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  • Watermarks / Watermark Detection
    See: Basic Collecting : Watermarks
    See Also:
    º Watermarking Stamps [ alt URL] Ken Stewart/JPOTI
    º 'Unlisted Watermarks' and More [ alt URL] Ken Stewart/JPOTI
    º Stamp2.com's (formerly Stampguyz's) :
      Online Watermark Database '404' c.2008
      - Cite: BC: Watermarks : Additional Refs
      - Cite: BC: Glossaries & Identifiers  
  • War
    >Anglo Boer War Philatelic Society
      56 Mountway, Waverton, Chester CH3 7QF, England
    >Psywar Philatelic Society (Aerial Propaganda Leaflets)
    21 Metchley Lane, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 0HT, England
  • See Also: World War II   
  • Webrings - See : (Category)
    See Also:
    Stamp NetWork (Webring) - by RingSurf
    RingSurf's Internet Stamp Collectors (Webring)

    Webrings linked to this site:
    º Aerophilately Webring - Cite: Topicals : Transportation : By Air
    º Asia Collectibles Webring - Cite: Entities : PR China
    º Asia Stamps Webring : Entities: China
    º Classic Stamps Webring : Entities : China; pg 2
    º Collector's Webring :
        1. Basic Collecting Menu
        2. & Sales page
    º First Day Cover Webring : Specialized Collecting : FDC's
    º Numismatist & Philatalist WebRing : Specialized Collecting : Menu
    º Philatelic Software Webring : Commercial Directory : Software
    º Polar Philately Webring : Topicals : The Polar Regions
    º Stamp Club Webring : Table of Contents (oops; I cancelled them.)
    º Topical Stamps Webring; topicals: Menu
    ->See Also: Advertizers : Services: Webrings
    note: inactive ring : Sports page

    Web Rings (non philatelic)
    >Ref.: Classical Music Web Ring - Music : See Also

    Webrings Referenced
    º Le Webring des Philat�listes : Entities : France
    º Mathamatics on Stamps (Ringsurf) : Index Entry : Mathamatics

    Webring Providers:
    º RingSurf, Yahoo! - Cite: Gen. Links : Resources : Webrings
  • Wildlife - See: Index Entry : Fauna
    and browse the indexes.
  • Windmills - See : Topicals Dir. : Architecture
  • Women - See: Topicals: People
    See Also:
    >CyberFem Barbie's Women On Stamps
    >Women on Stamps Study Unit - D. Kristy, CA 90402
    >Iowa Women's Philatelic Society, IA 50317, USA
  • World War II (WW2, WWII) c.1933-1945
    > Third Reich Stamps Group Jim Kellogg, @ [PWO], .AU
    > Greenland WW2 Censor's & APO's [EN] Mr Per Ronberg, @, [PWO], .DK (.de?)
    > World War 2 postal history - Nelleman (censur.htm) - .dk
    >Shawn W. Graham (sales: German P/H: 1918-1954) .us-NJ #
    >Fortunes of War (sales), .us-CA-sd; ck#
    > Mars Historical (German Third Reich)
    See Also:
    Allied Occupation of Germany after WWII,
    (Yahoo Discussion Group) Stamps and Postal History
    Index Entry : Censored Mail
    Topical Clubs Index : War
  • Worldwide
    ->See Also:
    º Index Mundi
      Much like the CIA World Factbook or Wikipedia - country data.
    º CIA's World Factbook
    º CIA's World Leaders (Country by country listings)
      (Formerly: Chiefs of State)
    º Wikepedia (Online Encyclopedia)
  • Worldwide Wildlife Fund [WWF]
    See : Topicals : The Natural World : Fauna : WWF
    Robert Herman (who sells a WWF Album) .us-FL 32134
    There are several more references in the Dealers Index.
  • Wrestling - An Exhibit - by Tom Fortunato
    Cite: Topicals: Sports  
  • Writing
    > History of Writing in Stamps - Jonathon Blake
    >alt./old? URL: History of Writing in Stamps [Grafology] - Jonathon Blake
    > Idioms [or 'Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries'] Exhibit Tom Fortunato ('TMF')
    See Also: Literature, Authors
    Clubs : Topical Glubs Index : Writing orgs.

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