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At the Federal Level
    Smithsonian National Postal Museum


'Interactive museum of postal history and philately'


  • National Postal Museum
    Smithsonian Institution
    2 Massachusetts Avenue NE
    Washington, DC 20002-9997
    Tel: (202) 633-5555
    TTY: (202) 633-9849
    Attn: Allen Kane, [email protected] ASDA
  • 'And although resources 'focus on the postal history and philately of the United States, the collections are international in scope. Europe, North America and Australia are particularly well represented.' (NPM c.2005)


    "The National Postal Museum offers exhibits tracing the history of the postal system in the United States. It houses more than 13 million postal-related items - mostly stamps, but also postal stationery, greeting cards, covers and letters, mailboxes, postal vehicles, handstamps, metering machines, patent models, uniforms, badges, and other objects related to postal history and philately. The museum's library, with more than 40,000 volumes and manuscripts, is open to the public by appointment." (USPS data c.2008)


    The NPM is one of the 20 branches of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) .. located in the Washington, DC area, in Suitland and Edgewater, Maryland, in New York City, and in the Republic of Panama.
    SIL Director's Office:
    10th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20560-0154
    (in Room 22 of the National Museum of Natural History)
    Write: Smithsonian Information, @
    PO Box 37012
    SI Building, Room 153, MRC 010
    Washington, D.C. 20013-7012
    Phone: Voice (202) 357 2700
    TTY: (202) 357 1729 (Mon-Sat 9am-4pm)


    Additional United States National Resources
    National Postal Museum Library

    2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
    (West of Union Station, south of G St.)
    Washington, D.C. 20560-0570, USA
  • Tel.: (202) 633 9370, Fax: 202.622.9371
  • E-mail ( Read first)
  • Pushing the Envelope (their blog); c.2012


    M-F 10a-4:30p (Open to the public by appointment)


    In July 1993 the 'National Postal Museum Library was formed from the collections at the National Museum of American History Library and the National Philatelic Collection. Now, with more than 40,000 books, journals, catalogues and archival documents, the National Postal Museum Library is among the world's largest postal history and philatelic research facilities. The Library features a specimen study room, an audio-visual viewing room and a rare book collection. ... The public may borrow Smithsonian Institution Library (SIL) books (searchable via Smithsonian Institution Research Information Service (SIRIS); their primary tool for searching the library's holdings - and in the OCLC and RLIN international databases) through their own public, special or academic library's interlibrary loan program. SIL adheres to the interlibrary loan guidelines of the American Library Association. The National Postal Museum Library does not lend books that are fragile, damaged or otherwise at risk. ...In addition to the Libraries' online catalog and to OCLC and RLIN listed above, the library has a variety of both print and electronic reference tools useful for finding information on philately and postal history. The print collection includes a variety of catalogues, directories, handbooks and encyclopedias that support philatelic and postal history research. More general reference tools are found in Central Reference and Loan Service (CRLS).

    Photocopy and Microfilm facilities are available on site.


    Special Collections Textual material on United States Post Office Department subjects:


  • Postage stamp & stationery public comment files, 1847 to 1971.
  • United States Post Office Department subject files not related to postage stamp and stationery issues.
  • Highway Post Office files.
  • Panama Canal Zone Postal Administration files.
  • Railway Post Office files.
  • Aerial Mail Service files.
  • National Air Mail Week, 1938-39, files.
  • Zip Code files of Mr. James R. Sydnor.
  • Photographs. Two thousand black and white photographs covering many topics in postal history, Smithsonian Institution postage stamp and stationery exhibiting history, and general postage stamp design, printing and collecting history.

    ->See Also:

  • NPM's online State Postal History Registry


    Complementary collections within the Smithsonian Institution Library system are located at :


    "The world's largest and most comprehensive stamp collection."


  • The National Museum of American History


    Contains: an exhibit gallery "devoted to the display of select portions of the world's largest and most comprehensive stamp collection. ...a Library Research Center, a Discovery Center for educational programming, a Museum Shop, and a philatelic sales center."


    One unique feature is "the 19th-century country store/post office, restored as a working postal facility" ... and their online  Encyclopedia Smithsonian: ( U.S. Postal History and Philately - Alt. HTML)

    c.2008: A revisit comes up with absolutely NO philatelic relationships! - And no apprent way to contact anyone by e-mail! So, now, I'm not sure where the "world's largest stamp collection" is! - ajw (and I sent a general query to [email protected])


    And their:


  • National Museum of American History Library


    A 'complete bibliographic reference to the history of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present.' Including a section on the Postal Service and Stamp Collecting featuring: Internet Resources, Museums, Other Organizations and U.S. Government Agencies


    National Museum of American History - Room 5016
    14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20560-0630, USA


  • The National Air and Space Museum
    (Resources on airmail ...)


    And their:


  • National Air and Space Museum Library & Archives (Info) (Open to the public M-F 8:45a-5:15p by appointment)


    National Air and Space Museum - Room 3100
    6th Street & Independence Av, SW
    Washington, D.C. 20560-0314
    Tel.: 202 633 2330 (for appointments)
    Tel.: 202 357 3133, Fax: 202 786 2835
    E-mail ( Read first)

    See Also:


  • Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Library
    (Cambridge, Mass.)


    The "premier postal history and philatelic research center in the United States."
  • The Smithsonian American Art Museum


    (Formerly: 'National Museum of American Art')
    (Art, graphic design and printing techniques - though, c.2008, I find no reference to philately or stamps so we'll try asking their "Ask Joan of Art" {or, for those on AOL or Java-less, via E-mail})


    Eighth and G Streets, NW
    Washington, DC
    Tel.: (202) 275-1500


    See Also (perhaps now combined? - orignal list had 22 branches.):


  • The Smithsonian American Art Museum
    & National Portrait Gallery (& Library)


    (Specializes in American art, history, and biography )


    (Open to the public M-F 10a-5p):
    The Victor Building
    750 9th Street N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20001-4505
    Tel.: (202) 275-1912
    Online Reference Desk
    "renamed Ask Joan of Art; continues to aid researchers"
    Tel.: (202) 633-8380 c.2008 re databases they have


    Related research collections nearby:


  • The United States Postal Service (USPS)



    The USPS Corporate Library
    475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
    Washington, DC 20260-1540
    The Postal Service's Corporate Library has a collection of historical material, including the Annual Report of the Postmaster General since 1789, Postal Laws and Regulations since 1794, the United States Official Postal Guide from 1874 to 1954, and the Postal Bulletin since 1880. (Exact titles vary.) While the library does not lend out its historical materials, its collection is open to the general public during regular business hours. The library also has many secondary sources on postal history. (USPS data c.2008)



