ('translates 'Association of censorship Post')

  • Chile  

    1. International Chilean Philatelic Society London
      2 Prince's Drive, Marple, Storkport SK6 6NJ, UK

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Chile

  • China (...)  
    1. Postal History Society of China
      Tommy Chiu, @
      Membership (team), @
      P.O. Box 1108, Station B,
      Willowdale, Ontario, M2K 3A2 Canada
      "A group of us who have found that there is no journal in the English language that serves our collecting interest have decided to do something about it. We have started this society. ...(and) decided to use advanced management techniques to run our society, in teams."

    2. AU: VIC: China Philatelic Society of Australia Inc.
    3. AU: NSW: China Study Group of the PSNSW
    4. CA : BC : Chinese Coin and Stamp Club
    5. FR: La Philatelie Chinoise
    6. NL: Studiegroep China Filatelie
    7. PH: Chinese Philatelic Club of the Philippines (CPCP)  
    8. UK: China Philatelic Society of London  
    9. US: The China Stamp Society, Inc.
    10. TW: Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation

      See Also: Clubs (in): China

  • Cinderellas
    1. AU : NSW : Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia (was: 'of Australia')
      Cite: Dealers : .au-NSW
    2. UK : Cinderella Stamp Club (CSC) {& in the USA ..}
    3. US : The Poster Stamp Collectors Club
      Cite: Philately : xxx

      See Also : Carriers & Locals

  • Commemorative
    1. US : American Ceremony Program Society
    2. US : American Society for Philatelic Pages and Panels
    3. US : Souvenir Card Collectors Society
    4. US : NY : Souvenir Card Collectors Society - Metro Chapter
    5. US : VA : Souvenir Card Collectors Society - Chapter 1

  • Computers  
    1. Philatelic Computing Study Group, The - Bob de Violini, Sec. , CA 93031, USA
      Note: Disbaned c.2007

  • Congo (both)  
    1. UK: Belgian Congo Study Circle (BCSC), UK
      Publication: BCSC Bulletin
      BE: aka: Studiegroep Belgisch Congo (BCSC)
      Publication: BCSC Bulletin
      Gen. Secretary: Johan Delbeke, @, Tel.: 03/665.16.04
      PB 1, B-3010 Kessel Lo, Belgium
      US Secretary: @
      "..founded as a British society in 1951/2 .. its membership has expanded and is now international with particular strength from membership in Belgium, USA and the U.K. ..

      The Study Circle has an Expert Committee which is prepared to identify and authenticate Belgian Congo and Ruanda Urundi stamps, postal stationery and items of postal history."

      See Also: Clubs (in) : the Congos

  • Costa Rica  
    1. US: Society of Costa Rica Collectors (SOCORICO)

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Costa Rica

  • Covers  
    1. Australian Cover Society, VIC, Australia

    2. Cover Collectors Circuit Club, USA

      See Also: FDC Covers

  • Croatia  
    1. US: Croatian Philatelic Society

      See Also: : Clubs : (in) Croatia

      & about : Balkans, Bosnia, Yugoslavia ... Serbia

  • Cuba  
    1. US: Cuban Philatelic Society of America Inc., FL 33114, USA
      (Sociedad Filat?lica Cubana de Norteam?rica)

    2. US: Club Cubano De Coleccion FL 33144, USA

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Cuba

  • Cyprus  
    1. Cyprus Study Circle, UK

      -See Also: Clubs : (in) Cyprus

  • Czech Republic  
    1. NL: Netherlands Society for Czechoslovak Philately
      aka: 'Vereniging voor Tsjechoslowakije-Filatelie'  

    2. UK: Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain  

    3. US: Society for Czechoslovak Philately

      ->See Also: Clubs (in) : Czech Republic

      ->See Also: Slovakia


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