    The USPS Historian
    475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
    Washington, DC 20260-0012
    The Historian maintains the Postmaster Finder, the Postal Service's national historic record of Postmasters by Post Office (online are 'Most postmasters appointed after 1986 and some postmasters appointed before..'). The Historian's staff can provide guidance in researching specific aspects of postal history. Upon request, the Historian's staff can provide the names and appointment dates of Postmasters who have served at particular Post OfficeTM locations, Post Office establishment and discontinuance dates, and the dates of any Post Office name changes. (USPS data c.2008)


  • The National Archives and Records Administration


    And their: Archives Library Information Center (ALIC)
    "The Archives Library Information Center (ALIC) is more than a traditional library. Recognizing that our customers no longer expect to work within the walls of a library, these pages are designed to provide NARA staff and researchers nationwide with convenient access to content beyond the physical holdings of our two traditional libraries...Our physical library locations are in the National Archives Buildings in Washington, DC, and in College Park, MD. (also listed below - aj)


    700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20408-0001
    Tel.: 1-202-501-5000, 1-866-272-6272
    TDD for the Hearing Impaired: 202-501-5404
    Tour Arraingements: 202-501-5205 (Mon.-Friday)
    Admission: Free
    The National Archives houses postal records prior to 1971. Some of the records most useful in researching local postal history have been reproduced on microfilm, including National Archives Microfilm Publication M1131, Record of Appointment of Postmasters, October 1789-1832; Publication M841, Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-September 30, 1971; and Publication M1126, Post Office Department Reports of Site Locations, 1837-1950. For more information on these and other records, write to the National Archives or visit its Web site. (description is USPS data c.2008)



    National Archives' College Park Offfice
    8601 Adelphi Road
    College Park, MD 20740-6001
    Tel.: 301-837-2000


    Admission: Free (M-F: 8a-5p)
    Free hourly shuttle between facilities


    'The National Archives and Records Administration presents events and public programs across the country, in the Washington, DC, area and in Presidential Libraries and regional records services facilities nationwide.' Site features an online Virtual Library.


  •   National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
    Civilian Records Facility
    111 Winnebago Street
    St. Louis, MO 63118-4126
    "NPRC is one of the National Archives and Records Administration's largest operations. We are a central repository of personnel-related records, both military and civil service. Our mission is to provide world class service to Government agencies, military veterans, former civilian Federal employees, family members, as well as researchers and historians." (via NPRC c.2008)


    " The Civilian Records Facility has personnel records for many postal employees whose service ended after 1910. Researchers should provide as much identifying information as possible about the former employee and his/her place and dates of employment. The Civilian Records Facility also houses rural route cards, filed by Post Office, which provide details on rural routes and carriers." (description is USPS data c.2008)


  • The Bureau of Engraving and Printing


  • The Library of Congress (Alt URL)
    Washington, D.C., USA
    > Online Catalog


    > U.S. Copyright Office
    101 Independence Ave. S.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20559-6000
    Tel.: (202) 707-3000


    > THOMAS (Legislative Information)

    The USPS online " Research Sources" for postal historians et al (includes data on rail & Pony Express resources.) and their " Publication 119 - Sources of Historical Information ( on Post Offices, Postal Employees, Mail Routes, and Mail Contractors )" ( cc)


  • National Clubs & Societies

    American Philatelic Society FIP, FIAF, Social Media {f. 1886}

    PO Box 8000, State College, PA 16803
    100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823
    Tel.: 814-933-3803, Fax: 814-933-6128
    Show (annual) : StampShow (Summer - The annual convention of the APS
    & includes the Literature Exhibition; see below)


    Publication : The American Philatelist (cf.)
    One column : Mike Mills' The Glassine Surfer
    ; has/had an archive on the 'net.


    Services of note : Expertization (via APEX),
    & "Quick I.D." a recent offering c.2008 ($4/mem, $8/non-mem)


    APS Club & Speciality Societies Search Engines
    & Incl. Theft Reprots, Member Verification, Dealers Mall online
    Ref.: Topical Index : Search Engines
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions


    Old APS URL: www.americanphilatelic.org
    Older: www.west.net/~stamps1 ; both '404'


    Ref.: Auction Agents Master List
    Cite: Dealers: PA 16803



    My Source: Sequoia Stamp Club (PENPEX) c.201103

    See Also: APS's stamp store! (Alt. URL)


     (Dealers list)


    1. American Philatelic Research Library APS
      100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823
      Tel.: 814-237-3803, Fax: 814-237-6128
      Publication: Philatelic Literature Review
      Librarian/Ms. Gini Horn, @Stamps.
      APRL, P. O. Box 8000, State College, PA 16803
      Serving APS members as well as APRL members, the APRL is the "largest public philatelic library in the United States. Its holdings include many of philately's classic periodicals, and it receives more than 400 current periodicals from around the world."


    2. American Philatelic Congress APS-12
      Publication: American Congress Book (1 per year)
      Contact c.2005/2012: Ross Towle, @YaHOo! @sprintmail, (415) 861-0515
      400 Clayton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
      Purpose: "To engage in all forms of philatelic research activity." "Award winning ~Congress Books~ have been published annually since its founding in 1935. ... Collectors are invited to contribute articles of lasting philatelic interest ..."
      old: members.aol.com/_ht_a/TongaJan/APC.html


    3. American Philatelic Foundation - non-profit, free appraisals - .us-CA 90046
      does work with children. has commercial aspect.


    4. Armed Forces Stamp Exchange Club info
      AFSEC (c.2008, 2009, 2012)
      ATTN: Executive Secretary
      Hal Stout
      PO Box 342, Woodstock, Virginia 22664-0342
      Executive Secretary (c.2007):
      & AFSEC Quarterly Auction Manager (c.2008):
      Richard West, [email protected]
      P. O. Box 30607, Clarksville, TN 37040
      "Originated for all military and government workers." AFSEC was founded in 1954 & Membership is now open to all. Auctions, Sales Circuits, Exchange circuits, and a quarterly Bulletin.


    5. eBay Users' Stamp Club APS-12
      Meets: online 24/7 : Meetings are on chat board once a month ; TBA.
      eBay Club Chatboard
      StampBoards eBay thread
      c.2005: James E. Watson, eBay ID: Jimbo, @naples, Tel.: 239-947-6159
      3530 Pine Fern Lane, Bonita Springs, FL 34134-1918
      Directors as of April 1st, 2007:
      Pres.: Mitchell Ward, (eBay ID: antonius-ra) ; follow 'Ward'
      Exec. Asst.: Bill Seymour (eBay ID: billsey), @seymour.., @org
      Media Rep.: Peter Gorton (eBay ID: greenwave4u)
      APS Rep. (& Contact c.2012): Matthew Liebson, Ofc.: 216-566-5500
      (eBay ID: paperhistory), [email protected]
      3900 Key Center, 127 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44114-1291


    6. Junior Philatelists of America (JPA) (now defunct c.2007) ISWSC, OR 97321
      Ref. (Re: FDC design contest) : Topicals: FDC's
      www.jpastamps.org '404'


    7. Young Stamp Collectors of America
      c/o American Philatelic Society
      100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823
      (A division of the APS c.2006, 2012)
      ". . .created to promote the hobby to young stamp collectors (under age 18) on the internet. "


    8. Postal History Society, Inc. c.2008
      Formerly: Postal History Society of the Americas
      c/o Kalman V. Illyefalvi, Sec./Treas., [email protected]
      8207 Daren Court, Pikesville, MD 21208, USA


    9. The Sociable Stamp Society APS-05, VT 05461
      and on the Internet via Mike Mills' The Glassine Surfer site
      old: http://www.glassinesurfer.com/ '404' c.2012


    10. United States Stamp Society (USSS) APS-12
      Contact c.2012: Executive Secretary, [email protected]
      P. O. Box 6634, Katy, TX 77491-6634
      old: PO Box 2641, Reston, VA 20195
      Formerly: the Bureau Issues Association (BIA)
      Journal: The United States Specialist
      Their purpose is 'to promote the study of all postage and revenue stamps and stamped paper of the U.S. and U.S. administered areas produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and other contract printers.'
      See Also: 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee


    11. The Virtual Stamp Club APS-12, AFDCS-07
      Meets: Message Board, 24 hrs. / 7 days a week
      Chats every Wed. @ 10 pm Eastern
      Contact c.2012: Jeffrey A. Hayward, [email protected]
      163 Baden Pl., Staten Island, NY 10306
      The first internet only APS affilate.
      c.2005: Ed Ozmun, 13619 Powers Road, Poway, CA 92064-3615


      National Specialty Societies


    12. 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee USSS
      old: members.aol.com/raustin13/studygrp/liberty.htm '404' c.2010
      Chairman: Roland Austin, [email protected] ; need addr.
      Covering: The sixth Bureau Issue of US postage stamps
      See also:
      1. 1954 Liberty Serites Research Studies - online
      http://members.aol.com/raustin13/studygrp/restuds.html '404' c.2012
      2. Bardo Stamps, .us-IL (sells related checklist)


    13. Armenian Philatelic Association (APA) APS-12


    14. Americana Study Unit (@) ATA-11, APS-12
      [email protected]
      Publication: Americana Philatelic News (quarterly)
      Dennis Dengel, @, @, @, Tel.: 781-459-0392 (c.2005, 2008, 2011 ATA)
      17 Peckham Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-2018
      or: David A Kent, Tel.: (860) 667-1400 (c.2005, 2012 APS)
      P. O. Box 127, New Britain, CT 06050
      Covering: History, culture, and industry of the USA worldwide.


    15. APS Writers Unit APS-12
      "Encouraging and Assisting Philatelic Communication"
      Publication: The Philatelic Communicator (quarterly)
      Annual Conventions:
      A Writers Breakfast is held on Sunday mornings in conjunction with the American Philatelic Society winter and summer shows. These breakfasts welcome everyone (not only WU #30 members), including families and friends.
      Sec./Treas. c.2012: George B. Griffenhagen, [email protected], 703-966-1739
      12226 Cathedral Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22192-2232
      his old c.2005: 2501 Drexel St., Vienna, VA 22180-6906
      Membership is open to all philatelic writers, columnists, editors, publishers and anyone interested in philatelic communication.


    16. American Air Mail Society (AAMS) {f. 1923} APS-12, FISA-08
      PO Box 110, Mineola, NY 11501, USA
    17. Meets @ Show : ARIPEX (February, in AZ)
      Publication(s) :  
      1. Airpost Journal
      2. Jack Knight Air Log
      Contact: Mr. Stephen Reinhard, [email protected]
      AAMS Study Units
      AAMS Chapters:
      AAMS - Northwest Chapter, OR 97292, USA
      AAMS - New England Air Museum Chapter, CT 06416, USA (NOT CURRENT c.2008)
      AAMS - Northeast (Metropolitan Air Post Society)
      AAMS - Southeast (Southeast Air Mail Society)


      See Also: Balloon, Zeppelin
      American Air Mail Society - Exhibiting Awards (& articles)
      panther.bsc.edu/~spezzill/awardsfm.html '404'
      panther.bsc.edu/~spezzill/colair.html '404'
      panther.bsc.edu/~spezzill/awardsfm.html '404' c.2012
      ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/aams/Collecam.htm '404' c.2008
      - Samuel Spezzill (& Cherly Ganz) '404' c.2008


    18. Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania (SAS/O) APS-12
      Publication: The Informer {Qtrly. since 1936}
      Contact c.2012: Steven G. Zirinsky, [email protected]
      P.O. Box 230049, New York, NY 10023
      Sec./Treas. c.2008: Stuart Leven, [email protected]
      SAS/O, PO Box 24764, San Jose, CA 95154-4764, USA c.2008
      c.2008: 'SAS/O is a U.S. based non-profit, international organization of 300 members who welcome collectors at all levels of philatelic experience...founded in July 1936 by a small group of collectors interested in Australasian philately (as SAS)... In 1965, the American Society of Australian Philatelists, later to become Oceania, Inc. was established for the same purpose as the older SAS. In 1978, the two Societies consolidated to better serve the members of both organizations. Today, the Society has many members, not only in the United States and Canada, but also in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and a few other countries...Send an email request to the Secretary with your name and address, and SAS/O will send you a sample issue of The Informer.'
      c.2000: their library is in the possession of The Western Philatelic Library - of which, Stuart Leven was last known to be president of its 'Freinds of the WPL' group.
      old: members.aol.com/stampsho/saso.html


    19. American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE) APS-12
      Journal: The Philatelic Exhibitor (Quarterly)
      Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Hisey, [email protected]
      7203 St. Johns Way, University Park, FL 34201


    20. Austria Philatelic Society APS-12
      Journal: The Austrian Philatelic Society Journal (quarterly)
      Louis W. Ricker, [email protected] c.2012, [email protected] c.2005, Tel.: 215-864-8317
      P. O. Box 4015, Elwyn, PA 19063-7015 (c.2012)
      1735 Market St. - 51st Fl., Philadelphia, PA 19103-7599 (c.2005)
      {Formerly?: Austria Philatelic Society of New York}


    21. Balloon Post Collectors Club AAMSsu-08
      Maureen Lynch, [email protected] (c.2008 AAMS)
      P. O. Box 24, Glen Falls, NY 12801


    22. American Belgian Philatelic Society (ABPS) {f.1983} APS-12
      Publication: The Belgiophile (quarterly)
      Contact c.2012: Mr. Edward O. de Bary, 11 Wakefield Dr., #2105, Asheville, NC 28803
      c.2005 Pres.: Ralph Yorio, [email protected], Tel.: (321) 254-6461
      4471 Portage Trail, Melbourne, FL 32940-1533
      Treas.: Camiel P. De Keizer, [email protected]
      620 W. 14th Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544-5013


    23. China Stamp Society Inc., OH 43220


    24. American Ceremony Program Society (ACPS) APS-12, AFDCS-07
      (Alt URL © 2005 ACPS, Inc. Site designed and maintained by TCC Media Holdings Group)b
      Publication: The Ceremonial (quarterly)
      Annual convention
      Mrs. Monte Eiserman, [email protected]
      14359 Chadbourne, Houston, TX 77079-6611 (c.2007)
      John E. Peterson, [email protected] (c.2012) [email protected] (c.2005)
      6987 Coleshill Dr, San Diego, CA 92119-1953 (c.2005, 2012)
      See Also: "American Society for Philatelic Pages and Panels"


    25. Confederate Stamp Alliance, The APS-12
      Journal: Confederate Philatelist (quarterly)
      Contact c.2012: Richard F. Murphy, [email protected]
      1489 Oakhurst Dr., Mount Pleasant, SC 29466-9191
      See Also:
      1. CSA Sales Agency
      2. Confederate Stamp Alliance Authentication Service


    26. Cover Collectors Circuit Club (CCCC)
      Publication: CCCC News
      Oline Publication/Forum (c.2012)
      Contact: Renate Thompson (OM "FII" 83485)
      241 Beachers Brook Lane, Cary, NC 27511 (c.2008, 2012)
      Thom Eggleston Youssoupoff
      10102 Oakleaf Ave., Tampa, FL 33612 (c.2005)
      or: [email protected]
      See Also: PA 17349, USA


    27. American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) APS-12
      AFDCS, P. O. Box 16277, Tucson, AZ 85732-6277. Tel.: 520-321-0880
      Publication: First Days (8/yr)  
      Show: AMERICOVER
      (known July 29-31 2005. Aug 4-6 2006, Aug 17-19 2007, Aug 22-24 2008
      July 31-Aug 2 2009, Aug 6-8 2010, Aug 5-7 2011, Aug 10-12 2012 in USA):
      Show Contact c.2005-2007, 2012: Cynthia Scott, [email protected], [email protected]
      Contact c.2012: Douglas A. Kelsey, [email protected]
      PO Box 65960, Tucson, AZ 85728-5960, Tel.: (520) 321-0880
      Cite: Specialized Collecting: FDC's
      See Also:
      >Claude C. Ries Chapter covering Southern California
      >Hand Painted FDC Chapter, NJ, USA
      >Cachet Makers Association - AFCDS Chpt. 65
      >Robert C. Graebner Chapter (#17), MD, USA
      Dealers Dir. : (Re.: Expertization) .us-OH
      Specialized Collecting : Phil Bansner, V.Pres. AFDCS


    28. Germany Philatelic Society (GPS), info@ APS-12
      [email protected]
      PO Box 6547, Chesterfield, Missouri 63006-6547 (c.2011)
      Including Chapters, Study Groups, Library ...
      Monthly Publication: The German Postal Specialist, via Christopher D. Deterding, @star.. (cf.)
      P.O. Box 779, Arnold, MD 21012
      Publicity Director - Jerry H. Miller - [email protected]
      Box 2142, Gken Ellyn, Illinois 60138
      Contact c.2012: Mr. Michael Peter, [email protected]
      P. O. Box 6547, Chesterfield, PA 63006-6547
      "If you specialize in Germany. This is an extremely valuable society. More specialized information from the GPS than anywhere else in the English speaking world."


    29. Graphics Philately Association (GPA) ATA-09, APS-12
      Publication: Philateli-Graphics
      Secretary, Webmaster, Editor : Bruce L. Johnson, [email protected]
      115 Raintree Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077-2012
      "Without printing, the art preservative of all arts, there would be little need for, nor the ability to produce, postage stamps...(incorporating) three interrelated topics: graphic communications, the history of the book, and printing history, from prehistoric cave paintings to the latest graphics technologies."


    30. Great Britain Collectors Club APS-12
      Publication: The Chronicle (Qtr.)
      Meetings: "at major philatelic events throughout the year." (see website)
      Contact c.2012: Mr. Thomas Slemons, [email protected]
      1410 Timber Trail, Greenwood, IN 46142-1143
      Secretary-Treasurer and Webmaster (c.2002-2011): Larry Rosenblum @, URL
      1030 East El Camino Real - PMB 107, Sunnyvale, CA 94087-3759
      Officers c.2012
      President Steve McGill, [email protected]
      Vice President Tom Slemons, [email protected]
      Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Modesitt, [email protected]
      Editor Tom Myers, [email protected]
      Note: Site features various British Postal Rates and other articles.
      "This site is dedicated to the memory of Chuck Hendricksen, who originally brought the GBCC to the web."


    31. American Helvetia Philatelic Society APS-12, VSPhV-05
      Publication: Tell (Swiss philately)
      Contact: Ernest L. Bergman, [email protected], Tel.: 814-238-0164
      1421 Harris St., State College, PA 16803
      The oldest Swiss philatelic society outside Switzerland devoted to all facets of Swiss area philately.

    32. Hong Kong Stamp Society (HKSS) APS-12


    33. Society for Hungarian Philately
      ( Alt. URL), [email protected]
      Journal: News of Hungarian Philately (quarterly)
      Secretary c.2012: Greg Gessell, [email protected]
      4889 76th Street SW A403, Mukilteo WA 98275-2773
      c.2008, 2012 : Jim Gaul, 610-838-8162, [email protected]
      1920 Fawn Lane, Hellertown PA 18055-2117


    34. American Indian Philatelic Society
      5460 Margie Lane, Oak Forest, IL 60452-3727, USA


    35. Society of Israel Philatelists, OH, USA


    36. The International Society For Japanese Philately, Inc. APS-12
      Publication: Japanese Philately
      Secretary: Kenneth Kamholz, [email protected]
      PO Box 1283, Haddonfield, NJ 08033
      Webmaster: Lois M. Evans-de Violini, [email protected]
      For those with an "intelligent interest in the philately and postal history of Japan and former Japanese colonies..."


    37. Liberian Philatelic Society APS-12
      Publication: Journal of the Liberia Philatelic Society
      Contact c.2012: Mr. Edgar J. Hicks
      3325 S. 119th St, Omaha, NE 68144
      Wm Thomas Lockard, [email protected], (740) 384-2919 c.2005
      P. O. Box 106, Wellston, OH 45692-0106 c.2005
      P. O. Box 267, Wellston, OH 45692 c.2000
      or: 1 S. Ohio Ave., Wellston, OH 45692 c.2000
      E-mail Contact: Tom Richards, [email protected]
      Provides 'free' expertising to members!
      old: grace.carlow.edu/~tjrichards/liberia.htm
      old: faculty.carlow.edu/~trichard/liberia.htm


    38. Liechtenstein Study Group
      Publication : Liechtenstudy
      "For a free copy of our most recent newsletter write to:
      Paul Tremaine, [email protected]
      PO BOX 601, Dundee OR 97115-0601, USA" c.2008
      or: 410 SW 9TH St, Dundee, OR 97115 (c.2012)
      Club Contact: Dennis Brady, Treasurer
      4897 Ledyard Drive, Manlius, NY 13104-1514
      Note: website hosted by the dealer: R. Schneider Stamps c.2012
      "We are a small group of about 100 collectors scattered throughout the US and overseas who are interested in Liechtenstein philately. Our principal means of communication is via our quarterly publication Liechtenstudy. . . . The study group also conducts periodic auctions of Liechtenstein material which contain everything from better basic singles and sets to more specialized items seldom found at most auctions - especially those in the US. "
    39. Philatelic Club of the Library of Congress APS-05
      13223 Greenmount Ave., Beltsville, MD 20705-1056
      Meets : 11:30 a.m. 1st & 3rd Tues.
      At : Library Of Congress : James Madison Bldg. :
      Decimal Classification Conf Rm LM 507
      Contact : Mr. Richard E. Barnes, @loc.gov
      6818 Middlefield Terr., Fort Washington, MD 20744-1518
      Cite: Dealers : .us-DC
      '404' c.2008 : gopher://marvel.loc.gov/11/employee/clubs/stamp


    40. Luxembourg Collectors Club (LCC)
      Publication: Castellum {Qtr.}
      Gary Little, 3304 Plateau Drive, Belmont, CA 94002
      It was "in operation for 12 years until it finally wound up operations in September 2009. "


    41. Local Post Collectors Society APS-12
      Publication: The Poster (bimonthly)
      c/o Bob Fritz, Secretary / Treasurer, [email protected]
      17406 N. Calico Drive, Sun City, AZ 85373
      (via Ralph Phillips, President L.P.C.S. 1/26/2009)
      Contact c.2012: Joseph J. Frasketi, Jr.
      2043 Maravilla Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33901
      old: http://www.lopocollectors.com
      older: http://www.spacecovers.com/affiliat.htm#lpcs


    42. Mexico-Elmurst Philatelic Society Int'l (MEPSI) APS-12


    43. Military Postal History Society (MPHS) APS-12
      Publication: Military Postal History Society Bulletin {Qtr.}
      c.2007, 2012: Ed Dubin, [email protected]
      P.O Box 586, Belleville, MI 48112, USA


      See Also: Universal Ship Cancellation Society


    44. American Society for Netherlands Philately (ASNP) (Alt URL) APS-12
      Journal: Netherlands Philately (6 per year)
      Membership c/o: Jan Enthoven, 221 Coachlite Ct. S., Onalaska, WI 54650
      Magazine Editor/ Publisher/ Webmaster c.2012:
      c.2012: Hans Kremer, hkremer@usa, Tel.: 510-820-5841
      50 Rockport Ct., Danville, CA 94526 (c.2012)
      old: 252 Balceta Ct., Danville, CA 94526, USA
      Additional Contact (c.2005):
      c.2005: Mr. Kees Adema, keesandulla@YaHOo!, Tel.: 203-255-0506
      38 Fallowfield Rd., Fairfield, CT 06824-1616, USA


      "Once a year we have an auction which deals exclusively with Netherlands and Related Areas material. We also have an extensive Library which can be consulted by the members for their research.


      The members try to meet every few years, usually at a venue such as a major philatelic exhibition. In 2002 we met in Amsterdam on the occasion of the latest Amphilex exhibition,
      in 2006 we met in Washington at the largest international exhibition up to that time,
      in 2008 in Hartford, CT, and in 2010 in Los Angeles; both sites of a large APS show.


      old: http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/asnp forwards c.2012
      older: www.philatelie.fr/NL/neth_philately.html '404' c.2008


    45. American Society for Philatelic Pages and Panels (x) (ASPPP) APS-12, AFDCS-07
      P.O. Box 475, Crosby, TX 77532 (134@AOL)
      Publication: Page & Panel Journal {Qtr.}
      Vice President and Journal Editor: Ron Walenciak, NY, USA: @
      Contact c.2008&12: Gerald L. Blankenship, gen@asppp, @AOL, Tel.: 281-324-2709?
      539 North Gum Gully, Crosby, TX 77532
      John Ngai, Pres./Treas. c.2008, NY, USA: johnn@asppp
      David G. Jones, Director at Large c.2008, Ontario, Canada: @YaHOo!
      May Day Taylor, Director at Large c.2008, MD, USA: @4cars
      Bruce Menia, Director at Large c.2008, NY, USA: @.rr
      See Also: "Souvenir Card Collectors Society"


    46. American Plate Number Single Society APS-12


      Publication: Plate Numbers (Bi-monthly)
      Contact c.2005, 2012: Richard E. Burdsall, apnss.Sec@gmail, [email protected]
      P. O. Box 1023, Palatine, IL 60078-1023 (c.2005, 2012)


    47. American Society of Polar Philatelists (ASPP) APS-12, ATA-02
      Publication: Ice Cap News (quarterly)
      ASPP Treasurer c.2007: Janice Harvis, [email protected]
      P. O. Box 2103, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077-5103
      Contact c.?: ASPP Treasurer : Ned Harris, [email protected]
      120 S. Houghton - Ste. 138-303, Tucson, AZ 85748-2155
      Secretary (c.2005, 2012): Alan Warren, [email protected], [email protected]
      P.O. Box 39, Exton, PA 19341-0039
      old: www.south-pole.com/p0000010.htm
      older: www.south-pole.com/aspp.htm


    48. International Society for Portuguese Philately APS-12
      Journal: Portu-Info (quarterly)
      Contact c.2005: Clyde J. Homen, [email protected], Tel.: 831-637-7847
      1491 Bonnie View Rd, Hollister, CA 95023-5117
      old: [email protected]
      Webmaster, [email protected]
      Expert Committee Chairman: Stephen S. Washburne
      P.O. Box 43146, Philadelphia, PA 19129-3146
      The ISPP will endeavor to give an opinion, without warranty, on any Portuguese philatelic material. Where a positive opinion can not be rendered, it will be so stated. A uniform charge of $3 per item, or $4 for a color certificate (plus pre-paid return postage including signature confirmation in the U.S., registration elsewhere) is required to defray the expenses of the Committee.


    49. Margie Pfund Memorial Post Mark Museum and Research Library info
      Sponsored by the Post Mark Collectors Club and located near Bellevue, Ohio USA in the Historic Lyme Village, the "Museum's holdings make up the largest single collection in the world, grouping over a million different postal history items."


    50. Postal Label Study Group (PLSG) APS-12
      Postal labels as used in the processing of the mails
      including: Airmail labels, Registration labels, Express labels,
      Priority labels, Certified mail labels, Insurance labels,
      Official Seals, Parcel post labels and Mail Routing labels.
      Membership Chairman : Tom Giraldi, [email protected]
      1305 Scottsdale Way, Modesto, CA 95355, USA
      Publication : Postal Label Bulletin {Qtr.}
      Editor/Pres. c.2012 : Arthur H. Groten, [email protected]
      P. O. Box 30, Fishkill, NY 12524
      Auction Mgr. : Darus Greathouse, [email protected]
      Librarian : Charles Smith, [email protected]
      13910-B Rio Hondo Circle, La Mirada, CA 90638
      old: hometown.aol.com/teg43/index.html '404' c.2010


    51. The Poster Stamp Collectors Club (@) APS-12
      P.O. Box 306, Belfast, ME 04915, [email protected]
      Publication: The Journal of the Poster Stamp Collectors Club (Qtrly)
      & The Poster Stamp Bulletin :
      c/o 3654 Upper Applegate Road, Jacksonville, OR 97530
      Sec. c.2007, 2012: Richard Warren
      P. O. Box 208, Ark, VA 23003


    52. Precancel Stamp Society (PSS) APS-12
      Publication: The Precancel Forum (monthly)
      c.201502 : Keeps a list of prcencel dealer/members.
      Show: Annual National Convention (Summer)
      Show Contact c.2006: Michael Strother: [email protected], 859-272-6798
      August 6-11, 2012, Albuquerque, NM (91st annual)
      Hosted by the Golden Gate Precancel Society and the Texas Precancel Club.
      Phone (505)843-6300 or (866)505-7829
      Club Contact c.2005, 2012: Arnold Selengut, @1, @2, Tel.: 813-980-0734
      c/o BEJJCO of Florida Inc., P. O. Box 16681, Temple Terrace, FL 33687
      old: www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/9885 '404' c.2009
      older: www.geocities.com/moprecancels/PSS/ '404' c.2008


    53. American Revenue Association (ARA) APS-12
      Publication: The American Revenuer (6/yr)
      Eric Jackson's Membership Application Pg.
      Contact c.2012: Mr. Lyman Hensley, [email protected]
      473 E. ELm, Sycamore, IL 60178-1934
      Contact c.2005: Pres. Eric Jackson, [email protected], Tel.: 610-926-6200
      Box 728, Leesport PA 19533-0728
      Dedicated to the "Collection and study of fiscal stamps of the world."
      old: www.ericjackson.com/ara.htm


    54. State Revenue Society (SRS) APS-12
      Journal: State Revenue News (quarterly)
      Meets: about 5 times a year at various shows; see website.
      Contact c.2005, 2012: Scott M. Troutman, P. O. Box 421, Duncansville, PA 16635-0421
      SRS Secretary c.2005, 2012: Kent Gray, staterevscomcast.net , [email protected], TX 79607
      Site was originally hosted by Jim McKellips
      Services include auctions, new issue service, handbooks, exhibition awards.


    55. Universal Ship Cancellation Society APS-12
      Journal: U.S.C.S. Log (ISSN 0279-6139)
      Contact c.2012: Glenn L. Smith, [email protected]
      154 County Road 594, Sylvania, AL 35988
      Sec. (c.2007-10): Steven Shay, [email protected]
      747 Shard Ct., Fremont, CA 94539-7419
      President (C.2010): Steve Henderson, [email protected]
      Treasurer (C.2010): Bob Rawlins, [email protected]


      See Also: Military Postal History Soc.


    56. Souvenir Card Collectors Society (SCCS) APS-12
      (Info. Pg. by R. Bailey; bottom)
      Journal: The Souvenir Card Journal (quarterly)
      Contact c.2012: Mr. William V. Kriebel, [email protected]
      1923 Manning St., Philadelphia, PA 19103-5728
      Contact c.2005: Dana M. Marr, @, Tel.: 918-664-6724
      P. O. Box 4155, Tulsa, OK 74159-0155
      See Also: American Ceremony Program Society

    57. Space Topic Study Unit APS-12, ATA-10, FISA-08
      Journal: Astrophile (bi-monthly)
      Contact c.2012: Robert S. Durst, II, [email protected]
      777 Brushwood Ct., Millersville, MD 21108-1801
      President (c.2008): Tom Steiner
      P.O. Box 550, Northville MI 48167-0550, USA
      Vice-President (c.2008): John Macco,
      (his Space cover photos w/section on "Cosmonaut Autographs")
      1212 Holly Ave., Shady Side, MD 20764, USA
      FISA-Delegate (c.2008): J.P. Esders
      An der Apostelkirche 10, D-10783 Berlin, Germany


    58. Astronomy Study Unit ATA-11 (f.1972)
      Publication: Astrofax (quarterly)
      John W G Budd, 29203 Coharie Loop, San Antonio, FL 33576-4643
      Covering: Astronomy, astrology, zodiac.


    59. Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa APS-05
      Secretary-Treasurer c.2012: David McNamee, [email protected]
      PO Box 37, Alamo, CA 94507, USA
      Sec. (c.2011): Ron Strawser, [email protected]
      5819 Alderfield Ct, Houston, TX 77084-5888
      old: www.homestead.com/psgsa/ ; forwarded to (now '404'):
      http://psgsa.homestead.com/index.ffhtml ; '404'


    60. Society for Thai Philately (SPT) {f.1977} APS-12
      Publication: Thai Philately (3/yr)
      Editor: Pete Iber - Thailand
      Contact c.2012: H. R. Blakeney, [email protected] (c.2005: [email protected])
      P.O. Box 950686, Oklahoma City, OK 73195-0686 (c.2012)
      PMB 501 - Suite 16 - 10600 S. Penn, Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (c.2005)
      "The Society is honored to have as an honorary member, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. When the Society's Bonnie Davis asked the King to become an honorary member, he requested the stamp designers at the Communications Authority of Thailand to design a logo for the Society. This logo (above) remains in use to this day..."


    61. American Topical Association (ATA) APS-12
      Journal: Topical Time (bimonthly)
      Executive Director (c.2011): Vera Felts
      PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008
      Ofc. Phone/Fax: 618-985-5100, [email protected]
      Many Chapters (e.g. New York Chapter, NY 10016)
      "The ATA offers for sale 61 topical handbooks authored by ATA members; 45 of the titles are included in the free offering to (USA) philatelic libraries. They include handbooks on such popular topics as Birds, Railroads, Watercraft, Space, Sports, and various Americana-related topics as Lincoln, Roosevelts, Statue of Liberty and the Bicentennial." (c.2010)


    62. U.S. Cancellation Club APS-12
      Journal: U.S. Cancellation Club News (quarterly)
      c.2005, 2012: Roger Rhoads, Secretary - USCC, [email protected], [email protected]
      6160 Brownstone Ct, Mentor, OH 44060
      "..association of members devoted to the study and publication of information about obliterators found on 19th century United States stamps."
      old: http://bob.trachimowicz.org/uscc/index.html
      older: www.geocities.com/Athens/2088/uscchome.htm '404'


    63. U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Inc (USPCS) APS-12
      Publication: The Chronicle of the US Classic Postal Issues (quarterly)
      Contact c.2012: Rob Lund, [email protected]
      2913 Fulton St., Everett, WA 98201-3733
      Contact: Dr. Charles J. DiComo, Sec., @uspcs c.2008
      Rob Lund (Asst. Sec. c.2008), Membership@, @AOL
      2913 Fulton St., Everett, WA 98201-3733 c.2005)
      3007 Panaview Blvd., Everett, WA 98203-6945 (c.2005) it's one of these!
      Successor of "The Three Cent 1851-57 Unit" (APS No. 11), now covers "from the Stampless era up to the Bureau Issues." Site features histories of Scott #'s 5A-1b, 11, 64a, 120, 214. And provides a listing of 'points of contact' via 14 Regional VP's throughout the USA.
      old: pages.prodigy.com/IL/uspcs
      old: www.scruz.net/~eho/uspcs/index.html


    64. United States Possessions Philatelic Society APS-12
      Publication: Possessions (quarterly)
      Contact c.2016: Len McMaster, [email protected]
                    27 Fairfield Lane, Capon Bridge, WV 26711
                   Sec. c.2016: Dan Ring, [email protected]
                    PO Box 113, Woodstock, IL 60098
                    Contact c.2005, 2012:
      Geoffrey Brewster, [email protected]
      6453 E. Stallion Road, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
      Sec. c.2012: David Durbin, [email protected]
      2270 Rule Ave., Unit #C, Maryland Heights, MO 63043-1427


    65. Zeppelin Collectors Club (ZCC) APS-12, AAMS-08
      Publication: The Zeppelin Collector (quarterly)
      Dr. Cheryl Ganz, [email protected]
      P.O. Box 77196, Washington, DC 20013
      www.collectors.org/CD/Show_Club.asp?ID=2378 '404' c.2012

      See Also: - Clubs (about) United States of America  


      AskPhil's 'Local Club Search' (more than 1,000 worldwide clubs)


      Stamp2.com resources (100's of clubs; most by snail)
      Cite: Gen Links : Resources #

      Once Upon A Time...
    66. U.S. Postal Memorabilia Society
      sashimi.wwa.com/~zane/postal.html ; 'no response' 8/2001

    1. Western Cover Society APS-12 , .us-West
      - almost anything west of the Mississippi: Swanson's Info Pg.
      Who also says, "NOTE: the Society is now offering all 55 years of the publication Western Express on a DVD for $40 postpaid for members. Non-members pay $100. If you have any interest in Western history and especially postal history, this offers a very good inducement to join this organization." c.2008
      Publication: Western Express {Quarterly}
      Western Cover Society General Discussion Board
      c.2007: Oscar Thomas, Treasurer WCS
      P. O. Box 604, Lake Forest CA 92609
      Contact c.2005, 2012: John R. Drew, [email protected]
      15370 Skyview Terr., San Jose, CA 95132-3042
      David Snow - VP, @quik (cf.)  


    2. Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs, WA 98052-4649


    3. Northwest Chapter - American Air Mail Society More... , OR 97292  


    4. Pacific Northwest Postal History Society APS-12, NWFSC-12
      aka: Oregon Territory Postal History Society
      "Studying the states Idaho, Montana, Oregon & Washington"
      Publication : The Oregon Country {quarterly}
      Alan Patera - Editor & Publisher, [email protected]
      Contact c.2008:
      President: Tim Boardman, [email protected]
      David Snow - Secretary (VP WCS), [email protected]
      William (Bill) R. Beith, @.net*, @.com, Tel.: 503-252-8278
      PO Box 301263, Portland, OR 97294-9263 (Treasurer c.2008)
      old?: http://www.PNWPHS.org ; forwards c.201206


    5. Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California APS-10
      PO Box 5025, Oxnard, CA 93031-5025
      Los Angeles and gen. .us-CA
      Show : SESCAL (Stamp Exhibition of Southern California); an APS WSP event.
      held yearly in Los Angeles, CA, in early October. (October 5 - 7, 2012)
      Venue c.2012: Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel, Tel.: 310-410-4000
      5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90045
      Show Contact: Carl Shaff II, [email protected]
      2009 was "The 65th Annual Stamp Exhibition of Southern California."
      Note: "Reservations at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel for SESCAL 2012 must be received by September 19th, 2012, in order to receive the SESCAL $89.00 rate. "

      Other known show dates:

      Year Mo Days   Year Mo Days
      2011 10 14-16   2013 10 04-06
      2010 10 01-03   2014 10 17-19
      2009 10 09-11   2015 10 02-04
      2008 10 10-12


    6. The Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs
      Guy R. Dillaway, [email protected]
      P.O.Box 181, Weston, MA 02193
      "The Northeastern Federation provides a forum for the dissemination of philatelic information of importance to the New England area. We do this by providing a centralized list of New England-based stamp clubs and stamp shows. We also stage Philatelic Show every spring...(it is) the largest annual show in New England (The Philatelic Show - the 1st weekend in May) and is part of the World Series of Philately, as defined by the American Philatelic Society. The most recent show hosted 70 dealers from across the country and the UK and over 300 frames of exhibits. " c.2008


    7. Metropolitan Air Post Society AAMS-08, APS-12, FISA-08
      c/o Secretary/Treasurer : Richard A. Silva, [email protected]
      118 Franklin Street, Manfield, MA 02048-1610
      MAPS, a non-profit association, "started as the Metropolitan Airmail Cover Club, MACC, in 1941.. We changed our name to the Metropolitan Air Post Society to better reflect our growing interest in air post and the related study of stamps and markings on items delivered by air...MACC was primarily in the Metropolitan New York area but our geographic scope has expanded. It is now common to have members from five or six Northeastern states...and from several countries of the world..." (c.2008 aj/ks)
      c.201108 updated URL per Ken Sanford's request. - was www.metroairpost.com ; still works c.201108.


    8. Southeast Air Mail Society (SEAMS) AAMS-08, SEFSC-12
      Pres. (c.2008) Don La Berteaux, @, @
      5008 Brandlwood Court, Lilburn, GA 30047
      SEAMS has it's annual meeting at the stamp show hosted annually by the Southeast Federation of Stamp Clubs, currently called the Southeastern Stamp Show. This meeting is usually in September, and is usually held on Saturday afternoon. . . a second meeting is usually held at ALAPEX, held by Birmingham Philatelic Society in February.
      Show info.: Charles Hancock - Tel.: 205-822-3826

      Organizations Localized by ZipCode/State
      Zip Code Range: State Abbreviation:
    9. 00000-04999
    10. : MA, ME, NH, PR, RI, VI
    11. 05000-19999
    12. : CT, NJ, VT
    13. 10000-14999
    14. : NY
    15. 15000-19999
    16. : DE, PA
    17. 20000-29999
    18. : DC, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV
    19. 30000-39999
    20. : AL, FL, GA, TN, MS
    21. 40000-49999
    22. : IN, KY, MI, OH
    23. 50000-59999
    24. : IA, MN, MT, ND, SD, WI
    25. 60000-69999
    26. : IL, KS, MO, NE
    27. 70000-79999
    28. : AR, LA, OK, TX
    29. 80000-89999
    30. : AZ, CO, ID, NM, NV, UT, WY
    31. 90000-92999
    32. : CA (part)
    33. 93000-96099
    34. : CA (cont.)
    35. 96100-99999
    36. : AK, HI, OR, WA


      Some Examples (see link above for more extensive listings):


    1. APS StampShow Expo (Mid August); The final annual WSP Event.
      The annual summer convention of the American Philatelic Society somewhere in the USA
      And the final competition to select the Champion of Champions exhibitor from prior WSP events.
      "Adult multi-frame exhibits that receive a minimum of a vermeil medal at a WSP show may apply to be shown at international FIP shows. The multiframe grand award winning exhibit at each WSP show is invited to compete in the annual Champion of Champions competition at APS StampShow for the highest national level exhibiting honor available."
      Next Show: August 16-19, 2012 - Sacramento, CA
      Future Dates: August 8-11, 2013 - Milwaukee, WI
      Aug. 18-24, 2014 - Hartford, CT
      Aug. 20-23, 2015 - Grand Rapids, MI
    2. APS AmeriStamp Expo
      ". . our second largest annual event held every January/February in different states. Our 2013 event in Louisville will feature about 75 dealers, 300+ frames of exhibits, and participation of about 25 national societies. . . Admission is free!"
    3. National Topical Stamp Show (NTSS) - Usually mid to late June.
      American Topical Association's national WSP event featured annually in different cities throughout the U.S.
      Robert J. Mather, c/ ATA Central Office : 618-985-5100
    4. AMERICOVER - Usually early to mid August.
      American First Day Cover Society's national WSP event featured annually in different cities throughout the U.S.
    5. PIPEX (An APS WSP Event)
      Annual : May
      Next Show: May 24-26, 2013
      Future Dates:
      May 9-11, 2014
      May 8-10, 2015
      Sponsor: Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs
      Show Contact c.2012: Michael Dixon, Tel.: (503) 257-4100, [email protected]
      Venue varys but somewhere in the northwest (may include Canada)
    6. BALPEX, MD, USA. An APS WSP Event. :
      Annual: Early Aug. to Late Sept.
      Sponsor: Baltimore Philatelic Society
    7. NAPEX, DC, USA (Washington DC area) :
      Annual : Early June. An APS WSP Event.
      Sponsor : National Philatelic Exhibitions of Washington, D.C., Inc. (NAPEX)
      old: http://www.wdn.com/napex
    8. ROMPEX - (or/aka:) THE Rocky Mountain Stamp Show (RMSS), CO, USA :
      Annually in Denver : Mid May (15th-17th 2009, May 17-19 2013, May 16-18 2014, May 15-17 2015).
      An APS WSP Event.
      Sponsor: Rocky Mountain Philatelic Exhibitions, Inc.
      P. O. Box 371373, Denver, CO 80237, @
      Tel.: Chairman: Ronald Hill 303-241-5409 (c.2009 : [email protected])
      c.2012: John Bloor, [email protected]
      "..a Colorado non-profit corporation and an Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
      Donations are tax deductible as per the United States tax code."
      Old: http://rompex.com
      old: 8725 E. Eastman Ave., Denver, CO 80231-4504
    9. WESTPEX Philatelic Show, San Francisco, CA (N.), USA :
      Annual : Late April. An APS WSP Event.
      Sponsor: WESTPEX Inc. : @-mail: Ross A. Towle

      See Also:

    10. PENPEX Stamp Show, Redwood, CA (N.), USA :
      Annual: 1st weekend in December. Sponsor: Sequoia Stamp Club


      Atlantic Coast Exhibitions [Beach Philatelics] .us-FL


      FIAT LUX '96, NYC, USA - and Helen Cho's LUX Commemorative Stamp
      (cf: Topical Index : Fakes (Pyrodise Distributers)


      My review of World Stamp Expo 2000 (Anaheim, CA)


      APS Listings
      old APS: http://www.west.net/~stamps1/stampshow/apshows.html


      Linn's Listings (old)


      Stamp Shows Worlwide - Paul Edney, HI


      ASDA keeps a list


      Antiques & Collectibles Show Promoters Assoc.
      c/o National Association of Collectors, NC 28036
      Cite: Dealers : .us-NC

    Legend :
    f. = Founded in ... (year)
    {Qtr.} = Quarterly (4 per year)

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